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Life before Parkinsons – I am an attorney
and practice in Mountain Home and worked 10-12 hour days routinely and my weekends were filled
with physical activity. I was very active – I’ve got a wife and five
kids and we have seven grandchildren and we’re always planning family activities. I first noticed Parkinson’s when I was working
in the yard one day – We were re-siding a shed and I was holding up the siding like
this and my arm was shaking so bad on the left side, I couldn’t hold it up and hammer
without hitting my fingers with the hammer. I was shaking so badly and so I knew then
I had an issue. We moved here in 1999, retired, and we didn’t
know anybody so we joined a whole bunch of groups and joined the American Legion Auxiliary,
the Welcome Club, the Red Hats. When I found out I had it I cried all the
way home. And then I mourned myself for a whole year
at least, crying all the time and I didn’t want anybody talking about it because then
I would cry – it was very very frustrating and hard on me. Parkinson’s Disease is a chronic neurological
condition where the symptoms worsen over time. Right now the most common treatments are medication
and deep brain stimulation, but we’re finding that exercise can slow the progression down. The most common signs of Parkinson’s are tremors,
slowness of movements, rigidity, and gait instability, stooped posture, shuffling when
they walk, freezing – all of these things can lead to falls, and that’s why Rock Steady
Boxing is the best form of exercise for those with Parkinson’s. By exercising with coaches and their corner,
fighters start to feel and function a lot better. Rock Steady Boxing was designed to be a non-contact
boxing and fitness program dedicated to helping people with Parkinson’s Disease. These classes are getting amazing results,
even slowing the progression of this disease down. The workouts motivate these fighters to have
hope. You know, I’ve been a fitness instructor for
over 25 years, and I really have never seen or felt more passion, strength, drive, determination,
love, and understanding than I feel with these people and the program. They will win this fight. Rock Steady Boxing improves a person’s hand-eye
coordination, their speed of movement, flexibility, their balance, their core strength and agility,
rapid muscle fire, it improves their mental focus, it reduces stress and helps improve
their mood. This is a support group with a lot of punch. Pardon the pun, but its true. There’s some happiness here that little victories
are celebrated every day we make progress. Its a joy to watch all those who participate and
the progress they’re making. I’ve been affiliated with Rock Steady Boxing now
since July of 2016, and what impresses me is these fighters – they have improved their
flexibility, they’ve improved their strength, but what really is amazing to me, what I carry
away from it every day is the smile on their faces, because they’re feeling better, Because they’re
doing something, they’re impeding this disease and its improving their lives tremendously It’s been amazing, I say its been amazing. The coaches are so supportive and the people
are so supportive. Rock Steady Boxing has significantly improved
my wife’s physical well-being and her mental outlook on life. There are different ways that you can help
Rock Steady Boxing – number one, helping get the word out, so talk about it everywhere
you go to raise awareness about Parkinson’s Disease and that there’s a way to fight back
with Rock Steady Boxing, and another way that you can help us is your dollars, we need scholarship
money to help our fighters that are not able to afford this program, it helps cover our
expenses here at the gym, it helps us get more equipment, we can do bigger things to
strengthen these fighters and just volunteer, come and volunteer with us.

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  1. Over a year ago I went through my first Rock Steady workout in Columbia MO. I knew it was good then, but I didn't have any idea that spending 1 1/2 hours 3 times a week boxing would have such an amazing impact on my life– not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. It feels good to FIGHT BACK. It's not just boxing. I could have hung a heavy bag in the garage and boxed every day. It's so much more–Its physical exercise combined with cognitive drills. Its dedicated coaches. And most of all–Its association with the wonderful FIGHTERS and Corner men who encourage, cheer and applaud every accomplishment, large or small.Thanks BRMC and all those who support Rock Steady.

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