93 thoughts on “Real Martial Artist Reviews Fighting Games

  1. Kazuya, Nina, Heihachi or another classic tekken character would have been more fit, considering Akuma is a street fighter character

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  3. But like you guys couldn’t get someone with a striking background? Aikido is like the least ambitiously technical out of most of them lol

  4. Wouldn't it make more sense for the martial artist to review characters like Nina or Anna from the Tekken series, since they also use Hapkido?

  5. would have been more accurate to record gameplay in which they only use melee attacks instead of powers, jesus christ

  6. Of all the Tekken characters, you chose Akuma? Why wouldn't you choose a more recognizable character fighting style like Marshall Law, King, Nina, etc. But Akuma??

  7. For the Tekken 7 portion, I think that there are a couple of other characters that may have been a better fit for the video.

  8. Not impressive, you need someone more qualified and if possible, not a martial art like Hapkido which is a art full of flaws.

  9. So, she knows that she's going to review video games and still keeps repeating "that's not realistic"… THANKS, we didn't realise that xD

  10. You know it would prolly help her if you guys slowed down the gameplay so she not just blurting our run on sentences trying to get all her thoughts out

  11. Y did they freaking choose only magical fighting stuff?! Like especially for tekken they could have chosen like Nina or Eddie

  12. I don’t think she realises that they’re fictional games with fictional characters with fictional moves and powers, not everything has to be ‘realistic’

  13. Some of the previous Mortal Kombat, like MK Deception or Armageddon had real martial arts on it. I remember scorpion doing Hapkido, Sub Zero doing Shotokan and Johnny Cage doing Jeet Kune Do. There were a lot of fighting styles and some amazing techniques. They even got the right guard for each martial art.

  14. Definitely should have shown dead or alive. Also think that there were much more pronounced styles in tekken that they could have used instead of the ones that were shown 🤷🏾‍♂️

  15. I don't get what the point of asking if it's realistic is? I feel like there was a lot more interesting things you could have asked her than making her address the magical elephant in the room on each game.

  16. Shows tekken 7, with akuma as character that came from "STREET FIGHTER". There's real martial arts move in tekken, why show a fantasy character?

  17. I think u should go with Taken only. Because a lot characters in Taken have they difference style of martial arts. Like Hworang-Taek Won Do, Bruce-Muay Thai, Ganryu-Sumo, Eddie-Capoeira, Steve-boxing and many else.

  18. Despite the poor character choice in tekken, especially with a lot of them showing what i think would be martial arts, I really enjoyed her commentary.

  19. they could've chosen any characters that new actual martial arts but instead they went with magical beings and weapons that seems to unrealistic. I would have went with some other games like sleeping dogs or Yakuza to show the more historical martial arts instead of Mix

  20. Maxi is a very interesting fighter in the Soul Calibur franchise. I myself don't personally like him all that much (really don't like nunchaku in real life), but from what I've seen of his gameplay (and heard from YouTube users), pretty much ALL of his moves can be chained into combos.

  21. Bobbie doesn't look like a martial artist at all, lol.
    But she definitely seems to know her stuff.

    Intriguing how she doesn't seem to know all those games, though, lol.
    That's something that usually comes up very often and quickly, in clubs & dojos.
    (as is… kind if our martial art stuff, lol! It's like having a western kung fu fighter who had never watched a Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee movie : I mean come on, really ?!)

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