Sam Tharoth — A Female Bokator Martial Art Fighter in Cambodia

In the past, women were the chiefs, and we
also had female soldiers who protected our country, so I want all female to be strong like our female ancestors. I learn Bokator because Ioved sport since
I was young. Whenever I watched foreign action films, I always questioned myself if
Cambodia have our own martial art. Then I went to ask the Bokator master. He encouraged me to learn Bokator, and didn’t get training fee from me because I am the first female student. He often told me that we learn Bokator is not only for protecting ourselves and our family, but also for our health because it is a sport. More importantly, we
can take care our traditional martial art. When I first started to learn it, I found
it was very hard for me. I needed to spend my time and effort on practicing what was very new to me. Moreover, I usually got blamed from my family and friends. My friends said that fighting is not for girls. My parents said I didn’t even have time for housework, why I wanted to learn it. However, I never give up because my big plan is I need to be with Bokator, and I always tell myself that I learn this to teach Cambodian next generation. Now they understand my purpose, and they all support me. I often get small injures. All kind of sports may
hurt us during the practice. I usually got hit by stick and sword. I got hit by my partner’s
knee on my forehead, and my blood came out, but it was not very serious. I just cured it by myself. I am not going to live forever, and I cannot
be this young forever, so when I still have energy, I will never give up Bokator, and I will share my knowledge to the next generation.

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