31 thoughts on “Robb Wolf | My Love for Jiu Jitsu | Lifestyle Motivation | ROYDEAN

  1. Hey Roy Dean. I am from Brazil and always watch your videos. They are amazing. I hope one day visit you academy to learn with you!! 🙂

  2. Great video. Bjj is a martial art and there are no coaches. The bjj culture has gotten away from tradition and has become to much about competition and loess about the Martial art. WE HAVE TO GET BACK ON TRACK.

  3. Thank you to roy dean & robb wolf , really well narrated , I understand know , how important BJJ is in combat ( self defence ) I think every martial art should contain BJJ ,the ground rolling / wrestling / grappling is missing from all the arts iv studied or seen ! Not in a class at moment ! 🤔kind regards justin

  4. Awesome stuff Robb! You were a big influence on me back in the day with my weight loss and now I've been learning this art since last year too. Oss!

  5. serious training for 40 years….so much to learn…I am humbled. never never ever judge another human. shalom

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