Police: Martial Arts Teacher, Child Molestation Suspect Fatally Shot Himself As They Moved In To Mak

computer down and I’m Elsa Ramon a dramatic scene in Ventura late today police surrounded a martial art studio to investigate claims of child molestation when a gun went off it happened in the 1700 block of South Victoria Avenue kcal 9s Erica nochlin joins us live now with more on what happened here Erica Elsa Peter parents who came here tonight earlier tonight said they are absolutely shocked they never had problems here at this studio but they’re now learning that this studio was being investigated for to reports of Mallette of an instructor molesting young girls today we’re gonna be going over a hook punch defense this is the man other instructors at United Studios of self-defense in Ventura say shot himself to death as police served a search warrant Wednesday afternoon he was known as master Shawn Curtis and was in charge here police say they were ready to make an arrest in a child molestation case after two different parents called to report their daughters under 14 years old were molested by a man who worked here now eleven year old martial arts student Dean price jr. is learning he won’t be coming back to class they said I know disappointed but he told his dad he’s never experienced anything but fun he told me if anyone was being weird or anything around there and if anything bad was happening and I told him no nothing I would no other instructors and volunteers consoled each other as they heard what happened and police collected evidence inside an assistant instructor who only wanted to be identified as Josh defended his friend and boss there’s never anything questionable about his moral about his character he’s a good man I know he’s under a lot of stress I don’t know the circumstances of this I’ve been in there in a few months but it’s not right Josh does say there is one-on-one training but usually other instructors are around or are there background checks I don’t remember Dean price juniors dad says that’s concerning you should do a thorough background check before your hiring we do see at least one security camera inside here but we don’t know yet if that captured anything this is a franchise and I just ran into representatives from the National Organization who just came up from Orange County they say they’re trying to get to the bottom of this and that there are background checks they are calling this a tragedy Peter and Elsa back to you

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  1. i was there for about 1 year and nothing bad happened there were background checks and other instructors there while one-on-one training so it's just heartbreaking to hear all about this I knew him for a very long time and I know he would have never done something like this it's just sad to know that he is gone but he will forever be in my heart and he will be known as the guy who helped make it up to a purple belt😭❤

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