Pro Boxer Terence Crawford Trains For NBA All-Star Celebrity Game 2018

“Oh yeah.” “One eye closed, both eyes closed, hands behind the back, what you want?” “You better step up, I know that.”
“Toe on the line.” “You better step up, I know that.” “You got another one?” “Of course!” “You got another one? I’m living.” “Of course!” “I’m living.” “Of course!” “You gonna respect it.” “I’ll respect it on the second one.” “Ohh!” “We going to the line. We going to the line!” “Woo!” “Hey, man! He didn’t let me get ready.” “You’re kinda fast.” “Ahh! You traveled!” “Keep the pivot foot, baby!” “Oh yeah.” “Oooh. Ooh.” “Credit where credit’s due. Credit where credit’s due.” “Wait, how many times did I beat you off the jab? Just jab and go.” “Like, 4.” [ laughing ] “Hey like… Hey that one was quick. I wasn’t expecting that. I was like…” “For real. I was just, what in the world?” “I was stuck like, whoa.”

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