Remembering Eloy Perez

[BLANK_AUDIO] My name’s Eli Perez. I’m 19 years old. I’m a professional boxer
turned pro last June. [BLANK_AUDIO] They say I should be champion
of the world in a year.>>So what are you doing in town?>>I just came here to visit Jayden.>>[NOISE]
>>You’re a star, big fan by?>>Class this is Eloy, Eloy this is class.>>[LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>Teacher is surprise, make him not do the cool kid.>>He’s a cool kid.>>Yeah
>>Roy>>[LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]>>Are you taking me [INAUDIBLE]>>I know I was saying from for you, just coming to hang out with you for
lunch yeah.>>It’s really good.>>You have it, after potential and little
they know they can do it i’m from here. So what I’m trying to teach
them is i can come back and help with them give them courage and
confidence. Kinda give them a boost.>>I’m so proud of you.>>Thank you.
>>I’m so proud. I know you worked hard. I know you’ve worked very hard.>>Yeah, it’s been a long road. [SOUND] My all-time goal
is just to be remembered, so I’m trying to accomplish that. I accomplished a lot of things,
so I guess it all paid off. So I guess in two years I’m in a row
>>That’s my goal to be on top, top of the ladder.>>[APPLAUSE]

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