“QUELQUES PAS SUR LE CHEMIN DU KUNG-FU”. Une page de l’Histoire des arts martiaux.

AUTHOR: I came to France
for the first time in 1983. It was a different time. Europe was divided in two parts
shared with an iron curtain. In Paris, the first place I went was the legendary movie theater
“Le Hollywood Boulevard”. The façade was covered
with movie posters. I had long wanted to see this Kung Fu movie “The Way of the Dragon”. And now, with bated breath, I’m looking at the fight between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, Professional Middleweight Karate champion title. A lot’s happened since those day.
And the youth have other idols. The movie theater does not exist for a long time.
The movie posters disappeared from this building. And Paris has become the city where I live.
And I felt the need to make a film about peoples, who could realize the dream,
move Kung Fu from film to life. “A FEW STEPS ALONG THE PATH”
Dedicated to the Masters which helped us to take a step
to the Master inside of us. DAN SCHWARZ – PIONEER OF CHINESE
MARTIAL ARTS IN FRANCE Kung fu – martial art, has arisen
in China within the Shaolin monastery. In the 5th century AD a patriarch of Zen Buddhism Bodhidharma came here. He was surprised to see the infirmities of the monks and decided to strengthen their spirit and body by physical exercises. (DAN SCHWARZ AT THE FESTIVAL OF
MARTIAL ARTS) As a result, monks became powerful warriors and could protect themselves against bandits. And according to legend only 500 monks were able to defeat the army of the enemy. I’m talking about the history, but I would like to tell you how I myself have come to this. My father was a student of Master Kawaishi, who brought judo to France. My father was my first coach. He also taught me boxing. Then I met the Master Hong Nam. (MASTER HONG NAM AT THE END OF THE 60’S) I trained with him Karate. Once I was training in the park and met an Asian-type guy. I trained Karate. He asked: ” And what kind of sport are you practicing ? ” I was surprised that the Japanese
did not recognize Karate. But it was a Chinaman. And he showed some elements of Kung Fu. I asked him to teach me. But he replied that he himself was a disciple. I decided to go to China. But my visa application was denied. And I flew to Hong Kong. There I studied at the famous Yip Man,
who was a teacher of Bruce Lee. (MASTER YIP MAN IN THE END OF 60’S) (MASTER YIP MAN AND BRUCE LEE) Then I learned the style of the Mantis from Master Kao Tao Sheng MASTER KAO TAO SHENG IN THE BEGINNING OF THE 80’S. I studied in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
until finally came to China. At that time, Kung Fu was related
with Bruce Lee and his films. AUTHOR: Dan Schwarz discovered kung fu
in 1964, he was 17 years old. France recovered from The War. The abundance of goods is strongly
changed the lifestyle of the French. But in 1968 riots broke out. Young people were looking for new values. Streets were full of revolutionary slogans. (SLOGANS: “Bourgeois, you do not understand anything”,”Do not be sheep,” “We are power.”) The sexual revolution, pacifism,
feminism was intended to change society. Popularities of the martial arts of the East is growing. Bruce Lee becomes a new Hero. In his movies sophisticated technique looks simple and natural. And the young people want to be like Bruce Lee. While for him the most important
there was to be himself. AUTHOR: Heroes usually die young,
but life goes on. After the economic prosperity a crisis hit. Revolutionary slogans disappeared. Revolutionaries became officials. And Dan Schwarz consistestenly dedicated himself to the their ideals. Returning from Asia, he goes to the university and was starring in the cinema аnd he took the path,
from which he will no longer turn. DAN SCHWARZ : I opened my first
Kung Fu club in 1972. And later I became the first European in the Kung Fu Championship in Taiwan. I got a medal as the most technical fighter. During the fight my Coach was actor John Liu. (CHUCK NORRIS, DAN SCHWARZ, JOHN LIU) At that time I started working at the cinema as a stuntman. At the beginning of the 70’s I was invited to participate in the film “Karateka and Co.” I staged fights, was a stuntman
and coached Jean Mare. Then I worked in films all the time. I had to fall, to burn, to being hit by a car. DAN SCHWARZ, 1981 Then I could use a lot of all martial arts skills. And not only on stage. In ordinary life sometimes fighting qualities are very useful. DAN SCHWARZ I want to tell you about one
ridiculous case. When I opened my first club a guy came to my classes. He called me Master. It was ridiculous to hear this. After all I was about 30, and I did not consider myself as a master. (DAN SCHWARZ in the end of the 70’s.) Before the registering, he asked me: And for how long I will learn To jump on the roof of a five-story building? In films then, actors often made such tricks. I answered him: “Never!” He was surprised: “It’s because I am not your disciple? ” “I myself do not know how,” – I replied. “Goodbye,” – he said.
contemptuously. We did not see him again. Sometimes people came to dream in Kung Fu. My task as a teacher was
to bring them back to earth. (TONY DEHAS AND ROGER ITIER, END OF THE 70’S) AUTHOR: At that time, many young people
came to the club Dan Schwarz. Dan Schwarz opened for them the door to a new world. A world full of hard training and
true values. Many of these young people
stayed with him for always. ROGER ITIER I was 13 when I enrolled in the club of Dan Schwarz. ROGER ITIER (black kimono) in the end of the 70’s As many at the time, Bruce Lee was my idol. At that time I lived only for this. The club was everything to me. I trained every day. ROGER ITIER (white kimono), 1983 Then I studied in Hong Kong, and, when it became possible in China. And since then we are always together: I, Tony Dehas and Dan Schwarz. (A. SAADOUN, D. SCHWARZ, L. DEHAS,
J.M. TOUCHE IN THE END OD THE 70’S) We studied ourselves and pass the
baton to the youth. In 1983 we went to Taiwan
to the World Kung Fu Championship. ROGER ITIER (white kimono), TAIWAN, 1983 There it was not easy. A fight without rules. It was MMA of that time. We were protective only in the groin. Dan Schwarz led the team. In our team there were: Tony Dehas, Alan Saadoun, Eugene Charlery, L. Dehas, T. Prusvost, M. F. Billaud, J. M. Touche and the first world champion Pol Charoy. (TONY DEHAS WAS INJURED, TAIWAN 1983) This event laid the foundation for our friendship. TONY DEHAS The trip to Taiwan was key event for us. TONY DEHAS (black kimono), the first battle. TONY DEHAS AND ROGER ITIER TONY DEHAS (white kimono), second fight. This is my second fight. I won in the previous battle, but my face was badly damaged. In addition, my opponent, soaked cloth gloves in camphor. My eyes burned terribly. Everything was allowed, elbows, punches in the back. But the silver medal was won by French team. Many guys had gold medals, and Pol became the World Champion. AUTHOR : It was the time of the Cold War. No Internet, no iPhones,
all borders were locked. The guys went with own money. To participate in the Championship without rules it required a special courage. They were not professionals.
they were enthusiasts. And now they stay the same. DAN SCHWARZ This Championship was the first international competition for the French national team. DAN SCHWARZ (white kimono),
TAIWAN 1983 The most amazing thing for
us was the absence of rules. The main thing was to stay on your feet. Try it, in the ring adrenaline will be guaranteed for you. Competition is important. But this is not a goal, but a means. Chinese people often use the word
“play” when they say about the fight. We play with our opponent Kung Fu is not a sport. This is a martial art. The goal is not to defeat the other,
but to defeat yourself. The competition is only a stage
in working on yourself. (CHAMPIONSHIP OF FRANCE
BY WUSHU KUNG FU, 2015) Then we must go further
in mastery. And, of course, pass on everything to others. We are only links of an ancient tradition. And we have to transfer the tradition. Ring teaches us a lot, and above all respect. At the end of the fight opponents embrace. AUTHOR : Dan Schwarz is a pioneer,
organizer. He reminds me of a mighty tree, whose roots are deep in the earth,
and the branches are high in the sky. I admire his unswerving
will, simplicity, love of life. DAN SCHWARZ Martial arts – give
the ability to grow internally, overcoming our deficiencies. And the key is that you can change
our attitude towards others and ourselves and of course to share the best,
that we have. I had many students. Some of them started with me when were children. Then they studied
DAN SCHWARZ, NOUR EDDINE ZENATI) Of course, we are members of the Kung Fu wushu Federation. And all of us are united by the value of Chinese martial arts. AUTHOR : We all had first teacher. For me, such a teacher in the kung fu was Tony Dehas, called “little Dragon” in the 80’s, He is always reserved. (TONY DEGAS
at the Martial Arts Festival) I did not go to his club for a long time.But he stayed for me always my Master. He was able to give me something important, which I developed for many years after. TONY DEGAS I have been teaching young people throughout 40 years. And most of all I like to tearh
by kung for children) I have developed a system of teaching children from 2-3 years. Now there are about 2 thousand of them. And hundreds are already participating in competitions. It is important for me to convey
them the basis of skill. And above all respect for
friends, parents, teachers. (ROGER ITIER, ALAN SAADUN, TONY DEHAS are handing medals to children) DAN SCHWARZ To the child grew a man, particular role plays a participation of parents, teachers. Children, who grown up among animals, will never become human beings. Children make the first steps with our
help, and then go themselves. In the monastery of Shaolin, there is a plate installed in my honor. I asked to knock out on it
Lao Tseu saying: “Even the path of a thousand li begins with the first step.” (TEAM FRANCE in 1983 at the World Championships in Taiwan) AUTHOR : They opened for the young people the door to a wonderful country without borders, where there are no racial, political
or other differences. They could be only citizen dissatisfied, consumers. But these dreamers
fulfilled their dream. It does not matter that the film is about the sport. This is the history of their country. One, one, sound check! I’ll tell you, but then you’ll cut it out! Now, it’s Tony talking! – Speak about the film. – What movie ? -Yeah, sorry. But what are we talking about?

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