RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE | Robert Kendo Revealed In New RE2 Remake Gameplay Trailer Cut Scene

Capcom released a new trailer today, and with
it came the reveal of one of the fans favorite characters, Robert Kendo. “Who Are You What are you doing Here” Here
is his brief encounter with Leon in Resident Evil 2 Remake. “Don’t Move” “I’m Not Gonna Hurt You” “I said DON’T MOVE” “I’m just passing through” “I’m gonna ask you to lower that weapon” “Like Hell You Are” You probably noticed he didn’t utter his classic
phrase that I’ve loved forever: “Who Are You, What Are You Doing here” So hopefully he also has an encounter with
Claire. And if he does, In the original game Kendo
had, let’s just say, a different way of talking with females. Sorry about that babe I ain’t got no clue darlin But don’t you worry girly You’ll be safe in here But I’m a creep But I also wonder in 2018 if that personality
will be brought back. The new Kendo is definitely a survivalist. With his utility belt held up by suspenders
and his shotgun. (No Crossbow?) So will his role be more substantial in the
new game? Or will he suffer the fate he’s always had
coming. We’ll find out in January in Resident Evil
2 Reeeemakkke. Crimson Army, what are your new thoughts on
Lumberjack Kendo. What do you think his role will be. Let me know in the comments and don’t forget
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82 thoughts on “RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE | Robert Kendo Revealed In New RE2 Remake Gameplay Trailer Cut Scene

  1. I'm sooo damn excited for this remake. Maybe Robert Kendo might give Leon/Claire a map or some supply or might give you an extra weapon (particularly the his crossbow) and have some unlockable content. And also, some minor role on the first parts of the game to explore around the city.

  2. Weve missed u! So glad u posted this video! U should do a live stream asap to go over all the stuff that has come out that u havnt made videos for (there is quite a bit) and just chit chat with us all about it. It would be awesome! Keep up the good work!

  3. Well ofcourse its no crossbow because there were no crossbow on leons campaign only the shotgun but on claires encounter with kendo he had a crossbow so we just have to wait and see claires trailer or the game release

  4. Interesting! By the way, I ain't seen you post anything in a while, but I still don't resubscribe because I've already stayed at it.

  5. Good to see you back!!! I hope Robert has a final stand with leon and gets bitten. Seeing how he doesn't have much time, he stays behind to hold off the horde. Leon, as he runs away, looks back to see Robert being pulled to the ground and utterly ripped apart. Leon, horrified, turns back around and struggles not to look back.

    Some of this story cams from nemesis's video, but it would be a great moment!

  6. Id love it if Claire runs into a dying Kendo and he gives her Chris's replacement Samurai Edge after he sees her jacket.

    Be a good nod.

    Months ago I thought the way you said "remake" was cringy.
    Now I'm speaking the word like you without realizing it.
    It's your fault.

  8. I feel like Claire will run into him at the beginning and help her , then but the time he meets Leon he's gonna have lost his mind and by a by more insane

  9. I hope he makes it through, helping out in the background. Could have a later DLC starring him getting out of the city with Leon, Claire & Sherry, and he takes out the creature in the back of the train with a rocket launcher that you pieced together from collecting parts around the city.

  10. Kendo : who are you !?
    Leon : hold your fire I'm a human
    Kendo : what are you doing in here
    Leon : what's going on in this town !?
    Kendo : sorry about that.. I don't know..this city was infested with zombies..kendo is polite man..welcome back Mr.Robert kendo

  11. Nooooo! Don't go! (sorry just felt like doing Brad's helicopter scene from the original for some reason when I saw this)

  12. Yeah, well Robert Kendo, (like Lt. Marvin Branagh) will have an expanded role in remake 2..

    Dont know the full scenario yet, but it seems he has a young daughter to protect, and she somehow ties in with the zombie kids that have been rumoured..and they have just lost Mrs Kendo, and are both grieving..

    Not sure yet if/how it ties in with sherry & the orphanage, (if at all) but i suspect his troubles will be a little side mission for either/both Leon/Claire..probably leon, as Sherry's story will dominate most of Claire's..and the footage of Kendo/gunshop scene is always leon/ada.

    And as Ada is with leon at Kendo's gunshop, it will likely be a place where they split up again, probably due to Leon's insistance on helping him find/protect/help Robert & daughter..

    Maybe if you fail to help, or fail to do it'll be your actions that get them killed or zombified this time around!?

    You may well become the one who gets his kid all zombie'd, if we don't play well through the scenario..or maybe she already is, and he can't bear to do what needs to be done..and asks us/Leon to go do it!?

    Don't think there are any QTE in RE2make, but its certainly more dynamic, and i suspect we aint seen nothin' yet!

    All the demo footage has shown us, is all the stuff they knew we expected to see..the lickers, familiar locations..but i doubt that'll be all.

    Far from it.

    There will be lots of twists with this one, and everything is moved or upgraded, re-thought & re-made..i suspect Kendo will be too!

    Maybe some link to his friendship with Barry Burton & STARS, will be divulged..maybe he'll give you the combo for the STARS office arms locker, (he & his brother Joe were the STARS official Armourers) or some other related item or help..if you help him first..

    That's my guess..I'm also guessing Ada doesn't stick around to help.

  13. I have to say in remake Kendo's story is kinda heart-breaking
    Hope he ll have a better ending in The Ghost Survivor update.

  14. I now I get why the gun he designed is called the "samurai edge" it's a pun playing off of his last name! Kendo is also a martial art of the sword or samurai. God I'm slow!

  15. Have anyone noticed if you go back to the door where you met kendo you can hear a crow somewhere even though they took them out the game

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