Power Rangers Jungle Fury – Welcome to the Jungle – Theo’s Past and Casey’s Training

Check out Casey. When it comes to tossing pizza, the guy’s a genius, but he’s all thumbs when it comes to handling his own weapon. Give him a break, Theo,
he’s just starting out. Need I remind you, that too
long ago, you were a cub too. Yeah, but that’s my point. Yeah but, nothing. Remember when you first started out? You didn’t always have mad skills. (oriental music) But hey, I practiced hard and got good. You got to give me props for that. True, but before you could practice, someone had to teach you. Did you see that? I did it! I learned from the best. Too bad Casey doesn’t have someone amazing like that to teach him. Lil, do you ever get
tired of being right? Not so fun. Everyone to their stations, the 12:32 lunch rush is about to b- (crowd chatters and
enters without warning) Sorry, boss. Casey and I have some training to do. You ready? (multiple grunts) Now watch carefully. Try this, in, out, catch, in, out, catch. In, out, catch, that’s it. In, out, catch, that’s the way. Just like that, okay, you’re getting it, you’re getting it, yes. Now remember, it’s an
extension of your body, so don’t think, just flow. Go faster, come on. Nice one. Now for some real power, look deep inside and channel your animal spirit. Calling on the spirit of the Tiger. (explosions) That was some serious strength, you know you’re not bad for a cub. Thanks and you’re a pretty good teacher. For an uptight, egocentric, neat freak. Hey, there’s nothing
wrong with being neat. Things are about to get wet and dry. Meet Lilian at the city plaza,
she’ll give you the details. On our way.

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