Peripheral Vision Training for Martial Artists

as a fighter having amazing sports vision can mean the difference between you getting knocked out or being able to block effortlessly all of your opponent’s strikes in today’s video I’m going to teach you one of my top drills for improving peripheral vision for martial artists during a fight you need to have a top-notch peripheral awareness field or some people say peripheral vision the things you’re going to see in your peripheral awareness field are things on the ground like tripping hazards you’re also going to see if a second attacker engages from the side while you’re involved in a fight and by going broad and using peripheral vision you can see both of your opponents arms and legs therefore you can see any strike that they’re going to throw additionally humans have far quicker reaction time to their peripheral vision than they do to their foveal focus that’s the narrow cone of vision where you can see detail and clarity now top-notch athletes like Wayne Gretzky were renowned for using their peripheral vision to be amazing in sports as martial artists we’re going to use the same thing okay so you know if it’s that important you know what’s coming next we need to train it so I’ve got to drill for you today that’s called hand chasing okay here’s the setup for two people you have one person as the leader the other person is the follower or the chaser now the leader is going to put their hands up the follower is going to match their hands to the leader they’re going to maintain about a two-inch gap of space between their hands now the leader is going to start moving their hands around in random fashion while the follower is going to match their movements and maintain that two-inch gap so here is where it becomes a peripheral vision drill the follower must keep their eyes focused on the sternal notch that’s right here the leader is going to watch the followers eyes and make sure they stay on target go for about a minute and then switch roles cool progressions now if you’re comfortable with the drill here’s how you can make it more challenging you can add depth of field you can add work you can start throwing in haymakers and straight punches tackles you can draw a weapon and have them go for a knife or handgun defense during the drill etc there’s lots of ways you can add challenge but the most important thing is that the follower stays cool calm collected and is learning to use their peripheral awareness field to defend against attacks add this drill to your regular martial arts training and your ability as a fighter is going to go through the roof to learn more amazing vision drills that you can do to become a better fighter and even improve your eyesight pick up the Vision Gym by Z-Health you can find it on my website I’ll try to put a link down in the description and if things go well something should pop up on my right in just a moment where you can click to it and go right to the product page so my question to you is what attack do your training partners regularly land on you or what are you most interested in learning how to defend against leave that below in the comment field and I might just make a future video on how to defend that if you like this video please hit the like button and hit subscribe for more content just like this one until next time go out there and train until your idols are your equals

4 thoughts on “Peripheral Vision Training for Martial Artists

  1. This seems great for defense but seems extremely hard to land an accurate strike while using peripheral vision, any thoughts?

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