Rebel Wilson Gets Her Kicks with Kevin Hart

– ( growling )
– Look right here and stop me. ( shouts, screams ) Oh. ( bleep ) Kevin:
Kevin Hart here, the real karate kid. Check out what me
and Rebel Wilson did that didn’t make the cut. We call these deleted scenes. – Watch it now.
– Hey, hey! Break that
mother ( bleep ) face. All right, Jeff. Oh, ( bleep ). – Let him try.
– Good luck. – Yeah. Kevin, try.
– What? Who you talking to? Oh, I can’t believe I came out here
and ran into you, after you killed
my brother! And my mother! And my daddy! – Whoo!
– Very good. Wait, I just need
to get in the mood. Okay. All right. I can do
an impersonation of you. – Really?
– Yeah. Some people might think,
“Oh, is that Kevin Hart?”, – actually, when they see me
do the impersonation.
– Okay, all right. I would love to see it.
Let me see it. I’ll be like,
“Hey! Ah! Yeah! “Uh, I’ma– I’m Kevin Hart, and I’m here on
this private jet.” Yeah. “And I hate Dwayne Johnson.” Yeah, yeah. That’s good. “‘Cause he’s
a bit taller than me. I hate him. Aah!” What is that?
What just happened? – What just happened
at the end?
– That was that– – my impersonation of you.
– I know, but at the end, – you, “Aah!”
– “Aah!” You see, you just did that. Let’s break with
the nunchuck now. Whoo! – Go like that.
– Yeah, I got it. You gotta do it,
like, accurate. Yeah. That’s a different– because the way
I’ve use them, – like the butt of a gun.
– It’s not a baton. No, it’s like
the butt of a gun. – Like, ( bleep )–
– It’s a ninja– Bop your ass
in the head, boy. What about double nunchucks? Yeah, well,
I’m gonna back here. Oh, ( bleep ). – No. Rebel, no.
– ( screaming ) – Oh, God.
– All right. Kiai! Kiai! Kiai! Oh, my God. – Kiai! Kiai!
– Okay, okay. Kiai, kiai, kiai! – ( gong clashes )
– Sensei: And bow
before you leave. – Uh…
– Every time you enter
the mat, leave the mat, – you have to bow.
– Yes, sir. Every time I enter the mat,
leave the mat, bow. – Get off the mat. Get off.
– Oh, do I have to get off? – You can bow.
– You have to be on the mat,
and then bow, – Then you gonna leave.
– and then you can get off. You’ve been very disrespectful,
because you left the mat – but you didn’t bow.
– He just said, every time
you enter the mat– – And leave the mat!
– So, right now we leaving, you get off,
and then you bow. But that technically
means you’ve left. – No, I didn’t leave.
– Yeah! I’m bowing
’cause I’m off! You’ve already left
the mat and you didn’t bow! – Can I ask a question?
– Yes, yes. Aren’t we supposed
to be off the mat? When you enter the mat,
off the mat. – Yeah.
– When you leave the mat, – stay on the mat.
– On the mat! Then you bow. Rebel one, Kevin none. – Very good.
– ( gong clashes ) So what I’m gonna do
is I’m gonna try and hit you – with this pad.
– Uh-huh. – Don’t let me hit you.
– Can I hit him with the pad? – You gonna stop me.
– I gotta stop you,
so I gotta get there. – Okay.
– Let me see. – Look at me. Ready?
– Give me a second. Just let me get my breath. ( farts ) Ooh, excuse me. – Excuse me. Goddamn.
– ( groans ) I’m sorry.
That’s me. that’s me. Let’s let that
air out, Sensei. Goddamn. I’m sorry.
That’s bad. – That’s nasty.
– Yeah, that’s bad.
That’s a situation. – That’s disrespecting
the dojo.
– Let me fan that out. – Let me fan that out.
– Yeah. Get that out of here.
Sorry, Sensei. If you had to compare
Los Angeles to Australia, – how would you compare the two?
– It’s pretty similar, actually. – Really?
– Yeah. Only thing that’s different is the fact that Australia– oh, they have those
animals that kill you. Yeah, outside of
the murdering animals– Just, like, a couple
of snakes, spiders… It’s not a couple,
it’s not a couple. My family and I lived, like,
quite in a bush area. I went to put the trash
and I go, “Why is an electrical cord
hanging out of the trash?” – Oh, God.
– I pick it up– – ( screams )
– And it was– – Oh, ( bleep )!
– It was a giant– – It’s the tail!
– It was the tail
of a giant bush rat. – Oh, my–
– And it was that big.
It was that big. And then I screamed, and, um, I had to wait
till my family came back. And then my little
brother and sisters got the brooms and got it out. – I passed out for a second.
– Yeah, I know. Bush rats. Hey, what’s going on? This is Kevin Hart,
your comedy sensei. To see more of what
you saw today, all you gotta do
is click here and subscribe to
my YouTube channel, and “Laugh Out Loud.”
Do it! Because I can
break boards with words.

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  2. Good boy Kevin do what the nice Les Bian says You lost out on the Oscars so be a good boy do what you is told . Don't anger the people that run Hollywood the media tech industry and the DNC.. Good boy Good Boy Sit!

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