[Intro Music] “Chase: Hey guys it is Chaseypoo, and today I’m going to be reviewing another type of packing underwear that you can use. Now this is specifically called the STP underwear So it is meant to be worn, umm- with a stand to pee device. Now, I’m going to show you what it looks like with the “Jimmy” STP. ‘kay? and I will post that review in the link in the description below. The reason why I’m going to be showing you specifically with the “Jimmy”, umm- uhh- the “Jimmy” is because all of the other STP’s that I have are gigantic ummm From– ummm uhh– like… ummm FreeToM? and they just– it wouldn’t fit and it’s too big and it’s too heavy. and then the “Peecock” could fit in it but honestly the best one that worked with these underwear in my opinion, is this one. ummm Even the “EZP” wouldn’t work with this one, because it’s the way that it’s positioned ummm it’s- it’s- it’s- it’s just positioned more appropriate, honestly for the Jim-[cat noises] …my… STP.. Really, Beauty? Really? ummm you can also pack with these underwear but they’re more made for ummmmm for STP’s– [cat comes in] she’s here, she’s looking. So this is what they look like, Okay? this is from the company “RodeoH” umm if we look inside, and it’s a little bit hard because they sent me the black ones, and I’m not sure if they come in any other color okay but if we look at the inside of them ‘kay, let me stand up right now see they have a little pouch here and in the pouch is where you’re gonna put the STP and then it goes through the hole and then there’s another pouch so it’s like- it’s-it’s very similar to the FTM Downunder underwear except this has an actual pouch where as the FTM Downunder underwear it’s like an O ring so you put the prosthetic in there and then you put it in the pouch over here alright so I’m going to show you what it actually looks like in your pants though ‘kay so here’s the thing, they sent me like the size that’s just a little bit too small for me so it is a little bit uhh tight and I’m feeling a little bit self-conscious but let’s just.. let’s just not talk about it. So I did actually show these underwear in the “Jimmy” STP review ummm I think that the bulge looks really big but when you’re wearing skinny jeans or pants it does squish it down alright, so what’s really great about this is that, like I said it goes in the pouch so there is a little pouch that the Jimmy STP will go in or any other STP that kind of looks like this. That’s very similar and this is why I’m saying that the EZP wouldn’t fit this Because the EZP is like flat So I can show you what it’ll look like with the EZP but it doesn’t really look that good And then there is a pouch in the underwear that you put that in eh, there ya go! then it just kind of holds everything tight. So that’s a really important thing for me is that it holds everything tight And then when you’re ready to pee you can just slide it out like this and it does take a couple of times to to get used to it And then you do that squat thing that you do to pee and then you let it go. I’ve peed twice with these underwear and I have not leaked anywhere Because- I mean, this is just really the Jimmy STP and I haven’t leaked anywhere Uh, which is really great! Because a lot of packing underwear that I’ve tried it just doesn’t work. But if you really want to see what it would look like with the EZP over here from Transthetics I’m gonna try this ’cause I haven’t tried this before This is what it would look like. You see? It kind of falls out And then you would have to put it in the pouch and I guess you would be packing.. downwards? Which is not a very comfortable place to be packing And then if you wanna pee I guess you can like- [laughs] [more laughs] Okay! Okay! Yeah, yeah, after a couple times you’re able to maneuver it a little bit but also the hole of these underwear is-is-is a little tight But I’m gonna say it’s because they probably sent me like the wrong size Okay, you see how tight is on me? I feel so self-conscious My wiener’s out Umm. I think it’s just because- I- they sent me the- the ones that are just one size too small for me So I think that this hole is actually a-a little bit bigger Umm Umm, when you actually get it- Boner alert! ?So see? The EZP doesn’t really pack well with it You can pack up with it Umm So that- that- that doesn’t- like, it’s not SUPER bad Actually that- that- Oh! Actually, that does work! Okay, so I’m packing it up- Oh, no it doesn’t hold. Okay, well it wasn’t holding So, yeah.. So you would need to have a packer that- or an STP, sorry- that’s very similar to the Jimmy But I know ya’ll are curious so I’m gonna put the- this is the Peecock 4.75 inch Alright, from uh Peecock [laugh] this is uh STP So you put that in there [laughs] I s- I- this isn’t hard! I’m just trying to put it in the pouch to make sure it stays in the pouch Alright, so.. [laughing] this is what it looks like. Hellohohohoho It’s a little big I don’t know about you, but it is a little bit big Umm, but you can take it out like that and then It’s kind of already positioned Uh, for you to pee and go Although, the issue with this is that I do feel like this would fly out of the side so that I wouldn’t really recommend Umm, using the- Actually, it does kind of work! It’s just you really just gotta position it a couple of times and you have to work it And for shits and giggles let’s try the Natural by ummm Umm, this is FreeToM [giggles] k, let’s put the balls right over here [giggles] Oh my god, you ready for this? This is huge, by the way I have no- Uh, god- Also, these- Oh my god! Lemme put it in the pouch- Lemme try to put it in the pouch [peen noises] Oh my god That’s the noise it makes by the way Alright! [laughs] I’m ready to go! Let’s go to the clubs tonight! Oh, yeah, I got the biggest wiener around! This is big! And if you wanna like, wip it out Oh, god! You can probably have sex with this harness Uhh You gotta- you gotta- you gotta do that squat and then you can pee- But this is huge! Umm, it’s a good- like I feel like it’s a good harness if you- if you’re looking to touch yourself though, but that’s- that’s not a video for another time Look how hung I am though! Anyways! Overall, I really really like these boxers when packing with the Jimmy STP I don’t have many STP’s, honestly, like Umm, I have, like, Number One STP and the Model D STP, but none of those work with these ones You really need one that has, like, the balls like this so that it’s easy to put in and that this can go down and pack Umm, the Transthetics one you can, kind of, maneuver it But it- It is gonna take a little bit of practice But I, honestly, I would really recommend pairing the Jimmy STP with this STP underwea- underwear by RodeoH Unless you have another STP that works with this. Please, god, tell me and put it in the comments. I would love to know because I really don’t have that many STPs So I would like to know so I can also review those and then review them with these underwear. So, anyways, let me know what you think and I hope you have a great day, bye!” [Outro Music]


  1. Yay, early! And with ads! Also hi Chase 😀 subbed a while ago, never commented before, love your channel and your content! You're awesome 🙂

  2. Chase you're awesome and so inspirational you've helped me start up my own YouTube channel with a mate and just embrace who I am so thank you for everything you do for this community ❤️

  3. Good to know that this aren't good with the EZP, because it is what I normaly pack/pee with. And I haven't got an ad 🙁

  4. I went to show my boyfriend the reviews you made on 'The Bono' but I can't seem to find it! Was it deleted or did you take it down yourself? Hope you're feeling better! ❤️

  5. Yes, got an ad! I'm so appreciative that you post these informative videos, not just for trans adults like myself, but I can only imagine how affirming it would be to be a younger trans person and finding these. You're sincere & funny, and your openness with these subjects is really refreshing. Thanks. ♥

  6. I've got the freetom 6.5" 4 in 1 (do not recommend packing that big fml!) I got a pair of rodeo boxers with it they really don't work with freetom XD they were comfortable AF but fml word of advice if your partner wants you to get a big packer …DON'T DO IT !

  7. ooh, yeah you should try those with a pack & play and then give us an update! they look like regular underwear, but they look like they would hold things well enough to have sex with.

  8. Has anyone tried Rodeoh with the reelmagik stp or packnplay? I want to know how well they hold or if it damages the prosthetic

  9. Chase, I would LOVE for you to review spare parts packing underwear for packing and STP uses. I have several pairs bit do neither so I am curious how someone who does both would like them.

  10. Just want to let you know that reelmagik stp + rodeoh brief = good combination. You can pack with it with or without using adhesive. Just in case you run out of adhesive and still waiting for a new bottle.

  11. why am i watching this i'm a cis woman… oh right bc chase has the best personality and makes me laugh so much so i watch literally every video he makes

  12. I've been watching a wide variety of trans youtubers over the last couple years and they've helped me come to terms with accepting that I've felt like a male my entire life. However, I unfortunately don't feel that I'm in a position in my life currently to transition into who I see myself as in my mind. I have many reason for this and I thought I would start a YouTube channel to share my story and hopefully connect with some people that can relate. I posted my first video today to try and break the ice and I hope to be posting more soon, covering things like being in the closet, trans topics specifically, and my personal journey so far.

  13. Tby I wouldn't order anything from rodeoh. I ordered 5 or 6 pairs including these and the waste band is either tattered or they have holes in them and they're only 4 months old :/

  14. I got an ad! You literally stood there talking with a dick sticking straight out of your pants for like 10 seconds and I still got an ad!

  15. Great review man! I always get so nervous with the whole idea of peeing with an STP (i hope thats the right term for it?) and l get worried that l might leak everywhere and it will be all gross and messy XD

  16. Tbh I wish a company would come out with a packer that didn't look like a peen, but when clothes were on it had the same effect. Both so as trans youth it's easier to ask for instead for a silicone peen and just because I don't like peens tbh not a fan

  17. Feel free to share this info in your video description, if you want. (I'll share this info with further peeps that have made a video on rodeoh products hoping that as many peeps as possible can profit from it): (to get 10% off coupon) FREESHIPPING (free shipping code for shipping inside the us) 3bd579149b08 (works once for $5 off discount) 2b5a897ca5db (works once for $5 off discount) 8e24587120a1 (works once for $10 off discount)

  18. Chase! We are about to launched some new RodeoH Packing Boxers. Hit us up, we would love for you to rock a review of our newly released styles!

  19. Hey chase I just got the model A STP I’m looking in to get the underwear for this STP but I’m really nervous it might be to big what are your thoughts

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