Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Kung Shu Wedding

(Intro music) Gavin: So did you get drunk at the wedding? Gus: Uh, I couldn’t get too drunk because I had to be the responsible one Gus: Did Esther get bevved up? Gus: Esther got so drunk (Gavin laughs)
Gus: She fell down (Barbara laughs)
Gus: uh … and skinned her knee really bad Barbara: Oh no. Gus: And then she was like trying to tell me she was fine I was like, “No, let me put a band-aid on it” She’s like, “No. No.”, like fighting me the whole time One of her aunts got really drunk and started getting grabby with me like she kept grabbing my butt (Barbara and Gavin laugh)
Gus: Uhhh Gus: And every time I tried to look away she would grab my face and be like, “No, look at me. Look at me.” (Barbara, Gavin and Jack laugh)
I was like … Okay (static) Burnie: We play this uh game, Gavin and I called Kung Shu It’s where we kick our shoes at each other Gavin: You can be randomly attacked by a shoe at any point in the day. Burnie: I will walk up on Gavin and just go “Hi-ya!” and then just kick my shoe at him. Gavin: It’s gotten to the point where like I won’t open a door without peeking around it sometimes and uh, I hid under your desk the other day (Gavin and Jack laugh)
Gavin: Do you remember that? Burnie: I knew he was in here but I couldn’t fucking see him Gavin: He knew I was in there but he just couldn’t find me (laughter)
Burnie: He’s a skinny little prick. He’s hiding behind the leg of this table. Gavin: But like, I jumped up, and he was looking behind the curtain (laughter) Gavin: So it was like, “Hoo-ya!” Burnie: Fucker can hide behind a flagpole. (Gavin laughs) (static) (end pop noise) (end swoosh)

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  1. Lelouch Lamperouge Vi Britannia Leader of the Black Knights and 99th Emperor of Britannia: AKA Zero says:

    Bet you someone gonna upload a video on ahwu with shoe ninja

  2. Me and the lads at work miming to built this city, almost got us all fired lol
    We Built This City…… On tea break (funny)

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  5. How did Burnie not see Gavins nose? I mean, he may be skinny, but his nose is fairly obvious.

  6. No burnie you don't understand Gavin is the one by the pole. (Responding to the recent RTAA from king Ryan)

  7. I used to actually do a similar thing back at school where i would kick my shoes at people, managed to finally miss one day and smashed a window to the science lab… Fastest i think i have ever run in my life

  8. Me and my friend used to play a similar game at church before we went inside called Road House. It came about because I was watching the episode of Family Guy where Peter kept kicking things and saying Road House so when I got to church I kicked my friend in the knee and said Road House and ran…that game made me paranoid as fuck around my friend. XD

  9. Hhhhaaahhhaaaaqhhaaahhaahhaajhaahhaahhaahhaahhaahhaahhaahhaahhaaghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapaaaasawwwwwwwwawwwswessaadfghhjjj. WHO DO YO VOODOO BITCH:-)

  10. at the end of the kung shu rt life video is proof that Gavin isn't just acting stupid. He was just standing still staring at a wall in the middle of an airport, and didn't know he was being filmed

  11. Gus was so close to a threesome with his aunt in law and hot wife.

    . . . Cheese would've been everywhere.

  12. The greatest thing about Gavin's story of hiding under Burnie's desk is that there is actually filmed footage of it (the RT life)

  13. i don't know why but i want to see the game grumps and rooster teeth in a video all the cast of the GG and all the cast of the RT.

  14. One time when I was 7, during recess, my best friend and I were inside the classroom when we were supposed to be outside playing. What started out as throwing erasers and other small things up at the ceiling, turned into shoes and other things. We stopped when we realized that we broke the fan. Luckily we weren't caught considering the amount of noise we made. Best part is: later when the teacher turned it on, she was all like "I don't remember it moving like that."

    To this day that fan still spins unevenly, and the two of us have never been found out.

  15. when i was younger i kicked my boot at my brother it hit him in the nuts, rolled up his chest hit him in the chin and then he fell backward off the snow bank he was standing on.. i dont think i'll ever top that .

  16. If it was a guy groping a girl, the reaction would be waaay different. Feminism has really gone downhill to the point of I don't even take it seriously anymore, if I ever did ROFL

  17. Kung Shoe is like a much more tame version of a game a few of my friends and I did called B-Ball. It's probably not what you're thinking. It's a game we made up where we take turns chucking a bowling ball at each other, and whoever gets knocked down loses. And the best part is: the guy who lost usually didn't know he was playing.

  18. Does anyone else get drunk. Link their computer to their tv and watch these for hours? This is the best! I love you guys. Your podcast makes my treadmill time fly by! Keep up the good work!

  19. Once in 7th grade, I was in PE playing soccer, which I am terrible at… The guy next to me (we were playing defense) the ball went straight toward him and landed right in front of him. He went to kick it, missed, and is shoe came off and flew all the way into the opposing teams goal. The whole game just stopped right then and there. Then the guy turned to me and said "do I get points for that?"

  20. I'm so glad I started watching this today because I knew very little about any of the guys from rooster teeth and now I feel like I know them better thanks to this.

  21. Phone users. In case you didn't know, while watching a video you can double tap the side of the video and rewind or fast forward 10 seconds

  22. Kung Shu – RT Podcast #163 at 47:08–47:28 + 49:14–50:13 (first mention is in RTP #27 at 8:23)
    Wedding – RT Podcast #243 at 19:29

  23. I did kung shoe once with one of my friends. I tried to kick my slipper at him and the next thing I know I'm on the floor on my back. I flipped myself over and nearly hit my head on a desk. It was fun.

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