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♪ Ooh, why you do that like that? ♪ ♪ It’s a lot of money ♪ – Hey, my name is IDK. I workout in order to get my mind right, I workout so that when
I tour I can keep up with a lot of my shows,
I do hour-long sets and I try to make sure that
I’m fit and ready for those and this is what a day
of workout looks like. This is Simon, he’s my trainer. He’s probably the reason
why I lost 30 pounds these past couple months and a reason why when I do
my shows, I’m able to go a little bit longer
without having to stop. – What we really do is we use
fitness to work things out. You know, that’s our whole
goal, to work things out. Sometimes you got anxiety,
stress, frustration, you gotta work that out of you. – Yeah this one’s good. – Yeah that’s good. (upbeat music) – Yeah, so you usually
start off the workout with sticks and bricks. Basically, we jump over
each one of these sticks all the way to the end and then
come back for three minutes. You ready? (upbeat music) When we get to the end, we do boxing. So I hit the pads like, 10 times. (punching sounds) (upbeat music) (punching sounds) This next workout is called the rise and spread chest workout, it’s not to get big but it’s to get tightened up a little bit. (hip hop music) This next exercise is toe
taps and then push the box. I do this for one minute too. (electronic music) This next workout is called
embracing the staircase. It’s built to basically
help build your endurance. After I run up, I bear crawl down. (hip hop music) Now that I’ve lost this
30 pounds, you know, it’s really important for me to kind of keep everything the same way and keep my body up to par, so even when I’m on the road and I can’t have access
to a gym or whatever, I try to figure out ways to workout and use what Simon taught me. You know I think that’s like, probably the second most important thing in my life right now, outside of music. So you know, that’s all it is, man. I appreciate you guys working out with me. (hip hop music)

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