Punch Combination #1 TUTORIAL – Wushu Fundamentals

Hey guys! This is Nick from Enter Martial
Arts. In this video, we’re going to do the first basic punch combination. This actually is one of three in our curriculum. To start out, you want to start in your
horse stance with your hands back. The first punch is your vertical fist. After that, horizontal punch. Switch into your bow stance Back fist. Back to your horse
stance. Hook punch. Hammer fist. Into your bow stance again and leopard’s paw punch. Take a look at my stance here. So, I’m in a horse stance right now. As you do the transitions you want to transition by pivoting on your heels into that bow stance. Notice how my back knee is straight here and my front knee is slightly bent and I’ll pivot on my heels again to transition to the front. Again, my feet are pointing straightforward and then I’ll transition back into that bow stance. One more time, that knee needs to be totally straight in back so you have a strong foundation for those punches. Here’s a breakdown of our punches. You start off in your horse stance. First is that vertical punch to the solar plexus. Next is a horizontal punch. That’s going right underneath the nose right here. Do you stance switch. Then point your elbow at your target, which is the bridge of the nose and you’re going to be striking with the back two knuckles just like that. After that, do your stance switch into your hook punch notice how it twist my body. So that torque it’s going to bring power to that punch. You’re going to be striking at the temple with the first two knuckles just right here. After that, is the hammer fist. You’re going to use both of your arms coming down on to the collarbone. Just right here with the back of your fist just like that And then your last punch, you’re going to turn your waist. This is actually your strongest punch. As you throw that Leopards paw with the tips of your knuckles through your opponent’s atom apple. Now notice, it should be a straight line from the opposite shoulder all the way to my knuckles as you throw that punch. That Leopards paw. So, thanks a lot for watching this first
punch combination guys! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel 🙂

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