Pretty Sure This Guy Isn’t a Real Sensei – Key & Peele

– action. – hey, have you ever
found yourself in high point, north carolina,
and not feeling safe? come on down to doug duggart’s
brazilian jiu jitsu. you will learn
to tackle and grapple, [gong rings]
and– [gong echoing] like a ultimate fighting pro. at my studio, you get
hands-on training, [both grunting] and individual attention. so hut! hut!
[grunting] tackle and grapple. take on multiple enemies. this is a tackle.
that’s a grapple. this is a tackle. that’s a grapple. get–there we go. [grunts] tackle and grapple! all ages, learn to protect
yourself and your loved ones. there are many
different levels. there’s the beginner level, and if you pass my private
one-on-one sensei trial, you may make it
into the advanced class. tackle and grapple! doug duggart’s
brazilian jiu jitsu at the high point mini mall.
just east of the pizza barn two doors down from carl’s
discount wheels and furniture. so–quick tackle!
get down. [grunts] [muttering] [all grunting] no, stay–stay away. special discounts
for college students. s–mm, move it.
get your leg back. [gong rings] put your leg back there.
[gong echoing]

100 thoughts on “Pretty Sure This Guy Isn’t a Real Sensei – Key & Peele

  1. Within the universe of this sketch, it feels like all these blond ladies are in on some kind of weird sex-and-cocaine thing with this guy, and the only other dude is there because they were one person short, so he has no idea what he's been let in on.

  2. Im pretty sure this guy is totally a real sensei…its about pretty much not having sex unless you have the gall to do it in public…you wanna take me home!? Oh no baby! I just vaccuumed and polished my soloflex you gonna have to pull up real quick.

  3. Why can’t anyone properly quote what he said at 1:17? He said “No st- stay away” cmon y’all it’s not that hard lmaoo anyway it was funny as hell

  4. im sure hes not even a real sketch comedian. just pretended to be one so he could pretend to make a video about a fake sensei groping woman

  5. At the point that I was watching this they were 47 subs from 1 million. Congrats Key and Peele you’ll most likely be there in 30 mins so congrats.

  6. LoL, High Point, NC? I grew up near there and I don't remember any of these women, I do remember the discount tire and furniture store at the mini-mall.

  7. Lol… The guy didn't pass the "one on one advanced class"… Lol… How could he?.. When they sparred 0:47, he didn't even want to touch him… Lmao

  8. "Hey, have you ever find yourself in a hard porn, North Carolina, and not feeling safe?"

    Then use condoms bro

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