with the contact everything must be finished often we think it starts at the moment of contact while Ryo says that everything must be finished at the moment of contact otherwise we think we have to go in this direction not in the other when he decides what he will do as an attacker we must already have the reason to move not because he shows it hand or he lifts it one way or another when he comes he’s already working before but no way to try to move it or hit he works with the intention of his movement which is already a movement in itself not with the physical movement even before it’s not the same as the movement after the contact it looks wrong that’s a symmetrical response to physical work that’s what most of us do he works with the source of the movement originally like a car at the beginning it’s hard once you’re gone it rolls alone like the human body when it starts to move it’s easier to work with like when you push something heavy the first seconds to put in motion it requires a lot of energy it’s difficult that’s why you have to move before your body it’s the difference between the intention is the body do not move only when your body begins to move humans are weird because they follow the tensions if he has tension in his body and in his fist some people tend to follow the tension but if his body becomes empty and that intention stays in the fist he may follow the fist more easily there is no reason to come in front or there is no tension there he shows him tension in different places and not necessarily where his body is if he moves he may break himself to strengthen the key by forcing no possibilities trying to do the same kind of work that we did before play like this is your son not an enemy you watch TV is your son jumping on you’re not going to hit him normally continue with the rest not just him physically it’s not much but it’s tiring by that the mind is locked his mind is locked from the mechanical point of view his keys are null as he tries to block the brain when he tries to make a key it’s very loose but it’s very flexible if his brain does not understand he lets himself be embarked if I do with force here is what happens if I do with everything here’s what’s going on between mechanical work and relaxation here is the difference if i try to match the attack i’m symmetrical if I try to control what he does Benoit becomes black belt he can show the extent of his knowledge if I treat it as my room, my living room … it’s about you still not about each other the way he attacks her the tension returns to him, the attack returns to him it’s like the tree without branches more dangerous he will tackle him more dangerous it’ll go back to him the more he will put strain on his work plus it has to strengthen him and it’ll come back like a boomerang if I do that it’s going to break his son now he moves him I move him instead of hurting him what I feel the first thing is that he tries to work on the bones first the second time he just works on the muscles and his move my skeleton behind


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