Roman Reigns vs. Erick Rowan – Lumberjack Match: SmackDown, Oct. 4, 2019

Roman Reigns lands on his feet, and
Reigns will send Erick Rowan over the top.>>Let’s see what happens here,
let’s see what happens here!>>And now the Lumberjacks looking
to send Rowan back into the ring. And Erick Rowan is out
fighting the Lumberjacks.>>Look at the power,
just back-handing everyone around him. Heavy fists from Erick Rowan.>>[NOISE]
>>The Big Dog making his way through the melee on the outside.>>Roman Reigns caught by Rowan. Picked him out of the air and
threw him into the barricade.>>Everybody okay?>>Erick Rowan, Daniel,
he says this is all about respect, and finally being respected here in WWE.>>See I get it,
I guess that’s part of reason why I’m so disappointed in Erick Rowan is because
he says even I didn’t respect him. I’m the one who saw
the potential in Erick Rowan.>>No.
>>[INAUDIBLE] Now, going right after Roman Reigns and, so
cooler heads trying to prevail as Reigns is set back into the ring,
easy prey perhaps. [CROSSTALK] With a big boot, here’s the
cover on Roman Reigns, hook on the leg.>>Roman Reigns went for
the Superman Punch, caught by Erick Rowan. Trying to fight out of it with
a couple of elbows to the temple. [SOUND] Big boot to the face!>>Aah!>>Reigns’ Superman punch!>>Down goes Rowan,
does the Big Dog have anything left?>>Whoa guys, no,
you’ve gotta be kidding me.>>Both men down.>>You’ve gotta be kidding me.>>This is why I’m out here.>>Here comes big Luke Harper. Eric Rowan’s partner.>>And
Harper’s flattening everything that moves.>>And now Daniel Bryan going
right after Luke Harper. Bryan and Reigns against Harper and Rowan’s as Bryan is driven
into the barricade.>>This lumberjack match
is devolving in a hurry. It is chaos on the outside.>>The Big Dog flies!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Taking everybody out!>>[NOISE]
>>Rowan with a big old smile on his face,
Iron Claw locked into Reigns. Eric Rowan [INAUDIBLE] with a fight out,
Superman punch.>>But wait a minute,
here comes Luke Harper.>>Bang! What a clothesline by Harper.>>And this is still all legal. No disqualification in a Lumberjack Match.>>Daniel Bryan takes out
Harper with a running knee.>>And now it’s Erick Rowan,
and a spear by Reigns! Cover!>>One, two, three!>>Reigns wins. [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>Here is your winner, Roman Reigns! [MUSIC]>>Desperate times, unlikely alliances. [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “Roman Reigns vs. Erick Rowan – Lumberjack Match: SmackDown, Oct. 4, 2019

  1. I hope DB is playing Reigns and he turns on him at Hell in a Cell that would be better than turning DB face yet again.

  2. Micheal cole 2000's…
    "You have gotta be kidding me".

    Micheal cole in 2019…
    " You have gotta be kidding me".

    Nothing changed.

  3. Face DB and the Yes Movement coming back? I hope so lol. Didn't like Daniel as a heel at all, but that's just my personal preference.

  4. That ending with Daniel and Roman: that’s sportsmanship! I think the yes movement and the big dog could make one hell of a tag team

  5. हाय जिसको जिसको
    My best friend ROMAN RINGS AND DEN AMBRO
    का जोरी पसंद है वो ही लाइक करे और कॉमेंट करे
    आप का LIKE और COMMENT का इंतजार है

  6. Roman reigns win 🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳

  7. How can people still watch this is obviously super fake note I’m talking about the adults lol cause for kids I understand is entertaining.

  8. This is not d old big dog
    I want d big dog who used reap everything and was the master of pulling attentions
    The big dog

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