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– Look at this. – But look at Apollo. – Look at this. – Look at Apollo though. – You can see the air between the shot and the head popping, bro. – Nah. (cheering music) – What’s up everybody, my
name is Michael Hughes. I’m a trainer at Church Street boxing gym. 2012 NY Golden Gloves Champion. – Yeah. What’s up
everybody? I’m Kenny Ocean. I’m also a trainer here at
Church Street Boxing Gym. I’m a NY Boxing Tournament winner, 2017. – Today we’re going to be
critiquing Hollywood boxing films. – You know, we’re exposin’
real from the fake. That’s what we here to do. We got our first film “Ali”. One of my favorite boxing movies. – Very dramatic fight
scene. Ali on the ropes. – Will Smith taking a lot of blows. But it look like he
really takin’ the blows. – Doin’ pretty good. Ali mimic movements. – Poppin that jab, moving. – He’s letting them fly a little bit. – Oooooh. – That’s not bad. It’s
a pretty good combo. – Nah, you can’t tell me
you didn’t like this movie. – It’s alright. It’s alright.
It was good. It was good. – Look at his face. (laughing) – Tad bit. That was good movement by Will. I like the little fake movements he did. – But overall, I would
really say the movement is like, is just alike. You know? That was kinda old. – That was a little over dramatic. – Yeah that was a little over dramatic the way he slip punched.
But, look at the feet. – I like the action shots. – Yeah. – Will Smith, you can tell he definitely studied his Ali footage. – Yeah. – He mimicked the Ali jab pretty well. – Yeah. – Sometimes they just do it
a little bit too dramatic. Where a person’s getting
their offense off, and the other person is just like, too much of like, it’s like a heavy bag. Overall that wasn’t too bad.
Will Smith did his homework. I like that. – He did his thing, he did his thing – Alright, next up we got one of the boxing classics, Raging Bull. – (chuckling) I swear to God. – He’s mimicking Lamar’s movement’s pretty well with the lean in. Alright, the one thing
with this off the rip, it’s just too much of
a dramatic fight scene where he’s lettin off
three, four, five shots and he’s just getting ripped. It’s just too easy, look at that. – Too easy. If that was
the real Ray Robinson he woulda clipped him.
(chuckling) I don’t know. – And you can kinda
see some of the punches when they’re throwin and
you can see the head turnin. It’s not like a clean fake hit. – I get a little bit like that, you know, when I knock somebody down. You know, you get that
little puff in your chest. – Robinson was getting hit way to easily. Lamato was throwing like
a four, five, six, like, left, right combo at Robinson and Robinson’s head
was just bobble heading with no defense. That’s not realistic. – I feel like Ray Robinson coulda been portrayed better a little bit. – Yeah, definitely. Robert De Niro though mimicked
Jack Lamato really well. Raging Bull style, coming
forward with the pressure. Next up, “Million Dollar
Baby”, another classic. Hillary Swank is moving on her feet. She’s carrying pretty well. – Oh. She got hit with the jab. – That pop. She would get
tagged, her head would pop. Which is kinda realistic,
if you’re backing up and you get hit end of the
punch, your head can snap back. The footwork isn’t too
bad. That right there. – Oh no, no, no, no, no, no. – Yeah, that looked choreographed. That looked choreographed. (chuckles) That was slow motion. – Oh nah. (laughing) She’s wailing. – So it started off pretty okay. And she caught it with
these two bombing hooks. – She really took down her hands and got ready for the punch. – Yeah she just went from
like covering full guard to then just getting hit openly. – Was like, yes this is the scene, I’m gonna get knocked out. – Overall this film is great though. – So right now we looking at Creed. You know, Michael B.
Jordan aka Killmonger, Wakanda forever. Always. With this he like he’s squaring up for a street fight. Oh that was kinda fake. Okay. (laughs) Okay. Unless he’s psychic. (laughter) That was fake. – Yeah, yeah yeah. He anticipated that a little bit too well. You can tell that they prepared by doing some like, legit pad work for this, but then it looks like they’re doing pad work in the fight scene. – Oooooh, that kinda looked good. Oooooh. – I don’t even believe that because – You don’t? – He’s standing super far away and he just rips him with the over
hand right with no set up. You can tell that they try to make it more realistic but at the same time, to me it looked like boxing pad work. Pad work is when you have your trainer holding pads, calling out combinations, you can see like a clear
combo where it’s like slip, slip, roll, hook, hook, cross, roll, 6, 3, come in like one
more thing with Creed, where he gets dropped,
and the ref is counting “1, 2,” and he gets up like “7, 8, 9”, and he just like springs. He’s like unconscious. In real life, you’re not gonna go from…to popping up. Never in life would you
ever see that happen. – This is Rocky. I love this. Mike said he hate it. I don’t know why. (Mike laughs) – We gon’ click and see
what fight scene this is. – Hold up, hold up, hold up – What? – For the record, I don’t hate it. – Aaah. – The boxing. – Okay, okay, okay. – I got static, that’s
code terms for problems with the boxing. – Apollo Creed gettin’
that little swag on, oooh. Get that little bounce. – Oh you see the bobble head? It’s that neck snap. Look at this. – But look at Apollo. Look at Apollo though. – You can see the air between the shot – Bro, but… – You can’t tell me that
boxing in Rocky’s real – Nah, come on, come on,
this scene right here – That was the best exchange. – That looked like it’s real. – Apollo threw back. That
was the best… bruh. – Nah, come on, Rocky been on that ass Apollo been trying to
keep away with that jab Bang, bang, snap in that jab, and he’s looking good while he’s doing it. – I like that little clinch fighting for two seconds. He hit the ref, dog. He hit the ref. – That’s realistic – Yeah, you can’t be smelling salt. – You can’t do that in the ring though. – That’s a dirty trick – Yeah that’s a dirty
trick you can’t do that – You got my hype man I
wanna get a little bit… – Yo Kenny, throw a right hand over here. – Nah, nah, it’s not like that. – It’s like that, every
punch in Rocky was like that. – You been to the fights, Stallone you in like the hall of fame, baby. I need to see some more technical boxing for the new film, alright? Salute though. The thing is for like the general public we’re boxers so we can notice the little technical things, for the general public, a person who’s never been in a fight in their life, street fight or in the ring otherwise, they don’t
know what they’re seeing. They see a punch, land, a head pop, oh my god it’s the best thing ever, but to a person who’s a boxer and you know the technicalities. It ain’t real.

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  1. I love Creed, but it does look like they did pad-work as the choreography.
    I think Raging Bull's fighting is crappy, but DeNiro actually learned how to box and even had three amateur matches. So props there.
    Rocky, you can tell they're whiffing it, but it also looked the least choreographed and in many ways the realest despite the obvious fact they aren't hitting.
    Ali was really well done and Smith moved like Ali really well.
    MDB was entirely okay, but nothing really stands out either.

  2. I would have preferred to see a reaction to Rocky IV because Stallone and Dolph Lundgren actually boxed in parts of their fight scene and Sylvester Stallone was actually hospitalized for four days due to a swollen heart from a series of chest shots from Dolph Lundgren

  3. great review but i'm missing SOUTHPAW review i found it realistic;-) would love 2 hear your thoughts.. anyway loved the experts review …greetz from the Netherlands Amsterdam

  4. To be honest, the rocky/creed series was never really meant to be a "boxing movie". Boxing was just the metaphor that stallone used to promote the real purpose behind the story. For a side note, Earnie Shavers was supposed to be the original Clubber Lang in Rocky III, so the fact that the hardest hitting heavyweight according to Muhammed Ali, tried out for the part, says something.

  5. Michael seemed a little too entitled, but he tells it like it is, alright. I can respect that. The way he tells it just strikes me as a little annoying. Maybe it's just the pitch in his voice and how he tries to yell at the camera like he's verbally trying to fight the audience.

  6. Never in your life would you ever see that happen
    Tyson fury: hold me beer mate

  7. People talking about Tyson fury getting back up agains't wilder, He didn't look almost unconscious like creed, I don't even think he was hurt at the time. the scene on creed in real life the ref wouldn't even count till 8

  8. “Never in life you’ll see that happen” talking about someone not getting up that fast when fury did it to dentoy 😂

  9. Y’all could at least credit Wired for these ideas. You guys (Buzzfeed) started this series in May of this year (2019) meanwhile Wired started theirs in 2016

  10. Rocky IV Sylvester Stallone took some real punches from Dolph Lungren. Sweaty was snapping off of his head without his head moving.

  11. I don't know if you've seen "bleed for this" decent movie, don't remember if the fighting scenes were realistic or not though

  12. “in real life, youre not gonna go unconcious to popping up” i believed this until Tyson Fury does it

  13. 4:08 fazen from fighttips was dropped in muay thai pro fight he got hit with elbow and prolly went unconcisous since he smashed his head to the groumd pretty bad but he got up like nothing happened

  14. I feel it’s kinda cool that the actors can be able to make a fake punch looks real by barely hitting their faces

  15. It's like watching a military movie. So many things aren't exact but hey fuckos, you watch it to be entertained.

  16. In rocky 4 rocky got hurt for real. Stallone asked Dolph Lunderan to punch hum for real and Dolph Lunderan did. so lathe injury Rocky got are real

  17. Whaaat the acting is fake? Imagine an actor not a figheter not wanting to get actually punched everytime they run the scene. It would be disgraceful.

  18. Little did that trainer know 90% of all the punches thrown in Rocky actually landed. When filming Rocky 4 sly really got fucked up. Dolph aka Ivan drago hit him so hard that he actually got knocked out cold and ended up in the hospital for days. The boxing in Rocky looks more realistic and Thats beacuse sly had them actually punch each other. That boxing trainer is just hating😂
    (edit: sly actually didnt wake up until 5 days after he was knocked out, he was legit in a coma for 5 days beacuse he got hit so hard, and yet this guy says they r hitting air… Smh😂)

  19. Correction you did see that with tyson fury he was out cold and rose like the t800 it does happen but extremely rare

  20. The biggest two problems with Rocky are his appalling footwork and his total lack of an ability to raise his arms in front of his face. 65 fights with no broken nose? Yeah right.

  21. Ali really beats liston that way. Jake LaMotta beat Robinson but not to that extent and Sylvester Stallone actually took a lot of shots to make the match more realistic so the air that he's talking about between shots maybe on a couple but usually Sly or his opponent was tasting leather. The Creed movie that would have been the most prettiest boxing match ever. Lol. It's like two dancers getting on stage and knowing what the other ones going to do, they feed off one another to make a pretty choreography match. A lot of them had their hands down which is not realistic and the one that they missed out on that they should have watched is Rocky Balboa. Him and Antonio Tarver made some pretty good contact hits throughout the fight. I hear their face was swollen while they were acting , because the fight came first and the dialogue came next, according to how they recorded it. I love them what great movies but yes a few of the fight scenes were a little on the Hollywood side

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