RHKA – Footwork & movement! NextGen of RHKA Karate Athletes!

Hey everybody this week’s
video is focusing on performance planning, so we just finished our peak
event which was the Canada Open and all our athletes now are back in the early
stages of performance – so we’re rebuilding the fundamentals of footwork
and movement in this week’s video. In the first part of these drills were working
on basic footwork. The glove is on the ground we’re working on shifting off line
and then re-establishing the line of attack.
Once the athletes get an idea of what we want individually, we partner them up
so they can work on timing and synchronization. When we do drills like
these in our sport karate stream the music is blaring in the dojo and we’re
all having a ton of fun with a really high energy level. Once they get timing
and rhythm they start defending against an attacker, so they’re using that sidestep
footwork as well as what we call a universal block some clubs call it a
sweeping block, so a universal block around the attack and then engage. Now
once they get pumped with that, now we start defending and countering. So we
side shift off using the same original footwork – add the universal block to
clear any attack that’s in the way – and then reset and defend and score your point.
Now we had a lot of fun with this class as coaches, athletes what did you think?

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