Samoa Joe checks on Roman Reigns: Raw, Aug. 5, 2019

Can you see Samoa Joe surveying the scene? Whoever was driving that
car is speeding away out of the parking lot here at Pittsburg. Samoa Joe, going to make sure
that Roman Reigns was okay.>>You all right?>>Stay down, stay down. Hey, get a medic. Hey, hey, stay down. Hey, stay down, don’t move.>>What happened?>>Get a medic out here!>>Get some help, come on?>>Stay down. Where’s security at?>>You know what, stay right there.>>Stay down, don’t move.>>What happened? Kid, kid. Get somebody out here.>>Get out of here. I got to go.
>>You all right, man? All right. Hold on. Hold on a second. Just hang tight, all right? Just hang tight. We’re gonna get somebody out here.

14 thoughts on “Samoa Joe checks on Roman Reigns: Raw, Aug. 5, 2019

  1. I hope Samoa joe finds out who is attacking Roman. No one messes with the big dog! Also, the last thing I expected Samoa Joe to do was to check on Roman reigns. But, I appreciate it.

  2. Just turn Samoa Joe face already. The fans love him, now let us embrace our adoration for the better Samoan singles wrestler. Stop making him a popular heel, but a beloved face. He is the opposite of John Cena, well John Cena back in the day.

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