Record Breaking Martial Artist Has World’s Fastest Punches

COMM: 54-year-old martial arts grandmaster Jayanth Reddy has an incredible 15 Guinness
World Records, 11 of them individual and the rest as part of a group. COMM: He claimed his first record in 2010 by performing 171 double roundhouse kicks
in 60 seconds, a record which still stands. And he took his most recent last year by performing
352 single handed punches in a minute, that’s almost 6 punches every second. COMM: His family business is construction, but he has been pursuing his love of martial
arts for almost 40 years and only got into the business of breaking records when he was
unable to participate in the Olympics. JAYANTH REDDY: I was facing this big problem with Indian politics, you know, sports, you
know, fraternity. I couldn’t get a chance to participate in the Olympics, so I thought
why don’t you choose something which is really, make me world famous and also India’s
name on the top of the world. So I chose this Guinness then I went to London. COMM: While in London, taking part in an international competition, he visited the Guinness office
and noted down all the records he could try for, and then started training in earnest. COMM: In the 20 years he’s been running his own taekwondo academy, he claims to have trained
500,000 students and produced almost 3,000 Guinness World Record holders, as well as
100 international champions. JAYANTH REDDY: Whatever the secret I’ve learned, I want to contribute to the world,
contribute to India especially. See that this knowledge should go round. COMM: 36-year-old Abdul Khaleel has been training with Jayanth for 17 years and he is now a
black belt third dan in taekwondo. He recently took part in the Guinness group speed
kicking record. COMM: Now, through his academy and his book which is coming out this year, Jayanth wants
to keep promoting martial arts as a complete healthy way of life. JAYANTH REDDY: These martial arts is not just hitting somebody, achieving or Guinness world
record, national champion, international champion. No, no, it’s like internal medicinal. It
is martial arts makes you clean and make you fit enough to live a long life.

100 thoughts on “Record Breaking Martial Artist Has World’s Fastest Punches

  1. Honestly though, his punches don't look too fast, and before you say "it's in slow motion!" NO, THE LAST CLIP WAS REGULAR SPEED AND IT STILL LOOKED SLOW!

  2. This guy is an old man in this video. He's off balance on most of his kicks. His punches have little power in them. Maybe when he was younger. He could do some damage. But he is done as a fighter now

  3. You may be fast, but you'll never be Bruce Lee fast.

    1:50 that's just sloppy you're all over the place. And you call yourself a grand master.

  4. I love how people are racist because they commented on how his technique is trash and sloppy af. Sjw's startin' to invade YouTube. rest in peace humanity, killed by itself.

  5. Is this a joke? His punches are slow as hell. He has no balance, and when they did camera shot from underneath he looked like a 6 year old trying to punch a grown up

  6. People here are always focused on the negatives. The guy has so many world records and 6 punches a second?? None of y'all can even punch a second but ready to take this guy down cause of his achievements. Pussies

  7. my grandma just died 1 hour ago😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  8. Does this dud dude have Black-Belt in Exaggeration or Guinness record for the lowest martial art standard ?

  9. Seriously not convincing, after looking at his awkward punches and kicks. Looks like he's a white belt beginner.

  10. He is pretty slow and doesn't look very powerful, his technique is by TKD standards is pretty sloppy. People that set these records for fastest punches or kicks are basically never doing real techniques with proper form. In the other video of this Indian Master without voice over or music you can clearly hear audible flatulence as he does some techniques.

  11. LMAO is this some kinda joke? He can't even keep his knee straight when kicking and he claims he's taught 500,000 people? Must've been 500,000 cows or some shit. Such awful balance and technique he's like about to fall after every kick lol.

  12. His next Guinness record should be for "Most Unbalanced Grand Master After Each Kick In 60 Secs." Hahaha. Did he train all 500,000 students in his lounge room too ?? 😂

  13. I'm sorry looking at the kicks they was doing. they looked like green belts to me. and I'm not trying to be funny or enything really I'm giving my honest opinion on this I'm a 2rd black belt. and I do know how to kick very good and fast. And I'm telling you they did not look good to me at all sorry

  14. If really want to see real stuff watch my channel i have some footage of a legend underground stuff.. Very mutch alive

  15. I need to bring everyone up-to-date. Sifu Ardito was the record holder until October 2017. Sorry or not I took the record for the most punches in a minute. I broke the martial art sound barrier with (901) punches. I am on my way to break the fastest single punch speed april 2018, so come watch me and I will teach you how.

  16. Hai khaleel iam Balanna practiced with u at VPG in1998 in super vision of master sampurnam garu…call me…

  17. ha ha…what a joke…fastest pouches….i am also martial art player..karate…nice idea for publicity…

  18. This is not a world record. My son is an amateur boxer who holds our gym record for punches in 2 minutes at 760 recorded on a hykso punch counter. That is AVERAGING more per minute than he was able to keep up for only one minute….and my son is 15. Is this verified?

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