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– You know, I developed a way to get back to the mount again quickly. So what happened is, sometimes
we miss the first attack. The guy defends, but once you miss you know what he is doing,
then you can come back. You can actually re-adjust to the next sequence of attacks, but if you never come back, you’re not going to be
able to do that, right? So, basically what I do here, I won’t ever flip that way like… bridge out… like this, okay? The worst case scenario. Why? Because I’m never too high. I’m never like this. So, I also couldn’t get
pushed forward, you know? Because I’m not too high on the guy. I stay always close to the hip. Guys that push me forward, I pull my weight back. Okay, we got bridge, then we use this. Alright, and I’m forced to use my hand, but what happens sometimes is the guy framed my body here quickly. So leg down. Okay. By the time I mount, he’s
already catching my foot or he’s already bridging and
putting me back in a guard. So hip-escape. No, no. That way. Right here. Alright. So, it doesn’t matter which position. The moment I feel I’m going to lose, the guy is blocking my hip, and I feel my hip cannot
move forward anymore. I cannot roll there. What I do here, I don’t wait for him to put it all the way back. I back myself off. Okay, so I’m going to go. I’m going to bring my butt and sit on his legs. Okay? Now, it’s easy for me to regain position. So, if his hands are here, my first step is going to be head here and then I start working on his elbow at the same time I start to open my knees. Okay, here. Alright, so he’s pushing me now. I step back. I accept it. Now, what happens? He has
no more pushing power. I’m already there. So, he might keep locking my legs so I keep open and push my hip down, and little by little, look. I keep working with my leg up until he releases my leg. Now I’m going to do. Step this one. Bring this one to the middle. Okay? He’s still fighting me; doesn’t matter. Now I’m going to go for the mount. To mount I’m going to
open with my left knee. Open him that way until he’s flat. Then I can once again mount the guy. Now I’m ready whatever he moves here gonna go boom, boom. He’s gonna be in my position. Move that way I throw here. If he moves that way I throw this one.

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