S2E4: “The Moment of Truth”

I was a little afraid
you’d be the other guy. He’s a little unhinged. Saw your little demonstration
at Valley Fest. Couple of the guys
have been requesting
I come join the club. So, uh, I feel like it’s time
to give it another go. But I’ve got some ground rules. I prefer to take
a flag football approach
to my karate training. Ideally, learning
to hit and kick without actually being
hit or kicked. Part and parcel with that,
I have a bit of a thing
about personal space. The other Cobras are just gonna
have to accept that. Wow! That is quite the tattoo. Ooh… Ah… Not to nitpick here, but I’m not sure it’s anatomically correct. You see, the hood
of the Indo-Chinese spitting cobra is much smaller and their pupils
are actually round, not the vertical type
your artist opted for. So, uh, you know, probably an easy enough fix
to correct the… Pupils. [DOOR BELL JINGLES] Shit, shit, shit! [BLOWS LANDING] Maybe we should take
a video of us sparring and post it on Instagram. Everybody already saw us
at Valley Fest, no one cared. You know what the problem is? Miyagi-Do’s all about defense. Defense wins championships. Yeah, but people show up
for the offense. That’s why Cobra Kai
is more popular. All right? We need to show them
we can fight, too. So, what exactly
are we supposed to do? Go to the mall
and pick a fight? Record us defending ourselves? It’s not the worst idea. [SCOFFS] It’s a terrible idea. Hey, Dad. Getting the banana boat
up and running? DANIEL: I’m trying. Do you maybe wanna
come around back? You could teach us some karate. I ever tell you about
my first job selling cars? It was at this used
car lot in Tarzana. The owner there, he thought he was God’s gift to sales. [GRUNTS] Truth is, the customers could
smell his BS a mile away. My first month there,
I outsold him. How’d you do that? I did what Mr. Miyagi
taught me to do. I treated people honestly. Looked them in the eye,
asked for their trust, and I earned it. [CLATTERING] All the fanfare
and all the gimmicks, that stuff, I mean, it gets them
in the door but it doesn’t sell cars. It’s the same thing
with karate. We gotta use
a more personal touch. We gotta look people in the eye
and connect with them. That’s the only way
we’re gonna be successful. All right. You ready? [ENGINE STARTS] Oh, yeah. Go get Robby,
we’re gonna take a drive. You gotta understand
that Mogadishu in the ’90s
was a hellhole. Warlords controlled
whole swaths of the city. My team and I were charged
with cleaning the place up. How many warlords
did you kill? You keep track of
every ant you stomp out? [ELI GASPS] AISHA: Whoa. Badass. No, no, no, you already raised
my rent six months ago. You don’t get to
raise it again just because
I have more students. That’s exactly what I’m doing! You have more students,
you have more money. You have more money,
you pay more rent. Yeah? And I give you storage room
for free. The storage room
was already part of it. I was letting you keep
your shit in here for free. I should’ve charged you rent! Oh, would’ve, could’ve,
should’ve, my friend. “My friend”? I’m not your
friend. We’re not friends.
We had a handshake deal. Well, that’s because
you had shitty credit! Okay, let’s make
new handshake deal, huh? Come on. All right, fine. [GROANS] Okay, okay. Okay! Now, get the hell
out of my dojo. No, no. Back door. Son of a bitch. Yeah, don’t let the door
hit your ass on the way out. It’s my door! They were outgunned,
we were outmanned. I tell you,
Rwanda was no joke. Don’t you mean Somalia? Mogadishu is in Somalia,
Rwanda’s a whole
different country. Of course, Somalia.
[CHUCKLES] I’ve spent so much time
in the sandbox, it all kind
of bleeds together, you know? JOHNNY: Listen up! I see we’ve got
some new recruits. Everybody, fall in. In neat rows and lines. Time to see
what you’re made of. Straighten up, ginger twins. Sorry, parents can’t
stay for class. It’s an insurance thing. I’m not a dad. I… I am here to kick
some ass, sir! Do I know you
from somewhere? Oh, yeah, they, uh…
I sold you the mirror. We kind of bonded,
talked about rock bands. Look, you’re a little old.
This is a class for teenagers. Well, I can take ’em.
[CHUCKLES] I’m not afraid of kids, sir. And my mom,
she doesn’t charge me rent, so I got
a lot of cash to burn. Yeah. We’ll consider this
a trial run. I thought my last group
of recruits was pathetic. But if you do
what I tell you to do, you’ll at least have a chance
of becoming a fighter. But to do that,
you gotta fight. So, which one of you has the
balls to take on the champ? Uh… TORY: I’ll take him on. Oh, you will, huh? I saw your little demo
at Valley Fest. You guys can put on a show,
but can you actually fight? That sounds like a challenge. I like a challenge. Mr. Diaz, show little Miss Hotshot here
what Cobra Kai is all about. Look, are you sure
that you wanna do… [GRUNTS] [ALL GASP] All right. Game on. [BOTH GRUNTING] Close the gap. [BOTH GRUNTING] [ALL GASP] You’re telegraphing. [GROANS] Don’t let me see it coming. Did you see that coming? Maybe. My name’s Miguel. Tory. [MIGUEL GROANS] With a “Y.” [SPANISH SONG PLAYING
ON CAR RADIO] I still don’t understand how going to the beach
is gonna help us get students. It’s not the students
that I’m after,
it’s the parents. So, you’re counting on kids
listening to their parents? No, I’m counting on parents
doing whatever it takes
to protect their kids. Look, I’ve tried
everything else
to promote Miyagi-Do. If this doesn’t work,
nothing will. See? What did I tell ya? It’s always packed
here on Saturdays. Cool wheels, daddy-o. Maybe you can give me
a ride sometime? You know it, doll.
We could cruise on down
to the passion pit. [BOTH CHUCKLING] Hey, Jack Durocher,
he’s got a kid
at West Valley, doesn’t he? A son, I think, yeah. Hmm. You all right? Yeah. Yeah, I just kind of
used to work here. Really? When? Couple of days last summer.
It wasn’t a great fit. [CELL PHONE CHIMES] Ugh! Let me guess,
dick pic? [CHUCKLES] No. [SIGHS] My mom wants me to go
to the beach club with her. Oh, my God,
that sounds so miserable. No. It’s just, this girl Sam’s
probably gonna be there, and she and I
are not on good terms. Whatever.
I’m Aisha, by the way. Tory. Hey, that’s a cool bracelet. Oh, this?
It’s not just for show. Some creepy guy at the mall
tried to grab me once, but I managed to block him
and give him a gift
he won’t ever forget. Wow. You seem like you already know
how to kick ass pretty well. What do you need Cobra Kai for? I’ve had a couple
kickboxing lessons, but I’ve always wanted
to smash boards blindfolded. Oh… [CHUCKLES] You saw that. Mmm-hmm. The secret is poking
little holes in the blindfolds. [CHUCKLES] Cool. Yeah. Hey. You wouldn’t wanna
go to the beach with me,
would you? It’d be nice to have
some backup. I guess I could suffer
through a day at the beach. So you got pushed around,
so what? Get over it.
You were in a karate dojo,
that’s the whole point. DEMETRI: [ON PHONE]
It was aggravated assault, Eli.
I looked it up.
That’s a year in prison
and a $10,000 fine.
Stop being such
a bitch, Demetri. You know what happens
to snitches.They get immunity.Snitches get stitches.I have stitches.I’ve got several stitches.Don’t do anything stupid,
you’ll regret it. What happened? That pussy Demetri
couldn’t handle training
with Mr. Kreese. He’s not Cobra Kai material. [DOOR OPENS] MIGUEL: Looks good. I used a level this time. What’s up? I’m a little worried
about Mr. Kreese. My friend Demetri came in
and he roughed him up. Demetri. Yeah. He the mouthy one? Yeah, he probably deserved it. Look, I know you guys
are old friends, but some
of his stories don’t add up. Look, John Kreese and I
go way back. All right? He and I… It’s complicated. The guy’s got his issues,
but everyone deserves
a second chance. All right? There’s nothing
to worry about.
I’m on top of it. Okay. So, Kevin’s
a sophomore already? How did he enjoy
freshman year? I guess it was fine. To be honest, he doesn’t
really give me much.
The kid is always on his phone. Yeah, I know
something about that. It’s tough to get a read
on these kids. You know, back in our day,
our moms knew there was a problem
when we came home
with a black eye. Today, forget about it. Just the concept of Kevin
even being in a fight, he’d probably reach
for a video game controller
to enter a cheat code. That’s why I’m switching it up.
I’m going old-school. Oh, yeah? What you up to? Funny you should ask. TORY: Okay.
This is not the beach. Where are the homeless dudes
on Rollerblades and the guys shoving
shitty hip-hop demos
in your face? [CHUCKLES] No, don’t worry,
they’ll come after they
pass out the hors d’oeuvres. [MUSIC PLAYING ON SPEAKERS] What’s going on? It’s Aisha. We haven’t spoken since
everything that went down at Valley Fest. I feel like we should
clear the air,
but at the same time, I’m still pissed at them
for ruining our performance. I say go talk to her. Worst case,
if a fight breaks out,
we could record it. Who knows, maybe I’ll come back
with a new Miyagi-Do student. Hey. Hey. So, how’s it going? [SCOFFS] You realize we’re not okay. What are you mad about? You guys are the ones
who stomped all over
our Valley Fest demo. Only after your father
attacked our dojo. What were we supposed to do? He didn’t attack you guys. No? “Snake in the grass”? Real subtle. He’s just trying
to do the right thing. What, so, Cobra Kai is wrong? It’s not wrong.
It’s just… [SIGHS] What are we doing? It’s our summer vacation,
we’re at the beach, and we’re fighting
about karate? When we should be
fighting about boys. Or who’s gonna
get the last piece
of pretzel bread. Oh, no. That’s mine. [BOTH CHUCKLING] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] So, it’s just you and abs
all summer, training? God, that must be hard.
[CHUCKLES] Okay. MAN: I knew it was you. What did I say would happen
if you ever stepped foot
in here again? I’m calling the cops. Uh, what’s going on here? Nothing to worry about,
Mrs. LaRusso. Just removing this delinquent
from the property. Well, this delinquent
happens to be our guest. Ma’am, I don’t think
you understand. No, I don’t think
you understand. Robby is our guest. Period. My mistake. What was that about, Robby? Before I met you guys,
I was a different person. Me and my friends
did some stuff here
that I regret. Did you hurt anybody? No. No, no, no.
Nothing like that. But that guy’s right.
Maybe I should go. What? No. No. Hey, look,
we all make mistakes. It’s what we do next
that counts, right? JOHN: I’ll tell you right now,
you don’t know who
you’re messing with. Do you have any idea
of what I’m capable of? Because if it’s a war
that you’re looking for,
you got one. I’ll burn the whole damn place
down, if I have to. Johnny. Everything okay? Oh, yeah. I was just having
this little dispute
with my hotelier. You know, I’m over
at the Universal City Sheraton. Top-notch accommodations. But I think housekeeping walked
off with one of my watches. Yeah. Listen, I’ll see you
in the morning,
bright and early. It was a good class today. I think there’s a couple
of decent prospects
in the bunch. Yeah. [DOOR BELL JINGLES] It’s about time somebody taught
these kids how to fight. I keep hearing
all these stories about
bullying being on the rise. DANIEL: That’s right. So, the dojo is actually
at a house, and we train outside
in nature.
I incorporate… Do I hear you gentlemen
gabbing about karate? Hey, Sandra. Daniel was just telling us
about his new dojo. Who would have thought
that karate would be the thing that turned everything around
for my Aisha. Really? Is she one
of your students, Daniel? Uh… No. Aisha goes to…
[STAMMERS] Cobra Kai. [CHUCKLES] It’s the best thing
that ever happened to her. For a while, she hit a real
rough patch, poor thing. But Sensei Lawrence,
he’s helped her in ways
that I couldn’t have dreamed. He’s given her confidence. He made her tough. You know what?
Listen, you can be tough
without being aggressive. And, see, that’s the difference
between Miyagi-Do and… Cobra Kai, didn’t they do
that thing at Valley Fest? Yeah. Oh. MAN: Yeah, they said it was
like a Van Halen concert. No, that was… SANDRA: Got it on my phone. [STUDENTS GRUNTING ON VIDEO] [MEN LAUGHING AND EXCLAIMING] SANDRA: Right? MAN: Kickass. Now, why isn’t my kid
doing that? SANDRA: Mmm. MAN: Oh, man. MAN 2: Look at him there. MAN 3: Look at that. So, Robby actually moved
into our house. Your parents let that happen? Well, there’s nothing going on,
we’re just friends. Uh-huh. Well, I’m still
not gonna tell Miguel. TORY: Hey. Look what I got? AISHA: Where did you get that? I swiped it from the bar. Oh, relax. All the adults
are getting wasted, no one’s gonna notice
if we have a little fun. You should put that back,
you could get into big trouble. And you are? Oh. Sam, this is Tory,
Tory, Sam. Oh. The Sam. Come on, like anyone’s gonna
miss one bottle of vodka. I could swipe half the
silverware in this place
before anyone would notice. You shouldn’t steal anything. What are you, a nun? Come on, are we gonna
drink or not? Okay, one drink. That’s my girl.
[GIGGLES] JOHNNY: Yeah, the name’s
Kreese, John Kreese. K-R-E-E-S-E. Are you sure? Is there more than one
Universal City Sheraton? Yeah, I’m serious. [SEAGULLS SQUAWKING] Can I help you? Uh, no. I’m sorry. You just looked
like an old friend. Your friend,
he liked to fish? Yeah, he did.
He was better
than I ever was. Not too many bites, huh? MAN: Not yet. Plenty still out there. If you got something
worth biting, eventually, the fish
will find you. You just have to be patient. You’re a lot more
like my friend
than I thought. [CHUCKLES] ROBBY: I’m sorry about Aisha. She can be friends
with whoever she wants. Hey, have either one of you
seen my wallet? Wait, you’re missing
your wallet? It’s gotta be
around here somewhere. Can you just spread out?
I’m sure it’ll turn up. I’ll check the beach. Maybe someone turned it
in to the lifeguard. [AISHA AND TORY LAUGHING] Wait, I’m sorry,
you gave her
a front wedgie? I split that bitch in two. [BOTH LAUGHING] Hey. My mom’s missing her wallet. Sucks for her. [AISHA LAUGHS] You wouldn’t know
anything about that? Wait. Wait, what
are you saying? Just give me the wallet,
and I won’t tell security. Are you freaking kidding me? Sam, she didn’t steal
your mom’s wallet. Right. And she didn’t
steal a bottle of vodka. And you wouldn’t steal
half the silverware in here. Listen, I didn’t rob
your mom, bitch. You know what?
Let’s get out of here. Get off of me! [TORY GASPS] [PEOPLE EXCLAIMING] [GASPING] Are you okay? Real nice friend you’ve made. You shouldn’t have accused her
of something like that. JOHNNY:
What are you up to? [TURNS OFF ENGINE] ROBBY: I knew it. BOY 1: No, but did you see
shorty in the green thong? Man, I ain’t thinking
about that right now. Just open the goddamn door. It’s not gonna happen. [GRUNTING] You better watch your ass. [PHONE BEEPS] [BOYS LAUGHING] BOY 2: All right, look,
let’s get the stuff,
then we gonna bolt. Just like that. Ugh. This guy here, man. Same shit, different summer. Hey, what are you
doing here, Robby? I found your stash.
You’re gonna give it all back. [LAUGHS] The hell we are. You didn’t learn your lesson
last time? That’s cool. We can give you
a refresher course. Bring it. [GRUNTS] [BOTH LAUGHING] Damn! What, you forgot
this was a three-man job? [DOOR OPENS] [JOHN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] JOHN: What did I tell you? Three weeks now I’ve been
dealing with your bullshit! I warned you
there would be consequences. You busted the lock off
my footlocker, you piece of… Hey, knock it off! You wanna go back out
on the street, John? Live at a bus stop? I got 100 guys that would
kill for your bed. [SIGHS] I’m sorry, ma’am. It won’t happen again. BOY 2: You know,
for a smart kid,
you sure do learn slow. Maybe we need to
leave him with something
to remember us by. [BOTH GRUNT] Let him go. Don’t listen to him. All right, Grandpa. Let’s do it. [ALL GRUNTING] [BOTH GRUNTING] Your grandpa know how
to move like that, huh? Come on, let’s go. You could’ve told me. [SIGHS] You knew me when
I was on top, Johnny. [CHUCKLES] Kind of hard to let that go. Is any of it true? Afghanistan, Panama. The trip to Tahiti? Things got rough
after I lost the dojo. I tried reenlisting,
but they wouldn’t take me. They got these bullshit
psychiatrists now. I mean, what the hell
do they know? They weren’t there
in the shit. Most of them
weren’t even born. Then one of my war buddies,
he, uh, offered me a job. But I felt like
it was a handout. So I banged around
here and there,
doing this, doing that. Then I got old. And for the last ten years, I’ve been living
in places like this. Then I heard about
what you did in the All Valley, and I figured,
there was my second shot. With all the shit
that I’ve seen in my life… [SCOFFS] I feel like a broken man,
Johnny. I don’t really think
I can be fixed. That sounds
an awful lot like defeat. But I was taught, “Defeat does not exist
in this dojo.” Does it? Cobra Kai wouldn’t exist
without John Kreese. You want a chance to
redeem yourself, you got it. But you gotta try
to do things my way. That work for you? Yes, Sensei. [INHALING] [EXHALING] [INHALING DEEPLY] [EXHALING] How’s your head? Still a little sore. It was really stupid of me
to put myself
in that situation. You were doing
what you thought was right. Something good
did come out of it, though. [PHONE BEEPS] BOY:All right, Grandpa.Let’s do it.Former All Valley champ
takes out three criminals
using Miyagi-Do Karate. Feels like it could go viral. [GRUNTING ON VIDEO] Bet we’d have
a packed dojo by noon. [VIDEO CONTINUES PLAYING] [PHONE BEEPS] [VIDEO STOPS] No. Miyagi-Do is about defending
yourself and protecting others. Not seeking credit. Mr. Miyagi didn’t recruit me,
he wasn’t looking for students. He took me in
because I needed him. I came to him,
not the other way around. It’s time we be patient. Let those who need us
find us. Right? DEMETRI: Excuse me. Uh, it was unclear if the gate
was the front or if I was
supposed to ring the doorbell. [EXHALES] Is that a koi pond? How much does it cost
to maintain that? May I help you? Uh… Yeah. I wanna learn karate. You have come
to the right place. The back thrust kick
works like this. You step, pivot,
throw a side kick. What about if your opponent
attacks you from behind? Excellent question. Sensei Kreese,
you wanna take this one? Certainly, Sensei Lawrence. You sure about this, Sensei? There’s nothing to worry about. The key to this move
is making your enemy
think you are retreating. But just as they
let their guard down, that’s when you strike
the hardest. [EXCLAIMS] [GRUNTING] JOHNNY: Okay, pay attention.You have a difficult choice.
What do you do?
You make a move. You go all-in.Well, this just got awkward. Of course, the most important
student was absent. Robby wants nothing
to do with me. I’m glad you’re part
of this family. JOHNNY:LaRusso’s been
a thorn in my side
since high school
and now he moves my son
into his house. These things don’t end well. What the hell do you
think you’re doing? Like you don’t know. You’re dead meat.

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  11. 🎶 When your alone
    You ask yourself
    What are you searching for
    Deep in the night
    A dream is born
    One that you can't ignore
    If you think you can find the passion
    And your ready to take a chance
    If you really believe you can make it
    Then the power is in your own hands
    It's the moment of truth
    Your giving it all
    Standing alone
    Willing to fall
    If you can do it
    Get up and prove it
    Get up and show them who you are
    It's the moment of truth
    It's all on the line
    This is the place
    This is the time
    You've waited forever
    It's now or it's never
    Nothing can stop you now
    Once in your life
    You make a choice
    Ready to risk it all
    Deep in your soul
    You hear a voice
    Answering to the call
    Though you know that it won't be easy
    It's a promise you made for love
    For the people that keep believing
    And the one that you're thinking of
    It's the moment of truth
    Your giving it all
    Standing alone
    Willing to fall
    If you can do it
    Get up and prove it
    Get up and show them who you are
    It's the moment of truth
    It's all on the line
    This is the place
    This is the time
    You've waited forever
    It's now or it's never
    Nothing can stop you now
    It's the moment of truth
    Your giving it all
    Standing alone
    Willing to fall
    If you can do it
    Get up and prove it
    Get up and show them who you are
    It's the moment of truth
    It's all on the line
    This is the place
    This is the time
    You've waited forever
    It's now or it's never
    Nothing can stop you now
    It's the moment of truth
    Your giving it all
    Standing alone
    Willing to fall
    If you can do it
    Get up and prove it
    Get up and show them who you are
    It's the moment of truth
    It's all on the line
    This is the place
    This is the time
    You've waited forever
    It's now or it's never
    Nothing can stop you now🎶

  12. Saddest part was when Daniel rolls up on the guy fishing, thinking it was Miyagi at a time where he really needed him! I love the nostalgia in this show!!!

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