Russia 2000. Hidetaka Nishiyama Cup – Masao Kawasoe, Kenneth Taylor, Vladislav Eloyan.

Here you can see Sensei Masao Kawasoe, 8th
Dan. He is the main technical instructor of the Russian Traditional Karate Federation.
He is doing Nijuchiho Kata at the moment. First he makes it on his own, and then he
will continue with Bunkai with the help of Vladislav Eloyan (The president of the Russian
Traditional Karate Federation) and Kenneth Teylor (the president of the Great Britain
Traditional Karate Federation). Bunkai is something like oblate dycryption.
The greatest Dan in Karate is the 9th Dan. 9th Dan have Hidetaka Nishiyama and Hiroshi
Shirae. But we wouldn’t like our televiewers to pay much attention to any feagures in Traditional
Karate. It would be better if they paid attention to individual skills. And Sensei Masao Kawasoe
is one of the best samples to demonstrate such a? great level of skills. And here you
can see the dycryption itself. Vladislav Eloyan together with Kenneth Taylor help to show
the Bunkai. Can one feel the punches of Kawasoe and is
he doing it to his full capacity?-Surely, but keeping the distance in order not to cause
any harm to the opponent. Before you come to him,he finishes the technik in advance.
Was this performance somehow prepared?- No. Sensei Kawasoe told us what to? do and we
tried to demonstrate it. But usually such performances should be prepared well in advance.
Normally, Japaneese Masters don’t like to make such performances. They consider it to
be useless

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