Pro Boxer trying out Boxing Camp in Thailand for the First Time (2019)

Hi my name Jia Wei I’m from Singapore I’ve
spent two weeks in Kombat Group and the last past two weeks has been great I enjoyed myself
training was tough you train twice a day, five times a week, and once on Saturdays physically
I’ve been a lot of improvements I came here 70 kilos now i’m 68 I lost two
kilos in two weeks body fat percentage went down as well great coaches here I was here
for boxing for a boxing course and coaches here were great they were guiding me throughout
the whole two weeks I’ve learned a lot the staff here are friendly they are always
available around us and they are always around us to help all in all, I enjoyed myself my
staying in Kombat Group and I want to thank everyone that I’ve met throughout this trip
and yes I hope to come back soon.

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