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her point of view which follows
immediately and then the homemaker program of 12:40 clothing my prior
remember if you want your dream to come true don’t oversleep and now for point
of view here is a smashing program large yes today is a karate expert by the name
of Bill James who’s also on the staff of woi TV and since he has such an
interesting hobby we thought we’d comedy I guess I can call it a hobby in some
sense believe me I didn’t know what I was going to hang on to it block or not
but bill is going to talk to us about karate today and some of the things that
can be done with karate as you saw the blocks being broken and he certainly did
a thorough job of it I was standing next to him holding a block and let’s see you
hit this pile with your hand the blocks of your elbow is that right now bill
what is this is what most people recognize karate as a demonstration of
strength either breaking something with your hands or your elbows but karate
would seem to me to be a lot more than just that just break what time it is
it’s it’s a lot more in fact some people look on it as a religion belief it is a
belief in your soul belief that you can do it and on top of that of course the
tremendous training time and concentration that it takes to
accomplish this breaking boards breaking bricks tile and so forth is merely one
of the conditioning parts of karate in other words if if you can do this to
boards and bricks and so forth and you can also do it to the human body if you
need it or did try to develop though well Tom actually karate as all of the
defensive oriental arts originated in the Orient and it started in the early
18th century with a form known as jujitsu or general practice that’s what
it’s translated as and of course from jiu-jitsu come all of
your different forms such as your joints your bones
choking grappling arts and judo in itself
professor Kino went through all of the different judo jujitsu
we should say schools that existed and he combined them all added a few
variations of his own and in 1882 the art as we know it today of judo or
translated meaning general way came into being and karate is not exactly the
gentle way as well karate translated Tom and Japanese means bare hand all of this
started when the emperor of japan put out the proclamation that no private
citizen or present or so forth could carry weapons i was it was just the
samurai warriors that can carry weapons or the people to protect themselves
originated this jujitsu and finally down to judo karate aikido gongfu and so
forth mmm can you show us some more of the of the conditioning effect that to
have we have some tile here that we’d like to well yes time we usually like
break we usually use tile for the mere fact that tile is harder to break than
brick because it’s it’s a less porous uh-huh he’s a very young though those
are red tile those are regular what they call quarry tile or building tile a lot
of times we’ll use a half round tile yeah I catch me on these for example we
can lay these on top of the bricks all we have seven believe there’s seven
there what should be about they’re four inches are better the solid random but
it’s pretty close to four inches the only reason that we put a handkerchief
or anything across the bricks or across the given piece of material is to
protect your hand from slippers for example on tile they’re
very sharp there’s many different forms most people are real touchy but their
elbow they bang a crazy bone so forth or your fists or your hand let’s say for
example on this and we’ll use what is referred to as a judo chop or it is
actually one of the different means of karate go ahead I’m going step by the
way actually actually break this now it will it will take just a split second a
second of concentration to put my mind and body and muscles and so forth into
this now let’s talk about the the degree that we hear so much about you are a
black belt yes time and petrol I hold a black belt
in both you dough and karate and I hold a third damn in other words there’s
those your different classes which are your white and your brown belt and then
you go to your black belts there’s ten black belts and I hold the third down I
eudicots were training overseas actually in Japan and yes in Japan and this was
during the time you were in America yes part of it was home I didn’t get all of
the training in Japan part of it was informal in part I’m not sure how much
work do you have to do to become as proficient as a black belt has to be a
black belt is if you work every day this is every day every week of the year you
can get it in approximately two years I didn’t work on it quite that hard so it
took me approximately four four years now there is an American Association as
you’re not yes there’s actually it’s a kind of a worldwide thing oh sure
there’s your American and there’s also the Japanese and both judo and karate
I’m long did you know what if we call it an art today or a sport yeah Holly used
today it’s actually an art with a sports deviation in other words Ron Dory or the
sport of it competition you can use judo as a sport but you can’t use karate
well there’s one thing we do want to point out in our program
as well as we come converse with Bill you want to break a break for us well
we’ll let that we’ll let them go to day time and we can but I mean we might as
well finish our little yeah we’re running out of quite a lot of
demonstrations in my tone was kind of difficulties yeah
at any rate I’m getting back to the thing about getting the black belt in
the sports and so forth isn’t it true that there are master karate people now
you have to go before these people before you earn these various degrees
that’s right you have to go into an actual combat in karate and be judged on
it by the Masters and it’s work on a point system and you have to in their
eyes have the knowledge know-how and speed everything to actually be awarded
this moment one of the things we one lesson too is that or why the things we
want to talk about the difference between karate and judo but I’ll let you
set it up for the final final close off here while time allows the difference
between judo and karate is it is the fact that judo as you mentioned is more
or less a sport whereas and you refer to it as the general touch karate is a
little more vicious than that isn’t that true karate is more vicious judo
basically uses more throws where karate doesn’t it is all blows and nerve
pressure pressure points and so forth one of the shows on ABC at television
this year that many of our listeners have seen is a show called the Green
Hornet and in The Green Hornet there’s a an actor by the name of Bruce Lee who is
the Green Hornet’s sidekick you might say and we’ve noticed too many many
times on this program and that’s one of the reasons we’re really talking about
this today as we’ve seen him use karate or what I would call karate and in the
various series as the show goes on week after week have you seen the show mr.
Anton actually what Bruce Lee uses is a combination most of us do in other words
you don’t stick with one particular art he uses basic karate but it
it again it can buy some akuto and rise other things more and of course last
week we saw that demonstration well bell it’s time to close so we’ll have to say
goodbye on point of view and stay tuned next for the homemaker program this
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