Savunma Sanatları 1. Bölüm

Nehar Eren, is a
professional security expert and a personal trainer dedicated
himself to martial arts. Martial arts, which are just a sport
for some and just a battle for others, are a philosophy of life for him in
which body and mind work together. Nehar Eren goes to their
homelands in order to understand the soul of these martial arts,
gets trained by their masters and be a part of their life. MARTIAL ARTS-COSSACK During the 15th century, a group of slaves from the
Polish-Lithuanian nations left their lands due
to the persecution and they settled on the
shores of the Dnieper River which is located in today’s in central
Ukraine and known as the “Wild Place”. This group, regardless
of the Kazakh race, was called Cossack
that means free human. Zaporojya Cossacks turned into
a political and military force that challenged the
authorities of the Polish-Lithuanian community
of nations, the Russian Tsarist and the Crimean Khanate which was
under the rule of Ottoman Empire. They specialized in assassination
and plunder. These men, who had a
lifestyle of their own, formed their cultures
with many differences from their haircuts to
their use of weapons. The Zaporojya Cossacks, which
shape the Ukrainian nationalism, still live today their
historical heritage on the banks of the
Dnieper River. Cossacks, who preferred the
dangerous path freedom, have been pursuing a constant
struggle throughout their history. For many years, they were specialized
in many different weapons. Nehar has to take a step towards
a very different life than usual to learn this martial art. The village lookout from
the tower announces the arrival of a
stranger to the village. Cossacks in the
village are tough men whom Nehar would ever
meet in his lifetime. Hi Yan, how are you? Welcome, buddy. -I’m fine, how are you? How
was your journey?- Good. These are your friends of
the photos, right? Let me introduce my friends to you. -This is Grom.
-Nice to meet you. -Paliy.
-Nice to meet you, Paliy. -Kriga.
-Kriga, nice to meet you. -Goroh.
-Goroh, pleased. -Vernidub. –
Vernidub. Nice to meet you. Gaplik. What about him? And this is our youngest, Ris. Nice to meet you, little man. It has been a long time since we met.
I hope that our work will be good. -When do we start?
-Tomorrow morning. Why are we waiting? We’ll let you rest, but first I have to introduce
you to Ataman. -Ataman? Oh, we need his permission?
-Yes. By the way, you have very
interesting hairstyles. It looks lovely, but I’m not going
to cut my hairs like this. Now, I don’t have to cut
my hair like this, do I? -Your hair style is fine.
-Okay. Let’s go. The Cossack leaders are called with
a Turkish originated word Ataman and Atamans are usually elected
by the military council. The small and flashy leader mace
is the sign of the Ataman-ship. Whomever has the mace is the Ataman. Ataman does not speak English. In fact, almost nobody besides Yan
and Master Grom speaks English. They speak only Ukrainian
and some Russian. Nehar would really need
Master Grom and Yan. I want you to translate my words. If you accept me, I
would like to be a Cossack student
and train with you. Aren’t you scared? I like living like this. We have some non-written rules. But they’re all strict,
and everyone here follows them. -First and foremost, you always
have to be honest. -Okay. An honest man, fights honestly. Okay. The second rule is to help. Strong men like yourself
should help women, children and those
who are in need. Okay. I get it. So, what if
I don’t follow the rules? Do you have a kind of
punishment system? They’ll punish me first because I’m
the one who should be watching you. I get it. I’ll be careful. -Watch out.
-I will. I hope that there is a soft person
under his tough structure. -Can you say that I am thanking him?
-Thank you. I appreciate it. Ataman approved Nehar and
entrusted him with to Yan. The first thing Yan has to
do, is find a room for Nehar and make him blend in. This traditional village, which stands
strange in this world of technology, opens him the doors of the days that
he will never experience otherwise. -Here you have a soft bed.
-Very good. How quaint! Those clothes are for your training. These? Which one is mine? For
example, can I wear this? -This one is better for the training.
-This one? Sure. -Will I have to use them all?
-Yes, they are for your protection. This bed looks very nice.
How old is it? It is very old. Great. -Everything in here is antique.
-500 years old. -Will I stay in this room alone?
-Yes. Nice, everything is so beautiful. The most important characteristic
of the Cossack fighters is that they are specialized
in multiple weapons. That’s why, there will be a series
of trainings waiting for Nehar. Welcome, our precious guest. Now, the Cossack cannon will be
shot to your honor. Cossacks have always used a wide
variety of weapons. Close combat and firearms. We will start with sword throwing. The sword is very important
for Cossacks. They used to call their swords
“mommy” or “dear wife”. We don’t give neither our mother nor our wife to anyone. The sword of the
Cossacks is long, sharp and dangerous. The sword that you are seeing now is a
Turkish sword left from the Ottomans. Short and light swords are
ideal for warriors. Now, our young fighters will show you
how to use swords. Now, I’m going to cut a cucumber
in Nehar’s hand. Keep your hand steady.
I’ll try not to cut you. I don’t use this hand too much anyway. Not scared at all. Okay, we were just joking. That’s great! Everything’s fine. Let me take that too. I want to explain you the attitude
of the Cossacks towards horses. The Cossack warrior and his horse
must be like two friends. It’s important that they trust
each other and feel each other. I want to show you another weapon. Whip. It was made of animal skin. The most dangerous
part of the whip, the tip, was made of
horse hair or silk. The whip is the first invention that
can overcome the speed of sound. 1.200 kilometers per hour. When it hits a naked body,
cuts it till the bone. The only disadvantage
of it is that it requires a larger
area for the control. And if it gets tangled on
an obstacle like a tree, you lose your weapon. So, you lose your life. Another characteristic
of the Cossacks is their camouflaged before the attacks
and the infiltration attempts and they are really good in both. Cossacks never die! Cossacks never die! In time, Nehar’s intimacy with
the warriors grows. Actually, they want to get know Nehar
and see what he is able to. We will start with the easiest
methods of riding. Okay. These will be simple techniques. First of all, how do you normally
get on horseback? -Normally?
-Yes. You have to be close. -Without pulling too much.
-Can I try? I won’t put my weight much. And I jumped. This was easy. Way too easy. This one is a little more difficult.
Watch. I used my left hand. It seems easy from here,
but let me try. That’s it. I get it. Now, we’ll have bit difficult one. A difficult one. I’m ready. This move is called scissors. Okay. Left first, then right. You did it on your first try.
Well done. Face up. Nehar started today’s training
with horse riding. As old Turks, the nomadic lifestyle
and liberty fondness of the Cossacks made them attach a great
importance to horses. That’s why Nehar has
to learn how to ride and use a weapon on a horseback. These guys are riding on horseback,
in many different ways. They developed different techniques. I’m seeing them for the first time in
my life. They ride horses lying down. They are lying down to
escape if someone shoots. I’m going to have to
work hard, but I’ll try. High five! These kids are great! -Will you teach me these?
-Yes. These warriors are crazy than
one another with their clothes, fighting techniques and weapons. Nehar has to follow his teacher
to keep up with them. When you’re dream
an enemy across, you have to hit him like
he can ever get up. Like this! If you miss, you die. I’m starting from here. Okay. You must be on your toe tips. Toe tip? Like this? Your foot, your foot. You will cause my death
for not listening. -Step the ground with your toe tips.
-My toe tip is on the ground. This way, you can get away
when the enemy attacks. As Nehar is working, Ataman is
just beginning the day. Each village of Cossack
has an Orthodox church, and these churches are usually located
at the center of the village. Bravo. Is it going well? Very well. Good. It will be better. He says; you should hold
the sword like a bird. If you squeeze too much,
you kill the bird. If you hold too loose,
he’ll get away. I get it. Can I try? You get it? That’s it! Nice. Okay. Okay, I got it. Not lie this! Okay, I get it. Thanks a lot. Now it is time for a very
dangerous form of attack, in the ax launch training. This is your weapon. It is easy to fight with the ax. When you launch the ax. -It will turn? -You should consider
that it will turn. I get it. You have to calculate
the distance and hit the enemy
with the sharp side. Now he’s going to show you how. Dobre! (Bravo) -Want to try?
-Yes, of course. Timing and distance are very
important in launching the ax. Nehar is a bit too hasty. It’s not easy to hit the target with
this little and sharp weapon. I found it. Good job! Thank you! Is this some kind of tradition? Find the ax? Something like the thrower gets it. Exactly. The more you go
to pick the ax… -I’ll learn faster.
-…the more you work. Okay. Let’s continue? I hold it like this… and… Dobre! (Bravo) All right. -Not there?
-You don’t want to hit here or here. -Not there. Okay.
-Aim the chest. Neatly, nice. You need to work. A lot. -I know. -Now, we
will leave you alone, but we will watch you from there. Okay. You can work alone. Okay. Master Grom wants Nehar
to gain strength and agility. Because the greatest advantage
of the Cossack fighters are their speed and toughness. That is why Nehar keeps
his training hard. Throw from further! He has to! -How far?
-Stop, stop! The man is getting involved in my life
everywhere. He’s always watching me. Dobre! That… ..teacher… …bored me. I feel pity for his students. Where are we? Where did you bring me? This is a prison. And you brought me here to rest? Not exactly, but you can sleep here. -Do you seriously put people here?
-Yes, enemies. -Enemies, and friends like me?
-No, no. Are you holding prisoners here? Yes. -And what if they manage to escape?
-Escape from here? -If they run, they get in the armory,
isn’t this dangerous? -Not really. Try to run 4 kilometers
with this on your feet. It’s hardly possible. Would you put me here? I mean, you can jump if you want. Maybe we’ll set you free one day. Maybe? I have no intention
of trying my luck. What is he doing? -Was he piling stakes for vampires?
-Yes. These are for the inmates. They are putting prisoners in here,
but there are weapons around. I mean, if he could get out of here,
he could take everything. -We’re riding tomorrow, aren’t we?
-Yeah. I’ve rode horse before, but never
done acrobatic moves on a horse. Do you get injured? Is it dangerous? Yes, it is dangerous when
you are not fast enough. Did he ever fall from the horse? He asks if you fell off the horse. Yes, of course he fell off. I think it’s going to be fun tomorrow. Quite. Okay. Things will be a little more
difficult today for Nehar because riding the horse is
not good enough this time. He needs to be an expert rider. -Before riding the horse…
-Yes? You have to know him. Then we’ll teach you how
to fight on the horseback. Turks also love riding. It has been a long time,
but I think I can. It will be an easy ride. Then we’re going to work with
the swords, right? -Yes.
-Okay, can I try? Okay. There is horse riding in our culture. But let’s see with the sword. Cossacks are master in horse riding
and swordsmanship. But it must not be a difficult thing
for a Turk to learn this. Good. It’s hard to get on a horse with
a sword in hand. It will be difficult for you. You’re using this technique to cut
the enemy’s head while you fight? I’ll have to work. I have to control the horse. -Your hand must be ready in the air.
-I get it. And you have to swing the sword
when you are ready. Okay. I have to try. It will be very exciting. I’ve been feeding the
horse since morning for him not to throw me down. I stand like this
and I go this way? Like this? Let me try. Like this? It’s not easy. Dobre. Okay. I’ll try. -Good work.
-Thank you. -You’ve done enough for today.
-Okay. -Can I ride a bit more?
-Yes. All right. After a very tiring day, the Cossack village began to
become very pleasant for Nehar. But his trainings will be more
intense every day. Oh, welcome, man. -How are you?
-I’m fine, you? Good Morning. Goodmorning. Good. Now. It’s going
to be a good day, huh? It may be difficult for you. I like difficulties.
Not a problem for me. So what are we going to do today?
What will I learn? Fight with an ax. With the ax. -Then? -Next, we’ll switch
to knives and horses. All in one day? We’re going to be tired then. It will be fun. Vernidub, what’s the name of
this musical instrument? Kobza. There is a similar instrument
called kopuz in us, Turks. Yes, they are similar. Does he play Kobza well? Can we listen to some more music? Sure. The Cossacks never leave Nehar alone. And they work with all their strength
to get Nehar ready for his final test. After getting good results of these
intense works of ax fighting, it is time for Nehar
to shoot arrow now. -A step closer.
-A step closer. Nice! You should keep the arrow
on the bow with ninety. With ninety? How so? -When passing this part.
-Oh, I get it, I get it. Only from here. It’s going to be a ninety-degree
angle, right? -Your hand should be parallel to the
ground when you pull it. -I get it. Should it stay here? Over there? Good. Nice shot. Nice! Yes, should you hold like that or… Not from below, not from above. From here. So how do I hold this? Put it on your boot. Like this, I suppose. Okay. -Are we doing it your way?
-Sure. -Let me put it like this.
-If you want to. It doesn’t matter to me. I keep it upright. With two fingers. Like this? Oh, that’s it. This is a little different from
the Turkish method. Pull, pull, pull. And I let it go. Okay, I got it. I want to show you something. In Turkey, the arm is straight and
they shout as they throw out: Oh Lord. You’re watching, right? Here come the Oh Lord, are you ready? Oh God! Well done! This time I did it. The souls and bodies of the Cossack
warriors are always ready for battle. So they don’t have free time and they
should train at every opportunity. Today is a perfect day and it’s fun
to watch them work. I think he works with whip, right? It looks very dangerous. The others
are quite good with the swords. Yes it is dangerous but we will see
if you will succeed. In fact, the whip is not
as safe as it seems to be, because it is faster
than the speed of sound. The reason for that sound is
the moment of the explosion. The difference I have seen
in Cossack martial arts is that there is only one direction
in many Far East sports. But they took a piece from everyone. That’s why we have to work
all of them. Let’s go. Hi, Paliy. Okay. Like yesterday’s work. Okay. -You attack.
-I’ll start. Unexpected rain caught Nehar
and his friend unprepared. But they have no intention
to stop working. That’s enough. Come on. Okay. It looks beautiful. What a nice place.
What a beautiful country. I like the rain. Cossacks too love the rain. What? Do you ride in the rain? -Let’s go.
-Let’s ride. I like this, nice. There is a very beautiful bear emblem
on the top of the knife. Today’s work was suspended
due to rain. Taking this opportunity,
Yan takes Nehar to Ataman to talk about his final test. -Good afternoon, Ataman.
-Welcome. Welocme, Nehar! Hi. How was the work? -Good.- Was it difficult? It wasn’t easy, but it was very nice. It was hard, but I think I can. We haven’t pushed you so far. But tomorrow we’re going to
start working on the test. Riding a horse, throwing arrows. You have to cut the tree branches like the head of the
enemy on the horseback. -I get it.
-And also the whip. -Super. Tomorrow is going to
be a tough day, right? -Yes. I think it will be like
a final match. Yes. If you pass all the exams,
you’ll be a Cossack. Good, very good. I hope I can do it. Okay? Yes, I told them all. -Are you ready, Nehar?
-Yes. What kind of whip
teaching is this, friend? Is there such a kind of training? The Cossack’s whips could be three,
five or seven meters in the old days. He can cut your finger with
the long one. This is the short one.
Three meters. -I think he can cut it with that too.
-We start with the short one. So how do I start? On my knees? It will be slow and
will form the circle. Slow and like a circle. I get it. How do I hold it? Downwards. And that’s the straight line. -No, no. No.
-I get it. First hand, then the wrist. First hand, then the wrist, I get it. You have to move your body too. -I get it.
-Stand up now. It seems easy, but it’s not at all. I’m going to figure it out when
I learn the body movements in time. Whip is a weapon difficult to control
and can cause an injury at any time. I have to work hard. Ataman has a surprise for Nehar
who spent the entire day training. The surprise is a trip
along the Dnieper River with a traditional Cossack ship. But in Cossacks everything
has to be earned and Nehar has to
pour sweat for it. I’m tired. Up in I and down at Ras. Okay. I have never been a galley slave
but now I’ve seen it all. Now I’m rowing on the boat with
the Cossacks that I read in books. That’s something that I would never
think of in my life. In the past they used to go like this
when the sails don’t work. Get in here. I’m exhausted. Cossack boats, which have single
mast, can move with oars and sails. These boats, inspired from
the seagulls, are designed to be small and fast to be
able to run from Turkish ships and they were renowned for
realizing surprise attacks. The disadvantage of Turkish ships was
that they could be seen from far. Because these ships were lower, they could take positions long
before Turkish ships sees them. Paliy! What? This guy is all crazy.
He’s not a normal person. -What?
-We’re having a chat here, man. He is not normal. There is a place that
we Turks call Kefe in Crimea. Do you have another name for it? I read that there was
a war with them. It was a place with huge gates
and slave markets. We acted with you against the Genoese.
Didn’t we? What is the height of this ship?
Paliy, you can’t stay. We’re not going to shoot anybody,
okay? You’re crazy. I’m just pushing the trigger? Here you go. It got dark and Nehar is very hungry. Cossack wanted to serve Nehar meal
that was prepared during the war, it is practical and has a
high nutritional value. They have a variety of ingredients
such as meat, carrots, onions, rice and potatoes in it and they
believe that this Cossack food gives them power and fitness. This is the only thing Nehar expects
from this meal. Is it chicken? -Yes.
-Good. It looks delicious. Tomorrow is the last
day before the final and Cossacks are determined
to enjoy the night. Are you going to tell us
where we’re going? We are going to an ancient place where
people used to worship the gods. A temple! -They were pagans, right? Pagans.
-Yes. How old is this place? -I must be five thousand years old.
-Five thousand years old. Great! How do people worship here? They offer gifts to the gods. How nice! They pray too. Okay. Hit, turn it. You’re not doing it with
your wrist, are you? This way? That’s it. Fast part must be your wrist,
not your hands. We can start whenever you want. Let’s go around. Here we go. The slightest carelessness when
using the sword on a horse may cause injury to the horse. So, Nehar needs to use his
wrist well and carefully. Ilya, who is a master in the
use of swords on horses, helps Nehar in this regard. Yan, how long have you been doing this? My whole life. Always? Have you always
worked with horses? Yes. Living with horses must be different. Horses are beautiful. He and I are like brothers. -How old is this boy?
-Fourteen years old. -Fourteen?
-Yes. A very experienced horse. Yeah, an experienced horse. He is. -You live with a horse.
-We gave you the best. -A quick, intelligent and fearless
horse. -Yes. He’s listening to you. Calm down. Calm down. Nehar who will have his final test
tomorrow, should not make mistakes. For this reason, Cossacks show him all their techniques
to the finest details today. Remember, one here. Look at the arrow. And I let it go. Don’t do that. Because, if you do like this. -It moves.
-I get it. Okay. Wait, take aim. And release. I’ll try. Feel the arrow. Feel it. Look at the tip of the arrow. I’m holding it straight and… I get it. I understand what you mean. Like aiming with a rifle. It’s like a rifle.
I do like this. Three feathers behind the arrow
make it go stable in the air. He asked me to put it that way,
so that it could go more steadily. I’ve got the arrow now.
If I get hold the ax too, I’m done. Release! Okay. Nice. I got it. Let’s work the ax. Not bad at all. Come, Nehar. You made a good progress
with the whip. In the final test, you’re going to
cut a branch with the whip. As he showed it? Okay. But I have to work
on it a little more. -Do you trust yourself?
-Yes. No problem. I’ll try. Today you can rest a bit.
Tomorrow will be your final test. Okay. Thank you. Although Cossack have no
connection with the Kazaks they were considered as
them throughout history. But they weren’t the same. The Cossacks were hard,
brutal, but like Turks, they believed that every
guest is coming from God. It was considered a shame to refuse
someone who came to their village. They accepted Nehar without
hesitation too. To learn the culture of Cossacks,
Nehar dressed like them, lived like them and
trained like them. Now it is time to show
all he learned. I hope I can finish the test. I have no doubt that you will succeed. What is this? Nehar, you have three minutes
to complete this course. -Three minutes?
-The hourglass has that much sand. Okay. I’ll do my best. What are the stages? What do I do? Whip, ax, arrow and horse. Whip, ax, arrow and horse? With a sword in your hand. And we also have a watermelon. -We want you to cut it with the sword.
-I’m very excited. I’ve been working on it for
a week and I want to do it, but somebody has to show me. -Someone will show you.
-Okay. Can you call him? Caleb! Watch him and do as he does. I’m starting from there. I’m going running. I take the axes. I’m throwing four. Then again there. Three arrows? Four. Four, okay. Then I’m coming back. I’m taking the whip and going there. Then… Okay. I get it. And then? With the sword I smash the watermelon on a horseback.
Okay, I’ll do it. I can. I can. -Ready?
-I am ready. It is natural to do these in Cossack
culture. But it’s very unusual for me. Yet I’m going to make it. I have to hurry. Now to the horse. I’m ready. Did I hit the horse? It’s okay, isn’t it? Sorry. Horse is fine, isn’t it? Okay. That’s good.
I thought I hit the horse. I thought I hit the horse.
Because it was hard. How was I, Ataman? Coin? What are we doing? Money? -Yes.
-Can I try? Yes. I hit it hard or normal? Dobre! Dobre! For the first time, I
made my own money. I’m like a state now. Let me have it! Thank you, Ataman. Thank you so much. Cossacks never die! Cossacks never die!

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