Ro Boxing [winning on tournament]

So Guys this is tournament. If u won u will recieve a 2600bb. But its based on the players.Like this If 11 players join the tournament 1100bb uwill recieve if u won Ahhhhhh so ill get the prize ill train hard………..more harder!!! ahhh im getting tired. Rip its so Heavy for me.. maybe ill try on my right side ill drink some energy boosters so i can be strong OOHH! Its more easier now i can do it pretty easy whahahaha its not hard at all i can handle it now ;D now im ready yes!!!! Its my first fight guys so lets see ITS EZZZ So Guys ill just Kip it on the Finall ok 🙂 Here is it ;D Now its time to use my all skills hehe WOahhh Two Hits!!!! So the prize is 1100BB cuz 11players only has joined so its only my prize Btw Thx For watching 🙂 See You On Next Video 😀

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