Pyongyang Nalpharam — North Korean martial arts movie (Subbed)

Korean Film Good evening.
Glad to see you. This is Mr. Ko from abroad. He’s come for literature
on traditional martial art. I see.
Come with me. I won’t blame anyone
even if I fail to find it. Do you really have those manuals? Seeing is believing. This way, please. Our traditional martial art
was established as Thaekkyon in Ri Dynasty through Koryo’s. Regionally it’s practitioners
were nicknamed differently. Eg, Chaebi and Jebi. Those around
Mt. Taesong were called Pyongyang Nalpharam
in Phyongan Province. Those manuals are just… Perhaps it’s emotional.
– Yes, exactly. Tradition is inherited by spirit. Martial Art Manual Pyongyang Nalpharam Trees grow from root. After King Tangun founded
the first state on this land, Koguryo’s Kwon-bop,
Koryo’s Pichon-sul and Sunggwon-bop of Saints
Sosan and Samyongdang was crystallized into Thaekkyon. This is the root of Korean martial
art described in these manual. One of the 4 volumes is kept
by the master in Mt. Taesong. Here you are. Isn’t it your ID Plaque? I’m old and weak. Now you’re
its owner – Father Jidam. Thaekkyon Pattern Hyongakhoise distracts the enemy with
swan-like flexibility and charm. My name is Thaek. And yours? I’m Kyon. So Kyon. Then, mine and yours together
make Thaek-kyon. They do, indeed. Thaek-kyon! Thaekkyon Pattern Pukhose – Tiger-like valor permeates
the whole body. The eye-sight rids
the enemy of soul. The whole power focuses
on the tips of fingers and toes. Master, your son’s Thaekkyon
is fantastic! Yes, indeed. Here’s the Royal Decree: Submit the Martial Art Manuals
to the government immediately. Why do you take this boar
to the market? Master in Mt. Inwang is coming back with his daughter Kyon after 15 years. Is he really coming? We’ll sell this to buy
wedding dress and ring. You must be happy to get married. You won’t recognize Kyon,
as you parted from her at 7. Pyon Ho, take good care of
Master So Paek. Seoul is now crowded with Japs
after Tonghak incident. Don’t worry, Master. I’ll be OK. As you wish, I’ll strike
deep root of Thaekkyon in Seoul. Good-bye, Thaek! Miss, here we are at Pyongyang Bazaar. Here’s wedding attire! How do I look? He’s naughty. Your bride must be very beautiful.
– She’s a rare beauty. Then you’d better buy
her a jade ring, too. Not me. He is the bridegroom. Thaek!
– Please! Here. Let me taste one.
No hue and cry! No, don’t. They are
Kom Mu Gang from Seoul. Please show mercy to us. Wow! You’re beautiful.
Come into my arms. Who slapped me? You did, Pakgu? You mean she did?! You bitch! Who are you to meddle in? Aren’t you ashamed to turn
on a young girl? You mean you have the manhood?! Hey, won’t you show us
the one in your groin? Go away with your miss. The scoundrels! That’s not what Thaek wants.
– Let me go. Well done! Well done! Pae Do! Be patient! Thaek, are you alright? Forgive me! Thaekkyon is not for fight
against hooligans. Another Japanese regiment
landed on Pusan today. The land survey team registers all
land and forests of the country. Clever ministers already
think of their future. Countship or Baronage is
given by the Japanese. The parasitic loyal ministers!
They’ve ruined the country. Hasn’t the master in Pyongyang
submitted the Thaekkyon manual? He is busy to prepare
for his son’s wedding. What’s the meaning of the
ring on the middle finger? It means a girl has a boy friend. So the master takes you
as his adviser! And the ring on the last finger? It means the woman is now a single.
– A widow? Now you’re wedding,
I have to get a widow at least. You really want to?
– Pae Do! If you really want to die…
You’re Kom Mu? Yes, I am.
– Really want to see blood? Big Brother! I’m sending Kyon ahead.
I’m busy with some task here. I’ll be there before the wedding. Wait for me. So Paek. I’m very glad your father’s
coming soon. Pyongyang cuisine is so famous
that I bought some at bazaar. Thanks. This wine was made by
my mother herself. Your mother?
– Yes. She said I’d pour for you. Thank you. To your health! Thanks. How time flies! I’m lucky to be served wine
by my daughter-in-law. I wonder why Thaek is
getting so late. Has he gone far away? He’ll be here in no time. Anything to worry about? I’ll go to meet him. You should have missed him badly.
Try the swing as in childhood. We ought to hurry.
The bride must be waiting for us. Who will lead the ceremony?
– I’ll do it. Exchange the cups! Nonsense!
– Can I help you? You are silly. Go away!
– Big brother! Master! Kyon! How could you possibly?! Thaek, after marriage you and Kyon
will take the manual to Father Jidam. You’ll be charged for treachery
if you disobey the Royal Decree. Remember! Never confirm
the identity of Father Jidam before you see his ID Plaque.
It’s Tiger’s Claw. Something has gone wrong.
What about going away? What do you want?
– Get aside. Thaek, we’re Seoul fist-fight gang. Actually we’ve wanted to show
off with Pyongyang Nalpharam. We’ll have you as our head. Accept us!
– Please! Perhaps the master in Mt. Inwang
betrayed us. We ought to be strong. Pyongyang Nalpharam’s
rule is to cut limbs if you fight in the street corners. We accept it. Find the lad! What happened here in Mt. Inwang? Have you found him?
– Yes, Master Thaek. Fantastic! Mountains are green and
streams are clean. If the dish rotates well, we’ll get food.
If not, waste water. Next is the survival trick. If he’s lucky, survive;
if not, to the hell. A somersault like a dragon’s.
You’ll miss it at one blink. It’s him. The one over there,
with a big mole on the cheek. He was with her on that day. A magic boomerang next. Even
a blind-man can catch a bird with it. Give it back. Want to spoil
our entertainment? It may hit the spectators.
– You don’t look like a spectator. Thaek, we can’t wait here.
Hurry up! Master Thaek?! Hey, bastard! Making
profit with my money? What do you think I am? You are an idler.
What are you looking at? Hey, stop! Who are you? Where’s Miss. Kyon? You’ve confused, I think. Where’s the witch girl? Oh, God! Miss! What’s the matter? They have come, I think. Run away! Come on! Are you really Kyon? Yes, I am Kyon, engaged to you. Do you recognize this bottle?
– Yes, of course. Are you ready to die? Pour it for me! Drink! I revenged my father’s death.
I won’t regret. Father! You mean mine is your
father’s enemy? Yes. How dare you insult my father?! This is my father’s uniform. Your father sent assassins to kill him. You are tricking to save your life. Read it if you can’t believe me. So Paek! I keep Thaekkyon manual
in confidence for posterity. And you take me for a traitor
to betray me… to the government?
You no longer deserve life. I can’t believe it. I can’t. I can’t believe it. No! My dear! I’m ready to be beheaded, but… Please hand down the manual,
lifeline of Thaekkyon, to posterity. I’ve said all I want to say.
Now kill me! Did you meet him?
– Yes, I did. Why are they in Seoul? Well, it’s said they are here
to avenge their master. But they didn’t touch
her even a hair. Have you brought what
you promised to? Haste makes waste.
– OK, I will wait a little more. Well, er… Here you are.
– Thanks a lot. It’s not accidental that
the two pillars of Thaekkyon were cut down all at once. Kom Mu, I think we’d better
take Kyon with us. Are you crazy?
She’s our enemy. Pae Do, never call anyone
enemy so easily. I understand what you mean. We are being shadowed. I’ll dispose of them.
– Wait. No good to fight here.
Kom Mu, go fetch Kyon. – OK. How swift! No wonder
they’re called Nalpharam. Boss! Greetings from Miyamoto,
vice-head of Heavenly Brotherhood. Mr. Kensuke, no one can rival
Miyamoto in Judo, I think. Thank you for your compliment. When do you think Judo can
knock down Thaekkyon? I’m sorry, but… It was anachronistic for
Kanochigoro to claim Judo to be the world’s 1st Class martial art. Don’t you remember your
defeat by Thaekkyon 10 years ago, father? Judo is defeated by Thaekkyon
due to that manual. Find it or die. Mr. Kensuke, what about the plan? Boss, the clowns left
for Pyongyang. Back them up! Stop! Will you please give me a lift?
– Where to? To Pyongyang. Good! We’re also heading
for Pyongyang. Snatched a widow? What? She’s from
a respectable family. Get on!
– Thank you. Has she been lovelorn? Her life is as twisted as this lane.
She’s engaged to my brother. Ah, Master Thaek’s wife? How do you know him? I remember him catching
the boomerang in… Will you please stop here? Not to Pyongyang?
– We must get off here. I’ll repay you someday. Thanks. Bye-bye!
– Bye. Wait! I’ve something to say.
– What? Who said to bring Kyon here? I did. You want to keep her alive? Answer me! Both fathers died doubtfully. But Thaek and Kyon are
engaged by the Heaven. Forgive her. If not, you’ll offend
your dead father. It’s nearly midnight.
Go to bed. Master Thaek! The clown said;
The 1st tactic should be used when there’s the 3rd one. I don’t see what it means. I’ll pay off your grudge with death. Perhaps the tragedy was due to
those who want to rob the manual. Manual?
Then the clown… The clown?
– Yes. I saw him among the assassins
who killed my father. You should have told it earlier. Could you have believed me,
your enemy? Kyon, I believe you as myself. Dear! Cross, it’ll bring fortune, fail,
misfortune. He’s gone across! The bitch’s stuck among them.
We can’t help them. Now we may be cut off by Nalpharam. Perhaps I ought to meet
them in person now. I’ll meet them.
You shouldn’t show up yet. What do you want?
– Well… You want the manual, don’t you? Master Thaek… Rose is
beautiful, but thorny. Shut up! Kill the Japs’ agent.
– Yes, master. You are doomed. Hurry. Master Thaek. I have a message
from Father Jidam. Now everything is on right track. The manual is hidden
in the Uljibong cave. The place is known only
to you and Kyon. Has anything bad happened? I must go meet the clowns. No. You may fall into a trap. Are you afraid I’d be killed? I’ll go with you. Please. No. Don’t you trust me, yet? This is the wedding ring for you. I believe your mind is
clear as this jade. Dear! I’ll wait for you in anxiety. I’ll return safe and put this
on your finger. Thaek! No more masque play. This place is known only
to Thaek and Kyon. So you must be a ghost. No, I’m not. Then you shall die. Who shall die will be decided
only by Thaekkyon. OK. Thaekkyon Pattern Pukhose Thaekkyon Pattern Tangdubose Thaekkyon Pattern Togiryongse Thaekkyon Pattern Chilsonggomse My name is Thaek. And yours? My name is Kyon. So Kyon. Kyon. Wonderful! I won’t play with you. Stop!
– Catch me. Alright. I’ve got you.
– Let it go. It’s mine. I’ll not let you go anywhere. Thaek! Kyon! You don’t recognize me! How? How could I forget my bite
on your hand? You are so cold-hearted! I couldn’t do otherwise
for the manual. If I fail to keep it, it’d be a
capital offense to the nation. I even had to give the wedding
ring to that bitch. Thaek! Kyon! I missed you badly. So did I. Thaek!
– Kyon! My dad killed himself
to protect the manual. Kyon! The Japs are surely
after the manual. Dad! I will… No. Go to the training ground
on Mt. Taesong. No, dad! With the root alive, the tree
is sure to stand strong. Dad… Off you go. Help us to get the manual.
Then I’ll spare your life. Want me to sell off national
treasure for my life? Ridiculous! Give me the manual now. And what happened to your mother? The Japs killed her shopping
in the market for our wedding. So you’re risking your life
for revenge. That’s right. Your sleeve… If we take this manual to Jidam,
our parents’ll rest in peace. Even you, Master Thaek!? Everyone is to err. Master Thaek, you must be happy
to meet your fiancée after 15 years! I understand your hatred for me.
Hand me the manual now. Hold on! You’d better comply if you
don’t want to see your brothers die. Mountains are green,
Streams are clear! Hurry get out of here!
– You go first with this. No.
– Go, I say. Kom Mu, escort Kyon to a safe place. Together it won’t do.
I’ll keep the manual. OK. Hurry up! We promised then
to meet in this cave. Sister! Hae Dong! Have you found him?
– No idea where he is. Perhaps something’s up to him. Perhaps he’s keeping
the enemy off the trail. Think so? I doubt if he’s got a bad
idea about the manual. Do you suspect our Jongro Gangs? Any news of Master Thaek? I hear he’ll be sent to Japan. Why don’t we go to save him? Let’s attack the enemy now. I agree. Wait! Careless, it will
end up only in blood. We need to find a way. The Japs are staying
overnight in Pongsan. Pongsan? What about the thing I want? Jongro Gangs never break
a promise, Minister. Then…
– I am a man of my word. You’ve done what Heavenly
Brotherhood dare not. I wanted to show them that
here is Korea, not Japan. Well done! You did a big job for the country. Now put out the manual. You should keep
your promise first. Here you are. This will be
more than enough for you. This is the manual. This is poison liquor.
Poison the Master of Mt. Taesong. Then his son will show up in Seoul.
You meet and show him this. A frightened rabbit will move
its cage to a safe place. Take the chance to seize the manual. If you die in Japan,
who will support poor Kyon? A Korean saying goes: A dead
man is no better than a living dog. You could serve for Japan as well. You want me to have two mothers? I thought you’re wise enough to
take good advantage of situation. All right. By the way, that manual
is already in our hands. You won’t believe me, will you? Koreans are so kind-hearted
that they easily trust others. Kom Mu’s brought the manual to us. Kom Mu, how could you… Keep the luggage of Japanese
guests and illuminate the yard. Understood, sir. How’s the scenery here? Nice. You can enjoy here
hunting birds and animals. Perfect for hunting! Pongsan is famous for Thalchum. What is Thalchum?
– Similar to western masquerade. Mieko, offspring are to gather
where their mother is. Mieko, are you ill? I’d like to take
fresh air outside. Jang U, hurry to Master Thaek! Jang U… We’ll meet again some day, I guess. Master Thaek, lay me down. Master Thaek, the manual… What shall we do now?
No way to find out Kom Mu. Don’t worry, Master Thaek.
He will return. No. That manual is
in the hands of the Japs. I am to blame. Kom Mu, I’d tear
your body to pieces. Mieko, why did you kill
your man to save him? I don’t understand it myself.
Really. Aren’t you enchanted by the devil? They aren’t devils. You threw me
away. But Koreans breast-fed me. I am the devil, mum. Where is the Thaekkyon manual? It’s in my heart. You want to follow this bitch? Only Masters of Mt. Taesong
and Inwang know it. They’ll tell it to their children
who’ll get married this autumn. Mum, I am among the beasts
sucking human blood. Shut up, you’re also a
descendant of Yamato nation. You are ready for this moment? You, bitch. Miss, what’s wrong with you? You helped me a lot. Thanks a lot. I want you to do me another favor. I see every night the Nalpharams
beating me to death in dreams. I will get rid of your worries. OK. What do you want? Dad, we lost
the root of Thaekkyon. Now how could I live any
longer in this country? Dad. I’ll join you now. Master Thaek! Master Thaek, get up. The real poison pot is this. I know where Kom Mu is. Why do you spoil my mood? Kom Mu.
– Hi, it’s you. Bastard!
I’ve found you here. Remember you’re a tiger
off the forest. Drink this! You sold the manual and now
even betray us to the Japs? Selling the manual for luxury
and failing to keep it are the same. We both deserve death.
Now stab me. Master Thaek, kill me. But I’ve something to say first. What is it? I had risked my life when
delivering the false decree… …to Mt. Taesong training ground. Our Emperor will grant you
the degree of duke, Minister. Thank you. This is the mine license
we had promised. 22nd King Jong Jo ordered to
compile manuals and distribute them… …to training grounds
all over the country. The pictures there were painted
by Kim Hong Do, a famous Korean… …well known throughout the world. That’s the only one left
which survived fire. The Emperor ordered to preserve
valuable treasures in Japan. If this secret is revealed, I’d… You needn’t worry. What is it? Secrets are best kept in the grave. What? How could our treasures
belong to the Japs? How could our national treasure
belong to the Japs? Master Thaek, the Japs will soon
take the manual to Japan. Please take it back without fail. A dog’s life will meet a dog’s death. Live and see clearly
with your own eyes. Master Thaek! August 22nd, 1910. “Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty”
concluded forcibly by Japan Heavenly Brotherhood has
so far displayed great feats. In smashing the Peasant Uprising
and killing Queen Min, too. Drink your fill! At last Thaekkyon has come to an end. Now Japanese martial art has
become the leading one in Asia. Boss! What are you going to do
with the manual? Amie!
– Give it to me. Mieko, take a good treatment. Amie, comb and make up
Mieko back in Japan. Yes, ma’am.
– Time to leave now. Stop! Who is it? You are Japanese, aren’t you? Some well-built guys are
blocking the road over there. Is it true? They say they’d chop to death
any Jap they meet. Where are they?
– Over there. She is suffering
from mental disorder. What’s this?
– It’s her makeup box. Makeup box? Kyon, it’s not in the cart. Well… yes. Have you checked
the bottom of the box? Bottom?
– Yes. You’ve just checked. Our lost thing might be
at the bottom of it. You mean we are thieves? That will be decided now.
Give it to me. Kyon! Clever to see the trick
of Heavenly Brotherhood! A serpent can never
get out of the claws of eagle. Today I’ll surely cut out your
heart for a gift to your Thaek. Even a devil will wash the blood
stained on a woman’s hand. Why do your Japs give swords
even to female for robbery? Do we have to part like this? We no longer have our own
country and king. I will leave Korea after delivering
this manual to Father Jidam. We are no better than a chased dog.
Damn it! If ever I have a grudge… I’ve taken it on my back all the time. But I have to go without seeing
your wedding ceremony. I wish you a happy life with Kyon. Do you have anywhere to go? I am a monk, you know. I’ll pray for the luck of
Master Thaek and Kyon. Namuamithabul. Pae Do! Where is your destination? Russia. No better than my homeland
but no Japs there. What about you, Hae Dong?
– I will go with the sister. Then… let’s say good-bye smiling. Master Thaek! Master Thaek! OK, time to go. Take care.
– Bye. That manual is a bait.
– Bait? The manual consists of 4 volumes.
– 4 volumes? We can never learn the mysterious
secret of Thaekkyon, if we miss a single one. We need a good bait to catch a fish. Now Thaek will lead you
to Father Jidam. Hurry up! Hae Dong, here it is.
– Thanks. Come on. Sister, how does Father Jidam
look like? I have no idea. It’s my pheasant I shot down.
– It’s you, Jombak. Master Thaek! Never thought
I’d meet you here. You’re shadowing us. I’m rather afraid you’d
become like this. A wise man sees back
better than front. The Japanese guests are much
interested in monk Jidam. This manual mustn’t go into
the hands of Japs. Sister! Kyon! Go ahead with Hae Dong. What do you mean? This has cost the lives of two
masters and many disciples. I’ll remain here.
– Kyon! My heart breaks to part… Here. Take this and leave now. Thaek! Don’t worry, we will meet again. I will wait for you
with all my heart. Go now. Didn’t a girl and a small boy
come here? I don’t know.
– You, too? No. No one came here. Hae Dong, here we are at last. Wait here for a moment. What’s brought you here? I’ve come to see Father Jidam. Father Jidam?
– Yes. I am Father Jidam. Kom Mu?! You! I will… Then? You must be surprised. And why did
you hide your identity? The Japs’ tentacle was then in
Mt. Taesong training ground. Then why did you hand it to
the traitor Minister Ri? Even after parting with you,
I couldn’t shake off the Japs. So I changed my route from
this temple to the south. Minister Ri thought I was from
Jongro Gang of Seoul. I thought it’d be safer to leave
the manual to him temporarily. But I never thought
he was such a traitor! Father. What would’ve happened
without Pyongyang Nalpharam? But where is Master Thaek?
– Well… What’s up, Father? This manual is fake. What do you mean? They can’t deceive me. This isn’t
Korean paper but Japs’. Thaek! The manual protected
at the cost of your life… I’ll surely get back the manual
and join you after death. Father, here’s a new information. Thanks. To celebrate Korea-Japan annexation, there’ll be a game between
Korean Thaekkyon and Japanese Judo. Venue: Mt. Taesong. You are scheming to place
your Judo over our Thaekkyon. I hear they make street gangs
play Thaekkyon practitioners. What? They make the green street gangs
play Nalpharam. Don’t tell it to Kyon yet. Japs are trying to stain our
Thaekkyon with blood! Kyon! Don’t worry, I’ll bring
back the manual. Father! Aren’t you going to
enter the match? What will I be after death? I’ll be
a pine tree on the peak of Mt. Ponglae to show off green leaves in winter. Keep my word in your mind. A tree will die only when it’s rooted out
and a river when its source blocked. The manual in our hands is not safe
with the Fake Manual Operation only. Capture Jidam and the rest manuals
will be ours. Brother… You said you were going to Russia. I have a thing to finish here, too. You are all here! You! Hey, this place is not for you. I humbled down myself to live out.
But I’m a Korean anyway. Kyon! What’s up? Where is Master Thaek? Well… is he dead? Kyon! Entering the match
means death. Leave it to us and go. Right. Anyone should remain alive. We pledge.
– We pledge. No one can challenge
our Thaekkyon, the hand and body movement of
our ancestor Father Tangun! We pledge! Japanese invaders are trying to
get rid of our Thaekkyon. We will firmly punish,
punish them. Very good! Very good! Good, good. Don’t. I’ll go first. Who’s that? Who is that man? Our Thaekkyon man! Ah, you’re the Master of
Pyongyang Nalpharam. Right. Master Thaek! Come and fight! Kill the Japs! Kneel down,
you damned Korean! You stubborn bastard!
Kneel down! You Japs, see clearly our
Thaekkyon’s bravery and wisdom, and the spirit of Tangun nation. It’s this. Master Thaek! Thaek! Kyon! Master Thaek! Make a choice between
your lives and Jidam. Speak. We are merciful for
those who give up. Do you think we came here
for our lives? What’s the use of patriotism
after death? We’ll die leaving a grudge
on this land. Our posterity will
vent our grudge without fail. Speak! Where is Jidam? Surisurima… He isn’t far off.
I am Father Jidam. Pae Do! You, bastards! I am Jidam! Sons of bitch! You, Japs, I am Jidam.
I’m Jidam. Speak! Thaek!
– Kyon! Script: Kim Jong Sok
Jo Se Hyok Direction: Phyo Kwang
Maeng Chol Min Photography: Sim Yong Hak Art Design: Kang Hyok Nam
Hwang Jun Hyok Music: Song Tong Hwan
Kim Su Nam Cast Jong Thaek: Ri Ryong Hun So Kyon: Kim Hye Gyong Korean Film Studio,
Winner of Order of Kim II Sung

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  1. Taekkyun as fare as I know dont exist in north Korea only in the south. Also at the end they show ITF Taekwondo. The movie isnt bad. It looks like an older one but its from 2006.

  2. Thank you so much for uploading this film. If you happen to have any more North Korean films besides the ones you have up I would love to see them.

  3. Awesome Movie!!!!! North Korea must make more martial arts movies, because are the best and western people always expects to see martial arts movies from asian countries!!!!

    Easter Egg: The music during the end of final fight when Thaek defeats japanese foe is the same music of this Taekwondo video of that three northkorean "Powerpuff Girls" :

  4. good to see non ziollywood crap for a chnage , asian films are the best bc they dont need all the bullshit hollywoods dishes out of their ziolly-woods crap ..
    great story and movie even with no bells and whistles..
    thanks a million for sharing..

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