Hey everybody my name is
Rodney Hobson from Rodney Hobson Karate Academy thanks for joining us for
another video today. Today’s video is all about proprioceptive neuromuscular
facilitation. YEAH. called PNF stretching. It’s about the stretching and
contraction of the muscle groups. We’re working on this first stretch for our
legs. The athletes lie down on their back and
they’re going to stretch their legs as far as they can, if they can stretch to here
great, if they can stretch all the way close to their head great, whatever your
current flexibility is it’s a great place to start. Their partner is going to
be holding their legs in a position, you never want the stretching to hurt
necessarily you just want to feel the stretch. So they’re going to tell their
partner when to stop, partner is going to hold their leg. Now we’re going to count
to five during that five count the person on the ground is going to be
pushing back and trying to straighten their leg all the way back down to the
ground. The partners job is to hold them there,
after the five seconds they’re going to release the pressure but they’re going
to hold the stretch where it is and then try to go maybe a millimeter maybe an
inch farther than they were last time. They get another five seconds hold that
leg push push push push relax get the stretch a little farther then the last
time they’re going to do a 10 second resistance stretch. It’s a great way to
stretch out after class, not before. Thanks for tuning in, hopefully you guys
like the videos leave a comment down below if you use this in your classes
see you later!

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