Robert Downey Jr. Wing Chun – (9 Minutes of Footage!)

So we’re here with Robert Downey Jr. and his fiance, Susan Levin. Robert’s gonna sing in just a few minutes,
but first, a few days ago he allowed our cameras inside his life, just a
little bit, to see another one of his new passions. Let’s take a look. Here at the
Los Angeles Academy of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Robert Downey Jr. says that he has
developed a new physical, mental, and spiritual awareness. Martial arts
has just been, and I can say how much is impacting my ability to stay, to stay
well and focused, you know. Good morning. Robert and his Sifu, which is Chinese for
teacher, start off this session with a standing meditation exercise that helps
bring him mental and physical balance. Robert does this intense workout up to
six times a week. It’s designed to keep his mind in the
moment. It just does so many things. I think one answer is as soon as you feel you’re part of
something that you respect. All right, well done. To me, it’s really quite
mystical. Robert says this practice not only keeps him in shape, but has helped
become more grounded, sensitive, and more open to others. We’re going to
demonstrate a move that Oprah can use, and Sifu Eric Oram will actually be playing
over it, just briefly. I see the resemblance. We’ll deal with a jab, defend against that boxer’s left jab.
Absolutely. So Oprah, if you are, Sifu Eric and I
was to come at you, of course, you need parallel position, with a straight punch,
your reaction we be… Again. Pak that punch. Kind of like that. What has this done for you? It’s, it’s, it’s
just amazing. It’s a spiritual practice, so it’s yeah,
yeah, it’s grounded me in, in its primary purpose, is to, is to promote a sense of
spiritual warrior-dom, and to respect your your society, and to be
prepared to defend yourself in your society if necessary. Okay,
and so you were saying you think I would be kick-ass in it, so why… I think you would rock.
Why though? Why? Because you’re formidable, you know, and I just think, I think you
would get it down. Or maybe at one time studied martial arts. Oh yeah. I’m deeply
committed to the, to Wing Chun. I’ve never heard of that.
Oh, Wing Chun is, it’s the form that Bruce Lee was trained in before he
developed his own. And then what is these, what is special about that, that drew you
to it? Bil Gee. Bil Gee? Yeah. And he is your instructor? Oh no, my instructor’s Eric
Oram, but I call him Sifu. Bil Gee is the art of thrusting fingers. Thrusting
fingers? Yeah. Oh my God, and then to, to, to defend or to hurt? Is it offensive or defensive, the thrusting of the fingers? Let me put it this way: if you do this a defensive move, it’s kind
of if, you just Bil Gee right off the bat, that’s kind of like the rest of the
fight is, supposedly, somewhat abbreviated, because the person is now blinded. Really? And that’s, that’s the, the building block,
the basic precept, precept of this martial art? No, and I might get in
trouble, because if Sifu is watching tonight, the truth is Wing Chun is meant
to be a very graceful art form. It’s just the kind of thing where I look at I say,
“what it’s got Bil Gee!” So I need to i get to need to get more into the meditative
aspects. Right. But again, I do, I don’t, want to dwell on this, but the you, you’re
saying “Bil Gee.” Bil Gee. Bil…and what’s it…? It means thrusting fingers. Thrusting fingers.
But I’m confused, it’s not–and he doesn’t have a last name, it’s just Bil Gee. That’s, I’m wrong about that, am I? I’m not
even in my body anymore behind this Bil Gee conversation. Let me come back. I understand that.
Thank you. But, so, if you and I were fighting in it, right we were having a–Don’t do
that to me! If we were having a Bil Gee- sanctioned fight, it would be… Well not
just that, come on! That’s Three Stooges! Well yeah, that’s all I know!
Is that it? Yeah, you go to the outside, and you come into the eyes. I’m supposed to be
meditating on this Kung Fu, I’m not supposed to come in and say “here’s how
you gouge someone’s eyes out,” But, but I got this problem, because they call it
brown belt fever. Oh no, what does that mean? It means when you’re not good
enough to really understand how to respect the art fully, and not, you know,
be a moron with it, but you’re not a black belt. Yeah. We don’t actually have
belts, we have blue–we have sashes and I’m about to be, if the grading goes
well, if I’m still allowed back in the academy, a medium blue sash, which, I know
sounds a little fay, but It’s not. And how long have you been pursuing this?
I’m about three years in. Yeah. But let me ask you this–Yes–for
a person who doesn’t get in many fights– myself. Right. Is that a good strategy to
always just, do like? What the hell’s wrong with you?! You wanna get down?! No, I’m just… I’m sorry. Yeah, but should,you always try that–
to just poke somebody in the eyes? It’s one-two things. One is you either go for
below the belt, but a good opening move is just, like that, and then it’s like, “Oh
now that you’re blinded, let’s get into it.” Let’s talk it over. So now, let me see
what you do again–that, the Bil Gee move. Well you would, you would block, so it’s
that. You’d block to the outside and go through. That’s pretty much what you were doing!

74 thoughts on “Robert Downey Jr. Wing Chun – (9 Minutes of Footage!)

  1. In the movies SH is practicing Bartitsu..Not WC..!!
    Unlike RDJr who practice his WC in the LA club of Sifu Oram.
    I trained there for a bit, (never met RDJr there, he wasn't training yet, there was an other actor there, but can't recall his name) but coming from Wing Tsun, which keeps very different approach to guard stance and other techniques, i went my own way..!

  2. I don't doubt for one moment that RDJ is the real deal when it comes to being highly skilled at Wing chun.
    It's refreshing to see an actor that's proud of his martial arts skills without giving it the big I am, he's sociable about it and thats cool.

  3. A white guy training a another white guy in wing chun , White people make me laugh, always taking other people’s cultures languages and everything else they can take and try to make it there’s

  4. Imagine in his nanotech suit using wingchun against thanos, i bet than the entire story for infinity war will change.

  5. That looks like a mixture of Wing Chun and some other art. I've seen several styles of Wing Chun, what ever style of Wing Chun it is, it's a blended style.

  6. Interesting, in terms of Sherlock Holmes, that Wing Chun makes a fantastic foundational style for Bartitsu. Bartitsu was a style that, according to the original writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Holmes was trained in

  7. i've been training for 36 years now in Wing Chun. Wouldn't mind touching hands with this fella to see if he's actually any good.

  8. Martial arts are learned by training for years … choreography in a few weeks or a few months. Anyway, the film's choreographies were good.

  9. Keanu Reeves: I know Kung Fu
    RDJ: I know Wing Chun
    Donnie Yen: I teach Chinese Kung Fu
    Bruce Lee: I only learnt a little
    Jackie Chan: I will teach you real Kung Fu
    Jet Li: I Huo Yuan Jia will become Number 1!
    Sammo Hung: Bruce Lee is my hero!
    Me: I teach Tai Chi Chuan

  10. Chinese boxing! Wing Chun's principles build many skills that are street effective! As a matter of fact the sticking hands chi sao training I did in Wing Chun helps my jiu jitsu sensitivity and connection to this day.

  11. Wait did sherlock know Wing chung? If so did ip mans father teach him knowing that ip man was born in1893.. I wonder about Jack the ripper were they both students?

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