Sadhguru – You have to surrender to the guru !

Questioner: How we can increase… you know,
this type of method like you are teaching us now. To most of the people here when at the same time we are fighting with
another system like psychologies, medicines, you know, every
little thing they give you a pill and that’s it. That is gonna solve it. So it’s like a big contradiction in… I don’t know, how we can get more from method
like yours. Sadhguru: Now one thing we need to understand is… If you have to bring about a subjective solution to every problem, that
you have, popping a pill is an objective solution. It is never really solution. It manages your problem in some way, so that you can continue your
life to reasonable extent at least. But if you’re seeking a subjective solution,
that means – you’re looking for an absolute solution. If you’re looking for an absolute solution
like that, it needs to be approached with a certain sense
of dedication and commitment. Dedication is a very scarce material in the world and especially in the western world. It’s a very scarce material, because we have encouraged a certain type of thought,
you know, all the time. It’s a market forces which decide everything or it’s human Greed which decides the course
of the society. When we say “market forces will decide- what we are saying is human greed, which is
deciding. Isn’t it? Not human sense, not human love, not human compassion, not
human anything, but fundamentally it’s greed, but it’s worked. Economically it’s worked out. Other methods, that they tried in other parts
of the world, where something else was supposed to direct life’s well-being have failed. They have failed not because there’s something
wrong with the system. They have failed, because the wrong kind of
people handled it. For example, when you say “communism”, it’s an ugly word here, you’re not even supposed
to say it. But I want you to understand, what “communism”
means in its essence. What happened – is different. In its essence what it means is? That everybody lives according to his need, not
according to his greed. It’s a wonderful way to live. If it came voluntarily, consciously, it’s a wonderful way to live. But when it is Forced with military – its
the ugliest way to live. When Karl Marx dreamt of a Communist world, someday what he said was… Karl Marx knew a lot about economics, but
knew nothing about human beings. He knew a lot about economics, but he did
not understand the human mind. He believed, the richest societies in the
world will turn communists. They will share, what they have with the poorer
classes, and the world will be a fantastic place to live. But you always found, it is the poorest of
the poor societies, which always talked about communism. Poor people want to share, rich people don’t want to share. When Communism came to Russia after the revolution,
You know Mark Twain? Mark Twain was so excited about Communism. He Said: “How wonderful it should be, that
people are actually willing to share, what they have with people, who don’t have, and live on equal basis”. That’s the ultimate dream. Isn’t it? So Mark Twain traveled to Russia to witness
this, such a rare event in the world. Never before it’s happened. So he was walking on a country road, looking around, really. You know? Looking for Communism everywhere, everything shared and lived together. To Some extent it was happening. To large extent it was happening, but it was
being compelled, it was being enforced. It was not happening out of people’s wanting to share. One country gentleman was walking with two
hints under his arms, and he was walking. Mark Twain caught up with him and said: “Comrade, is it true, that… Are you a communist? – he asked. He said, – yes, I am a communist, I’m a party
member. – Is it true, that if you had two mansions, you would give away one mansion to somebody
who doesn’t have? – He said, – of course, yes, I’m a communist. – Is it true, if you had two horse carriages, you would give away one to somebody who doesn’t
have? – Said, – yes, of course. I am a functional in the party. I would do it. – If you had two hands, would you give away
one hand to somebody? – What the hell? That’s all I have”. So you’re willing to share, that which you don’t
have. This Marx did not understand. Marx really had a… must be a really wonderful
man. He believed, that people will share and live. He propounded a whole philosophy, but it… the whole experiment turned out
so ugly, simply because it was forcefully enforced and another half of the world was doing everything
to see, that it doesn’t work. That was also there. So now, if you want a subjective solution
from within, it needs a dedicated approach. For example, the Yoga or even let’s say the martial arts, that came
to United states. You know over 20 years ago, 25 years ago these
things started coming.. See, they need enormous discipline. If you want to go into martial arts, if you
learn martial arts in India, for example, not the… The popular ones have become like this only
, but the you know, the traditional martial arts They will put you through enormous discipline. You have to dedicate your whole life to it. You have to surrender to the guru. He will teach you in a certain way, that it
transforms your life, not just you learn to kick and beat. It’s a whole long process. You don’t get certificates. You don’t get certified this belt, that belt,
that belt, you know. You don’t get any certificate. Till he says… Till the Master says, you can use it, till then, even if somebody comes to kill
you – you don’t use it. You just die like an ordinary man. Even though you have the potential with your
bare arms, you could just knock down ten people. You don’t use it, till he approves it. This kind of discipline is enforced. Because if the subjective science has to work,
that’s how it is.. But that kind of martial arts came to united
states, in ten years time just see what happened. It became a kicking culture. Yes? You’ll learn and kick anybody in the face. Now you don’t have to kick people down below,
you can kick them in the face. You learnt the new trick. Now all the self-discipline, which went with
it went away, it just became like a fighting force. It was not a fighting force. It was another way of controlling the violence in
you and make you very self-disciplined and realized at some
point. Similarly Yoga came. Now every street Corner has yoga studios,
every kind of yoga going on. I usually don’t enter the studios, but it
happened, that two to three years ago. I was in Paris. So this lady… You know? She invited me and because of some application
I ended up in the yoga studio to talk to people there, her students. I entered the Yoga studio. Aha! Like this. And I found she just put up a long board of all the different type of yogas she’s teaching
and all the different type of everything available like a menu card. 20 different types of Yogas: Mantra Yoga, Shakti Yoga, Shabda Yoga, this
Yoga, that Yoga. I just looked at this and I said: “Where did
you get all this? – She said, – three months I was in India. – I said, – I was born there. In three months time you picked up 20 different
types of yogas?”. Any one of them… If you have to master, then it will take lifetimes. 20 different yogas she’s offering in three
months of visiting India as a tourist. Now once it becomes like this, obviously subjective
sciences are not possible.

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  1. dedication is a very scarce material. have that very precious thing in the world with you always. dont let anybody take away that from you. keep that dedication with you always safely.

  2. Beautiful! Master Sadhguru ji I am following ur lesson of Aaaauuummm only for last 15 days.i.e since my first day. Technique is hard to master.

  3. This is why I like Zen Buddhism. You don't surrender to no teacher and once you have attainment you can even slap your teacher and he will be pleased. The teacher is a teacher, a guide that's all, not your damn spiritual daddy that you have to surrender to. People got screwed throughout history "surrendering to the guru". Look at all those poor souls who surrendered to Rajneesh etc

  4. Sadguru told correctly that if you have two hens (not hands) then would you give one to somebody?…. But in writing it is wrongly given as hands….Pl. correct.

  5. Surrender and dedication are the keys of most of confusion and dilemma .
    Thank you so much!

  6. aahh this quick fix !..dime a dozen throw away ..novelty seeking society that we have become..ponsing about the planet .. taking endless selfies. ..massive carbon footprint's upon this struggling planet…never satisfied…always seeking that next distract…from the diamond throne that sits waiting within..

  7. Communism will never work. Never, until people in the entire world are dedicated to following Dharma no matter what.

  8. 99% fakes and fraud gurus are in Hindu religion …if u surrender to them u will destroy your life… It is better surrender to Buddhist monks …

  9. After surrendering, then what? Squeeze them by giving them Shambho meditation, the key towards divine. People are so desperate that they are willing to take this kind of nonsense. A truly enlightened master will not be willing to be a Guru by himself. Its only wish of the disciples to make him a Guru, then he acts like one. This Idiot is asking people to surrender people, their millions n just breath and die.

  10. Jesus christ is the ultimate soul of all human minds. Love is the only one system that should rid of all else ✌🙏

  11. The question is did she master the yoga types??? As an older fellow… hmmm the kids are fortold to master the paths faster … merely “downloading” the data…

  12. Now Neomarksism is in Full Atack over west.Diference from phisical terror-Russian comunism to mentally changing humans through brainwashing society. When China will stopped produced cheap goods the Big BOOM-BOOM will come.Soon! !!

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