You see all of you,
you think that I’m controlled by somebody that’s somebody
tells me what to do. Until last week.>>What?>>You see, all of you.>>What?>>I said, I see all of you
need to look me in the eyes. Cuz all of you are afraid
to look me in the eyes and see what it is that makes me tick. You need to look deep, deep, deep in
these eyes and see what I’m capable of. And that’s that I’m a mastermind,
a manipulator, a schemer. But no, no, no, no, no. All you people seem to see is a big
brute who terrorizes and brutalizes. Just like I did to Roman Reigns last week. [MUSIC] Brawn man hatched a scheme but now he’s
gonna have to deal with Roman Reigns.>>I see a couple heavy hitters.>>Bang, bang! Superman punch by Reigns.>>Yeah but Rowan’s already back on
his feet, staggered by the Big Dog.>>Yeah and the Big Dog,
he ain’t finished yet.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Look out. Roman Reigns on the move.>>My God. And now Rowan launches
Reigns into the barricade.>>What a right! Roman Reigns sending, my god,
sending Rowan into the WWE Universe. These two massive human beings.>>And you can’t blame Roman Reigns for the rage in his heart that he’s attempting
to take out on Rowan right now. But Rowan just so big, so powerful.>>Of all the weeks, all the emotional turmoil that
Roman Reigns has had to hold onto. Now he can unleash it all on Erick Rowan.>>Roman Reigns’ career was
jeopardized singlehandingly, as we found out, by Rowan. I can understand all the anger,
all the fury, Roman’s feeling right now.>>Not just his career, but his family’s livelihood is at
stake because of Erick Rowan.>>Another superman punch! Rowan finally down to his knees,
but still.>>Now security’s made their way out
here trying to seperate these two.>>And another Superman punch!>>You’re gonna need more than just
some security to separate these two.>>Battling throughout the Garden
here in New York City.>>My God! My god that’s a fan. That’s a fan. My God. Erick Rowan is out of control again. That was completely uncalled for,
completely out of line.>>I have something to say. I have something to say.>>[APPLAUSE]>>No, Rowan,
Rowan’s not done, no, no, no.>>Somebody stop him.>>Rowan’s on the move, wipes out everyone, including Reigns.>>Security was just trying
to restrain Roman Reigns.>>Rowan just leveled all of those
individuals like bowling pins.>>What is Rowan doing now?>>Whatever the hell he wants. Erik Rowan has been locked up so long and it’s finally being unleashed on the WWE
Universe, and Roman Reigns in particular.>>Stop that! Knock it off, knock it off.>>Watch Roman!>>Another superman punch
approach by Reigns. Reigns not gonna be held down. Reigns can’t be restrained.>>Come on! [CROSSTALK]
>>Good luck keeping any sort of order between these two.>>This Sunday at Clash of Champions, things are gonna be out of hand
if they even get that far. What the hell’s he doing?>>Romans got a hold of-
>>My god!>>You want more, Big Dog? You want more, Big Dog?>>Come on! Get out of here now!>>Sunday!

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