Roland Vogt – Landsliðsvenjari – Judo Føroyar

I became national coach for the Faroe Islands because I got to know them at a training camp In the autumn of 2016 when i was visiting The last year we have worked on a general culture when training A structure about training We have worked a lot on the fighters’ individual techniques Their individual tactical and physical performance their perfomance has increased drastically We have now gotten some fighters into the scandinavian elite Now people know that if you meet a faroese fighter then everything can happen it was not like that before 100 uchi komi’s each when we get to the Island Games in Gibraltar I expect that every Faroese fighter will win a medal They have worked determined Personally Judowise Physically Towards this event for an entire year I hope we will be able to continue the organised work with the national team And at the Scandinavian Championship in 2020 my ambition is to take a medal in one of the more established catagories That means cadets, juniors or seniors

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