Hey, guys it’s Chasey Poo today i’m back at you with another review, which is sponsored by Early to Bed dot com. If you go on the early to bed website and use my link and you use the discount code, “chase16” Everyone wins. Early to Bed wins cause you got their product. I win because you used my link and I get commission and you win because you get a discount using my link, and my discount code so use both and do that anyways what am i talking about today today we’re Going, back to basics i feel like I haven’t made a video about packing underwear in forever we all know that i like make, my videos way Before because i’m so busy all the time, but this time i’m actually Making the video that’s like related to the actual month that i’m posting it in kind up a little bit maybe a month in advance But i’m gonna, talk about underwear and i’m super excited to review New, products in the future and if you have any recommends of products from early to bed or any other website that you’d like Me to review i would absolutely love to do that this is the job that i love to do so please let me know Today, we are going to be reviewing a product By spare-parts if you remember You’ll remember that name if you if that name recalls or rings a titling bell it’s because they make
the Jock, harness which is my harness that i prefer for the sec it is super comfortable you don’t have to readjust it and it’s like Tight in all the right places They, also make packing underwear don’t know If you knew that so i am going to you’re reviewing pete This is underwear trunks so it’s the underwear that got your back Your front and everything in between created exclusively for soft packing works with A wide variety of packer brands sizes and shapes option to have packer directly against Your skill for full contact or to cover it gives even a small packer the realistic Bulge appearance of a flaccid penis secure fit allows you to move freely with Zero fear that the packer will shift dislodge or dislodge them Ago, that sounds so dramatic lightweight and breathable they, will pull moisture away, from the body to keep you cool Dry and comfortable all day a Elastic straps sewn inside the pouch for extra security that is awesome so just to let you know A medium is size 32 to 34 so before i put them on i want to show You, what they look, like, they look, very sleek very discreet. They, don’t look, like packing underwear, what does that even look like There’s nothing on the band but it does say spare parts on the side right here and if we flip it on the outside Here this, is what it looks like? So it is black right so and i think all their products are either black or purple i don’t know I don’t actually see red, i don’t know If they, make the underwear a different color but so this panel here, is mesh it’s like A mesh panel, also please wash these, before right so What you would do is you would put the packer like, oh this is so complicated i’m gonna show You, with an actual packer imma show. Showing you you open up the curtains They, like curtains at spare parts And then there’s an elastic here and then there’s a hole for the weiner and then the weiner goes through here So i’m gonna show You, what it looks like i’m gonna put a packer that is adhesive- adhesivble? and adhered to my Body first and then put the underwear on and then i’m gonna put a packer that isn’t adhered to my, body And put it in the actual pouch alright so here it is on my body look at that bubble But the the material is very like spandex. Ii kind of like like a swimsuit kind of and If i if i look at the weiner it’s like, nicely placed i’m currently, wearing the gender meander three-inch supersoft Amaze, ball itself adhesive packer that is a mouthful i know, and that was reviewed on my channel This, this this last month last month i lied so yeah so this, is what looks like, the pouch so let Me take that out and put another packer in if you’re wondering what that packer looks like By, the way this, is what it looked like, so it’s like, squishy, and stuff like That so now the packer that i am wearing is the? Real magic Basic packer so not the super duper big ones but just the basic Packer this is an all-time favorite of mine this is now inside in the curtain Stuff like that so honestly like packing underwear packing underwear i really, like, this because it’s really comfortable but Let’s just try it out the nasty piece i feel like that’s a lot Of people i’d say this is really nice though because it doesn’t touch your actual skin and a lot of people don’t like That i don’t really like, that cuz it’s sweaty and because this is like moisture this is actually pretty comfortable yeah i can actually Wear these the this company, also has kind of like a. Jock one which i am gonna get to review Senhora, about that and if you’re wondering what the packer looked, like this Is what it looked like the moment of truth the jimmy Stp so the jimmy stp i’ve reviewed it i’ll put in the description bill, oh my, god that day? So it is squishy so the reason it’s like That is because like i put it in the actual hole but You, don’t need, to put it in the actual hole you can just actually just put it in and a little compressive horn It won’t look, like you have such a, big dick but if you Do that then you can’t pee out of it with this with, this way you’ll look, like you have a big bowl But you can pee out of it but then, when you put it back in it’s like Hello, it’s not that big but you know i guess if you’re, wearing pants that Would like squishes that down so it’s not bad and then one more just for good measure this is the The stp, by real, magic, so let me show You, here it’s hard i know, because it’s black but this Is what it looks like on the side so it’s a nice it’s a nice bulb the thing with this Is that it’s an stp so it has to ride freely go for the thing But the problem with this Is that there’s no real hole to take out the weiner so it’s almost like you would have to take off your pants i’ve got To, take, my pants off oh, my, god in order to pee because there is a hole in the pants that you can Put the thing through but i would be very careful with, that because you, don’t want to break this stp Because the real magic, stp is very expensive okay, no okay, you know it works okay it works you would Wear like this and then you, would pee and then you, would just put this thing back around, okay? Perfect, oh, my, god i found underwear that the real magic Fucking stp actually works in and Fantastic this is a great learning experience for both of us i’m trying to keep these on while i do the outro to this video Because they’re really comfortable all right, well i actually really, like, these packing underwear there are some packing underwear that i’m not like super big fan of But, by far these are one of my favorites i really, like like Stm down under some of the rodeo ones are good not all of them but, some of them are really good So yeah so i would actually recommend trying out Spare parts is just a really good company Honestly and they have really good customer service and they’re really friendly so if you were to just message env like look, what What best packing underwear i’m sure that they could get back to you and let you know i really like These i’m really excited to try the other one where it’s more kinda like a Jock, because that’s what is Something i like brief underwear right so it would be a lot more comfortable i think for me but in terms of boxers i could Definitely see myself wearing, these especially traveling with, these because i don’t think that these actually hold, a lot of scent And the reason, why is because of the material that they’re, using so the thing with packing underwear is you have to buy Like more than one cuz You, can’t, wear the same underwear every day, but at least with, this it’s not like if you Don’t change your underwear for one day you’re, gonna Die it’s not gonna happen because of the material i think you’ll be ok if you accidentally, wear two, days in a row You know alright let, me know, what you think thank you again too early to bed and for sending? Me these products i really appreciate it i love it if you have any products you would like Me to review in the future please let me know, don’t forget to use my link in the description below And my discount code chase 16 at early tibet comma i’ll see you later have a great day, bye


  1. Chase, man, thank you truly madly deeply for your reviews. They're fun and full of the information I crave and I love that you're so sex positive and beautifully queer.

  2. Hi! I just wanna say I can finally enter your giveaways because I have a friend who binds but I didn’t know they did for a very long time and there mom knows they do so now I can have it sent to THEIR house….IM SO FREAKING EXCITED

  3. Please can you make a video about the best brands of underwear that aren't specifically packing underwear but are good for packing if that makes sense

  4. I keep getting this "Let'sGetChecked" ad on your videos about men having low testosterone – I'm a ciswoman, I'm not wanting to increase my testosterone levels! I'm confusing the youtube algorithm 😂

  5. Btw chubby trans guys: these underwear dont fit anyone bigger than a normal medium

  6. What's the best, affordable, packer? In your opinion. I'm a student so I don't really have much money to buy really expensive packers, which seem to be the only good ones.

  7. Can you please review the cake exotics packer gear stp? Or Freetom Rogue I really wanna know if I should get the stp😁

  8. Omg i just got my binder and packer in the mail today, i ended up getting “mr limpy” or the “classic packy” that you reviewed a long time ago, and i got a binder from ftm essentials 🙂 crazy how real this thing feels!

  9. Dude I love you so much! You are one of my favourite EVER YouTubers. When ever I watch your videos it's like chatting and laughing with a best friend 💜

  10. Chase your legs and tummy look just like mine and it makes me happy to see you rocking your body. Love you lots

  11. YESSSS!!! I have had several pairs of these forever and have a jimmy and real majik soft packer. I have been waiting awhile to see if you reviewed them. So glad you reviewed them!

  12. Chase a youtuber named 'prince of queens' said your video about transmen top cis men is demeaning tk cis men because you're trans. He is super transphobic

  13. Would love to order something from them but the international shipping costs more than the product plus we have customs tax to pay. Could you ask them if they can do anything for the international shipping with your link? I’m sure they would get more orders and would benifit you too 😁

  14. You probably wont see this but you should talk about for trans women since i see lots of trans women comment about sites for them, they also have stuff for trans guys but their pricey! since you aren’t a women you can’t review the stuff but like you can talk about the options for trans women.

  15. Could u make a video on speakeasybreifs ty tunner uses these for packing and I was wonder what your opinion was on them

  16. Chase pls watch this I am outraged also if u see this don’t shout me out

  17. hey chase would you ever review a bad dragon packer? they have some interesting ones. id also like to see you review there toys.

  18. i dont really see the purpose in packing underwear, if u buy normal mens underwear it will usually have that little slot thing on the front (cause obvs men are too lazy to just pull their underwear down a bit so they can piss) i put my packer in normal mens underwear and it holds up fine, (wether it has a slot thingy on the front or it doesnt) if anything, using packing underwear would just remind me that im buying it just to put my fake cock in it and it would get rid of some of my hardly achieved manliness… dont know if this makes any sense

  19. For bigger guys, I suggest going with the briefs as the fabric will ride up your legs; however, they are super comfortable even in summer

  20. Okay, I was already on early to bed, closed window, used your link and discount code! Then made purchase

    Thanks Chase!!!

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