100 thoughts on “Real Olympic Boxer Fights In Creed: Rise To Glory • Professionals Play

  1. I wonder how she feels about playing a game of a sport that she made her career and getting punched without being able to feel it

  2. Women should not box … it's not in their nature … in the end, anything that women could achieve there, would be worse than what a man can achieve … its not only a waste of time …

    Women with cuts on their faces and broken noses … no man finds this attractive

  3. I literally just got done playing Creed rise to glory and I busted my lip so now I have a cotton ball in my mouth cuz I bent down to punch someone and busted my lip on a table

  4. VR needs to recognise head movements. The eye toy had a better boxing game as you could actually duck and move your head.

  5. I had a 30% chance instinct that her dominant had was her left
    I was hella confused when she started jabbing to the left lol

  6. You should get her to try the same thing with the Oculus Quest and Creed to see if the lack of wires and more open space will make the game more realistic and fun. I use a 12×12 ft space for Creed and find the room a good amount to move and Dodge punches.

  7. I thought about getting VR specifically for this game and I'm glad I didn't waste my money. I know it can't be perfectly accurate to real boxing but this phonebooth fighting is for the birds, looks like garbage.

  8. No hate but she has a tendency to drop her left when she throws that right, that seems like a rookie mistake yet she's undoubtedly an olympian

  9. The biggest difference to me is that you can't use angles and all your punches have the same power. 1-2 is the only combo that's worth throwing. Those 2 things leave you with timing and blocking. Those are the only skills that matter in this game.

  10. She's awesome, absolutely as a boxer it would seems completely unnatural and weird not being able to use footwork and full movement. But still a great workout and fun. She has a great style and combinations.

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