Sai & Shotokan Karate Techniques : Sai Weapon Training

Now, we are going to go over basic sai training,
training techniques with the sai. To me the sai is probably one of the most difficult
weapons I’ve ever used, because you’re limited on what exactly you can do with it. There’s
only a couple of ways to strike, from this position, unless you just keep it in the regular
outward position, okay, striking position. Then you could use it just like you would
use any of your regular techniques, punches in karate. So the biggest thing is, is to
get better at the sai, you’ve got to make sure that you can get the basic spin out faster,
okay. The way I always do is to do sets of twenty, so one, two, three, four, five –
all the way up to twenty. Then you just go to the other side. One, two, three, four,
five, six, all the way up to twenty. On each side, do three sets. Sais are a heavy enough
weapon that it’ll give you a good workout. But it will also make sure that your fingers
will have the coordination, fingers will get stronger, your forearms will get stronger,
your wrists will get stronger, and that will help you if you have those right and the coordination
and the movement and the motor skills in your fingers and your arms then you can do the
sai better. Same thing with the over the top, over, go, go, all the way, three sets of twenty.
Same thing. Repetition is going to be the only way to get better at the sai.

20 thoughts on “Sai & Shotokan Karate Techniques : Sai Weapon Training

  1. remember this is only good for fun.
    it takes 1 stab to injure or kill a person and a straight stab or hook stab is more useful then this.

  2. you can buy them online, or at martial arts shops. go to bushido martial arts supplies, they have lots of fight training equipment there, even weapons

  3. The pointed stabbing part of a sai isn't the only way to hurt someone with these. You can also use the handle between the fingers to use like an extended more concentrated bronze knuckle except made with steel. I have a pair of sai myself and I analyze every aspect of a weapon before use.

  4. dude, this is retarded. he says you can't do a lot of techniques with the knuckle out. you can do pretty much any karate move with the sai in this position. he doesn't even talk about blocking or hooking from this position.

    Expert village = experts at being lame
    same with your guitar making tutorials.

  5. he"s got demonstration sai's which are made of alluminum,the real ones are made of iron and are a bit longer and heavy,i got a pair of real ones that are badass,and there illegal to own i heard from my uncle who gave them to me.

  6. @RazeAnimations
    Actually with Sai it's probably better to get the real stuff from the start. Actually with all weapons… Rubber weapons inspire laxity with proper grip and technique because they are of less danger to the wielder. You get false confidence and when you finally wield the real thing… you're in for a nasty surprise…

  7. @pinkeyepork i use nunchakus and are looking for if your int he uk blitz spots is great for martial arts equitment

  8. sai are not illegal to own in most countries-especially the US.where are you.Also the sai,like all kobu weaponary,are scaled to YOUR size does not fit all

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