Today on Toytimetv we are going to learn pup fu with the paw patrol I love the paw patrol I love the paw patrol he he he he he lets play with them! Paw Patrol is ready for kung fu Mr Hands yes they are spin master would be so
proud there Skye Rocky Rubble Marshall Chase and of course Zuma and their action pack kung fu nature yeah hiii yah! I think Bobby we should do a kung fu playtime yeah we should Mr Hands oh all right guys you at home use your
imagination and think really really hard let’s go do a paw patrol team rescue
kung fu playtime pups I gathered you all here to teach you the
art of pup fu well we’re ready Ryder we’re ready for
pup fu training aren’t we Paw Patrol chickaletta is here and she’s a pup fu
master and she’s going to teach you guys how to get your pup fu belts. oww Ryder what colors are our pup fu belt. well
marshal and your pup fu belt is the color that you are yours will be a red belt
chases will be a blue belt Rubbles will be a yellow belt Skye’s will be a pink belt Rockies will
be a green belt and Zuma’s will be an orange belt wow chickaletta that was amazing you must be a black belt in chick fu
(chicken noises) what oh no it’s the Joker and he’s
brought his kittens he he he hello paw patrol I see you’re practicing
Pup fu well my kittens and my monkey know the
secret i go kid muncul which is even better than pup fu haha Joker this isn’t a competition while each discipline has its own merits
we’re here to learn about all of them kit monk fu is really cool and so is
pub fu but we’re going to learn about pup fu today when I want to train you about kit monk fu it’s a really cool that has monkeys and kittens that do things show them kitten number one (ninja noises) wow that kitten is really cool kit monk fu really nice to maybe
we can learn about it rubble on the double yeah I want to learn about kit monk fu to
but i also want to learn about pup fu we can learn about them both ok guys calm
down we’ll learn about pup fu and then we’ll learn about kit monk fu no kit monk fu is better and we’re gonna learn about it i’m going to show you
chickaletta haha i will show you what kit monk fu
can do chickaletta I oh no chickaletta gonna get knocked off the mat
nope shes back Chickaletta knocked down the joker with her pup fu skills wow that’s really cool whoa that was a fun match chickaletta
and Joker now after you spar you bow to each other
to give each other respect well i think that was fun and we’re
going to learn about pub food today and maybe tomorrow we’ll learn about kit monk fu right Joker yeah okay out i’ll do that I want to learn about pup fu too and so do my kittens and my monkey – I let’s go ahead and
start learning chicken littles going to teach you a technique to master your
belts okay chickaletta says this is the
chicken peck it’s a very interesting and will defend
you in most situations where pup fu is needed (chicken noises) (chicken karate noises) wow that was really interesting
chickaletta oh she says chase you go first okay I’ll go first all right now this is how i do pack pack pack (karate sounds) very good
chase very good oh wow I learned some pup fu ok now you Joker (karate sounds) very good Joker oh wow this is lots of fun now you Rubble oh you’re really good rubble how well
the team members are doing it there this is really cool really also oh wow hey Marshall you want to get up and try
that again ok I’ll try that one more time here we
go very good Marshall and now
you rocky Zuma very good Zuma and rocky (karate sounds) very good Rocky wow you guys learn pup fu this has
been a very exciting day learning pup fu here in Adventure Bay thanks Joker for coming by with all your
kittens and monkeys and paw Patrol thank you for being here – we’ll do this
again tomorrow well we hope you enjoyed it oh that was
lots and lots of fun. Yeah the kung fu pups are cool! yes they are we got all five of the
pups and I don’t make an Everest kung fu one but I wish they did because
that would be so much fun if we had Everest in our kung fu pack yeah but they dont make one. well maybe they will but this has been a fun review has it Bobby. YEAH! we’ve played with all the paw patrol puppies! that’s right and you get to be a kung fu
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we’ll see you next time on time TV they say bye to everyone Bobby bye-bye everybody! bye bye bye Wow look at all the links you can click them with your mouse


  1. Yeah it doesn't always have to be a competition. Sometimes its just good to have fun and learn 🙂

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