Pause. He’ll punch your ball. No more of your ball. Play, beat him. Today we play pause challenge. It’s gonna be crazy, let’s go. This is your last chance, you have to score. I will help you little. Pause, Eman. Goal. I lost, noo. Play. You win. I’m thirsty, give me water. Pause , Arslan. Enough, stop. What are you doing? Play. Nooooo. I’m wet. Pause Arslan. NOt again. I’ll get your revenge. Eman, nooo. Play. Pause Eman. Do you have a lighter? Yes why? Light a firecracker. Play. Pause Arslan. You dont have shoes. Play. Give me shoes. I’m going to punch his ball. Where you fine that? Here. He will cry. Does not matter. Wait, i will pause him. Pause Arslan. He broke your ball. Play, kick him. That is all. Subscribe to my channel.

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