Predicting Mayweather/McGregor boxing fight with Playing Cards Cartomancy

Hello, everyone hello. This is Angelo in this video is will be short this time and because it’s quite an experimentation as you might know to know it two fighters are gonna fight conor McGregor and Mayweather I have never been really Interested to use the cards for lottery purposes or spot Betting’s I really don’t feel like spirits and the cards can really give Accurate answers because they are too too too many energies too many opposite energies contradictory energies with all the people praying betting even Doing magic, so it can become really messy in The Astral realms even for the spirits and the cards, so this is the reason why I don’t really Well, I’m a bit suspicious about that I have never tried before so this is really the first time but I have decided you know out of Curiosity and just to play around to see if the cards could predict who would win, so I’m just showing you that we are August 26 it’s 129 p.m.. And the fight will occur in the us. I don’t know I had to check in the evening So the question was really simple, and I’m gonna share with you my cards Top Line is Conor McGregor and bottom line is for Mayweather and the question was easy simple who is Gonna win? so for corner, we have the jack of Hearts the six of hearts and The three of spades the Jack of Hearts is really interesting because this is a car of immaturity So I really do feel like this card is speaking about conor not not being ready or lacking skills Which shouldn’t be really surprised. He’s been a fighter fighting for a long time in MMA and Is not is not a boxer In comparison to Mayweather so not really a surprise to see the jack of hearts showing up here show that is a big green Okay, he lacks skills The six of Hearts is quite interesting because this is a very masculine card which really to me tells me that his release is Gonna Put all his heart and he’s going to be quite. He might be even surprising He might be he might perform. Maybe better than that some people might think He’s gonna go lean but the three of spades is a cut off loss So no need to detail more I don’t want this video to be too long so with the tree of space at the end this is a card of troubles of Off loss, so this card is saying no this line is saying you know now. Let’s have a look at Mayweather line We have the seven of clubs starting a very very active card, so it’s gonna work a lot is Gonna be It shows skills it shows strength the it shows Working in many ways. This is really a core of big big activities, so I do feel like he might he will he Will start quite quickly? And he should perform really really well, I do also feel like that Interesting to compare the hard suit and the clubs because the club is a work business And this is the business of Mayweather actually it is work. It’s his job ends the seven of clubs. So there is definitely more skills more confidence more more little This is his job seven of clubs, okay The second cards was quite interesting because we have the seven of spades this time so I wouldn’t be surprised and Mayweather himself might be surprised by 7c+spades shows some struggles An ugly surprises the seven of spades could be taken here as hannah P surprises blockages Let’s look at the last card which is the fourth heart so finally we will feel like at home. This is the home card Okay, besides speaking about emotional security Okay, but this card is really like okay like a fish in the water in his in its own element. So if I’m looking at those two lines Mayweather is gonna win, not necessarily as easily that if thought it would but he will and He fought more rounds as many were expecting I decided also to ask if Mayweather would win by ko and We have the two of hearts in the king of spades the two of hearts is really interesting because the two of hearts Also relate to children and we already had the Jack of Hearts We laid him to youth of people, so I really take the two of hearts as representing here McGregor but McGregor won’t be able to stand the heat of the king of spades the professional The power the man in charge okay who in this case would be Mayweather so It should be okay. Oh Now I still decided to double check and to ask if the fight would be Won by Decision, and I got let me see man. No, it’s okay, I Got okay. This card. I got the jack of hearts again and The six of spades the Jack of Hearts to me still is here McGregor And he will be stopped with the six of spades the blockage card if you watched my previous Videos, you know that one of the way ways to look at the six of spades is the path being blocked so if the path is blocked asking if it will go until The end to the decision it means no McGregor would start with the six of spades so all that considered and we will see what the result are the cards are likely to say that Mayweather is going to win by ko so Just wait. We just have to wait and well We will see what the what is the result and I’m very proud because for the first time My video is less than seven minutes, so I get my words Thank you very much for watching hope you did enjoy again. It was really an Experimentation I was just curious. I had some time to kill this is really not something I’m really into using cards for to predict lottery things or spot betting This is really not my thing it was just an experimentation so anyway Hope that you enjoyed the video and talk to you later. Have a great day. Bye. Bye

9 thoughts on “Predicting Mayweather/McGregor boxing fight with Playing Cards Cartomancy

  1. I didn't watch the fight, but I checked the results to see how good you are….you were right on the money!! So interesting to watch you interpret the cards, Angelo!! Thanks for another terrific video.

  2. Great reading, thanks. Just curious if the two consecutive sevens in Mayweather's cards have any significant meaning towards the overall reading?

  3. WOW. You are a great cartomancer. How about the bigger event than a boxing match? The war in Syria between USA and Russia. What will be the future situation in the Syria after the bombs?

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