Pregnant Lady Practices Martial Arts 1 Week Before Labor

Fierce moves Strongest mom ever #girlcrush #pregnantmartialarts
Introducing Jinsook! Production Crew/ Aren’t you 9 months pregnant? Jinsook/ Yup, I’m pregnant with my second baby Jinsook/ I’m due in 1 week Hun, hold this for a sec Can we stop? You should try something else Her husband can’t stop her (Pregnant lady can kick better than non-pregnant people) I’m scared if she’ll go in labor You should stop This is not right Production Crew/ What if your baby pops out? Jinsook/ Time to call 911 (So flexible…) Who’s pregnant… you or me?! Jinsook/ Exercising gets rid of my stress Jinsook/ and makes me feel better Jinsook/ That positive vibe will be delivered to the baby Other pregnant women are watching her show off her powerful moves! *surprised* Are you okay? Jinsook/ I’m okay, because I’m used to it What about others? careful They’re stretching… While Jinsook jabs with full power A few days later, she went into labor A healthy baby is born Awww cutie pie Welcome to the world Joobok, I’m your mommy Let’s live together happily

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