Raging Bull – Chhota Bheem in English

Bull… see mad bull… it’s running in the fields everything will be ruined… watch it…. Come… come… let’s see… Bull has come Ramu help me.. Hey uncle… what’s wrong Kaalia’s bull has gone mad, it’s running all over the fields and destroying the crops…. it’s attacking the farmer too. What to do…How do we stop it…. Let’s go…We must stop this let’s go and complain to Kaalia yes yes let’s go… let’s go let’s go…. Kaalia, your bull has gone mad and is destroying all the crops and attacking all the farmers. It is creating havoc, you must do something, we beg you to stop it yes friend you have to help them fast Hummm… I see Boss let’s go and get it. The bull also must be tired by now. The villagers will also feel happy ok We will teach you a lesson later Raju Mangu you see that monkey Raju… run after him and smash into him so hard that he should see stars in daylight. Come on Raju’s life is in danger. I must do something and help him Help.. help…help Bheem don’t joke around if you have guts then fight with the bull Kaalia, take care of your bull, if it attacks anyone again, then I will beat you so much that you guys will look like donkey Shut up…Its not over yet… my bull is getting charged to fight with you and run over you Yeah yeah now you watch…. how I hit your mangu black and blue My bull is like a tiger and not an ass, he will rest only after you are finished. With this tonic mangu will be better than wwf fighter too Come come Mangu come Bheem here have your ladoos Mangu has lost…. look Kaalia is running away… Bheem has won again. Bheem your great

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