Path of Kung Fu & Being a Sacred Warrior of Light with ELIZABETH WILCOCK [Part 1]

Everyone welcome to a special
episode of Edge of Wonder, we’re at the cosmic waves
conference in Hawaii. Yes it’s great here, and we have the privilege of being with
Elizabeth Wilcock today who actually spoke at the conference, so you spoke about the sacred
warrior and ascension, yes, it was amazing
speech by the way, both of us were really
blown away. Totally. Before we go into what is
the secret warrior why don’t you tell us a
little bit about yourself and who you are, and oh my gosh you have
five black belts, yeah, like this is amazing,
she’s my hero, and I kind of want her to
kick my ass after the video, Guys do you like to try to fight me, it’s ok I’ll wrestle you. she’d obliterate me it’d be great, you got to just get it on camera so everyone
can see Elizabeth Wilcock take me out, yeah so why don’t you tell us a little bit
about yourself and how you got started, and also I mean you’re
David Wilcock’s wife. I mean that’s amazing right, that’s the interesting thing
about me,absolutely not, no offense David, yes I’m David Wilcock’s wife so that’s
probably how most people would know me, and I also have five black belts, so I’ve done a lot of things in my life, I’ve been very adventurous and
very curious about ancient wisdom and warrior wisdom and
shamanic medicines of healing, so that took me into a lot of arenas
before I met married David, so why don’t you tell us how
did you and David meet. So David and I met officially through
a good friend of ours, so one of his best friends and then one of my
really good friends is the same person, her name was Sun, and it was really interesting,
she for some reason said to me, she said oh you should go
stay over David Wilcock’s because she actually had a
room in his house, so she’s like this amazing hippie chick like
actually had a room in his house, I mean her name is Sun, her name is Sun, yeah so anyway I don’t know
what I was doing, I cannot remember why
I was in the area, maybe I was going to the
LA airport or something, so she literally gives me his address, and just tells me to go but was just not
what she should’ve been doing probably. so she said hope you’re fine with it. So I go to his house, and then
I ring the gate and he’s home, I said oh hi Sun said that I’d go
stay in her room tonight, He was like okay, he had no idea that I was
coming or anything, so anyway we literally met
then at his front door, so was the first time
David ever saw me, I was knocking on his front door, and there I was, so that was
about six years ago, and at the time we would just
had a nice conversation and everything, He’s very nice and cordial, and it wasn’t the right time for
us to get together, because we didn’t get together until
I think like two and half years ago now, so we knew each other, but we weren’t I didn’t follow his work, we weren’t close, we knew of each other enough to just he
kind of knew about me and about my life, but I wasn’t into all these stuff, Interesting, interesting That’s probably in some ways a
relief for him right, because he must It’s just being treated like normal yeah it was actually when one
of the requirements for him, really, when he was ready to
have his beloved because there’s a time in each
one of our lives where we feel that, like you know what now’s the time, so when that time came for him, he thought to himself, well how am I gonna do this, because I can’t go on cuz he’s a public figure, I can’t just find somebody
at a conference because usually all of those
people have motives yeah he couldn’t just find somebody like that so he said to himself he said well it’s got to be
somebody I already know who could that be and then I popped into his mind because I’ve been in his life
for five years already, and I had never pursued him. I had never tried to access him
for his fame or whatever whatever. I’d always just been around, and he knew what I did so that was
a part of the requirement actually, very interesting, I mean it makes perfect
sense completely, Yeah because he just knew I wasn’t
trying to get something out of him. So tell us a little bit about your journey, like how did you get from yeah the sacred warrior journey,
I mean five black belts, and what you were describing earlier, I mean how after you’d basically
searched for these lineages of different masters in
different practices, many of them Taoist,
how many were Taoist. I have 2 main Taoist masters
that I worked under, one is a grandmaster and one
is master grandmaster, so but taoist is also really
the root of Qigong, Qigong is really the martial arts, like Shaolin martial arts Qigong is the root, Qigogn is a mystical art in and of itself, so the Daoists are really the mystics
of religion lineage, and the Buddhists would be more like
a kind of Christian or something, so I always was attracted to the mystic
much more than any other of the more secular type of ways, and it all really started
because as a child, I was already seeing spirits, and I was already having things happen
around me that were abnormal if you will, Like telekinesis and stuff like this.
If you will yeah So I was different already, and all that led to like an illness and
then I was hospitalized, and when I came out of that Cuz I had an eating disorder
and they’ve got really really bad, and they put me in the hospital for that
because nobody knew how to to deal with that kind of thing, but what I identified was
that my soul was sick, and so then I realized I had to figure out
how to heal the soul, but then I realized that nobody in
Western culture even recognizes this that anybody has a soul, so it sent me on a search, so who knows how to heal the soul
of a person when the soul is broken, and that led me to shamanism, because the shamans actually do
have a way to heal the soul that’s very effective, and then that actually led to
complete soul healing for me, and when that happened I
dedicated myself to the mystic path, so that’s when I made the very
conscious and clear break away from conventional reality, and what we would call the matrix To I am definitely going to live outside of the box, and I am going to find the real masters
of the real lineages of this ancient mystic knowledge, and that’s what I’m gonna learn, so that sent me on a
completely different life path, and that’s where I went
deep into the jungles, and I apprenticed shamans, and then apprentice masters and
grand masters of the martial arts, and the universe is really beautiful, because the universe begins to respond to
you based on the sincere quest of the heart, so whatever and it really is, it’s in your solitary moments alone,
when you send out this sincere request, like I really need to do this,
and I really want to do this, and it’s this holy cause, the universe begins to bring all
of this magic into your life, and that’s what it did for me, and so I ended up my first husband was a master
of the martial arts, and that’s how I was able to immerse myself
in the lifestyle in the world of the martial arts, and how I earned five black belts, and we had five schools so that
was a part of my soul dharma, because I believe each one of us
has a soul dharma A kuleana what we spoke of today
which is a Hawaiian word, which is your your soul work to do, it’s your responsibility and your joy, we all have something
that we come here to do, and if you keep that quest in your heart, it will happen, so I didn’t know that I was on the timeline
of the path to like meet David because that brought me into
like a different world, a more public world that I didn’t really
know what’s gonna happen to me, but it’s also part of the dharmic timeline, and so I bring this past of
having to basically having to and really wanting to access this deep
ancient mystic knowledge and world, one for the healing of my
soul cuz I had to heal, and that’s what did it, and then
for the cultivation of my spirit, which I feel is a warrior spirit, that’s very much in tune and in
love with this earth and with the sacred, so what I stand for is for the
protection of the sacred, and I bring that warrior wisdom
from the shamanic lineage and the taoist lineage and the Shaolin lineage
and everything that I have done, and then I offer that up as my gift to the world. one of the things that I think moved me
most about your speech today was when you were saying you were
going through all of these things, you had this eating disorder that
you didn’t know how to fix, and then there was this moment
where you actually asked, I guess the universe, to give you
your power back, and then it was like that is actually
what changed everything, so I had a very similar experience
with depression, and I think a lot of people struggle with
these kinds of things going on in their lives, these kinds of addictions or
these kinds of just well especially in this community,
everyone’s very sensitive, they really like almost empathic especially
with energies and people’s emotions, so I think a lot of people in this
community are also very introverted, so we’re so sensitive,
and I think because of that, all these different things of like everyone
kind of struggles through these various different aspects like I was just talking to somebody today, who said well I didn’t even know that
there’s other people out there similar to me, and my own experiences
and being here at this event At the cosmic waves event meeting
all these different people, and I think what you’re getting to is like
what would you say to these people, like how would you help people right, cuz we’re all kind of especially him and I all three of us really , we’ve all had a very similar journey
where we experience something at a young age, and we’re just like it’s so different, like you were saying, there’s no way, you can’t go to a psychologist and be like, yeah I’m talking the spirits and everything, they can’t fix this, yeah exactly they can’t fix this, that’s what I found out after being
hospitalized for like six weeks for this eating disorder which was really a
manifestation of my soul break, kind of like a heart break
but my soul break being in this dysfunctional world where we’re harming nature and
we’re harming each other, and it’s got a violence to it, and I was a very sensitive, I am a very sensitive soul and that broke me and so I think that for one I would say
that it’s very natural to feel broken in this world, and that’s actually a sign that
you are sensitive, you get it, it’s an okay thing to be broken, you think of should be broken in
this world a little bit because what we are doing to this
the world is horrendous, and it’s really sacrilege, so if you’re not feeling broken, then I would say that you’re not really
experiencing what’s happening right now, so number one it’s to really honor it, and to honor the brokenness
because it’s sacred, it’s a sacred breaking open of your
spirit to the heart of the world, and so you follow that, you say what’s broken in me, I was depressed as well,
I was very depressed, because if you’re killing
yourself with bulimia, you’re not a joyous happy person, so I struggled with all of that
for many many years, and it led me to my sacred path, so then I would say find your path of heart, because there’s many paths
that go up a mountain that lead us to our wholeness,
and that lead us to spirit, and lead us to the awareness of
what’s really happening here, this is a multi-dimensional world, and we’re all multi-dimensional beings, and those of us that are sensitive or
starseeds and wanderers and warriors, you should be sensitive, and then you should find your path of heart, and then you find your sacred
work in the world, and you stay on that path and that
path will bring healing to you, find the masters, find the healers,
it’s out there, you can do it, but it’s probably going to take you
on the path a little less travel that’s going to take you away
from the matrix, and the world of tik tok,
so your family might go, what are you doing here,
they don’t understand, I want you to be a doctor or a lawyer, and you say I have to go do this, so you have to also allow for some non
understanding of the people around you, not everybody is going to understand
what you’re doing, It’s a sacred path, that was one of the most painful things
for me actually going through that process caused a lot of my depression to actually
break away from all of the people I had welcomed in, and then to find myself, and then kind of move forward, so I think what you’re saying is like really
inspirational I think for a lot of people, and then you find another family, so what we’re talking about here is a lot of
people that have come here to cosmic waves are doing that right now,
they’re awakening to this narrative, and they’re feeling it resonate within them, they’re saying, this I feel truth in this,
and so they come out here, and there’s a little bit of like I just kind
of like breaking off of this matrix reality, and I’m looking for my family, I’m looking for my home, so that’s a natural part of the process, and then you will find people that are
experiencing the world like this that do believe in multi-dimensional reality that do believe in angels, that do believe in being able
to access the spirit world, to believe in miraculous healing, that believe in that there is this
ascension that can happen for us, and then the science of that
the alchemy of that just really is the alchemists path the mystic
path the shamanic path, this path has been walked by many people, and those that walk this path
tend to be a little bit outside Or not outside Of being the well-trodden path if you will but that well trodden path this is
trotting down on our planet, it’s breaking our planet, And it’s breaking the innocence
of the children’s fire that lives inside of people so it’s a good thing. the Edge of Wonder presents Cosmic
Waves 2019 featuring special guest Elizabeth Wilcock, So another thing is these people that are
feeling a little broken by the matrix, let’s say which is a very healthy response
to the world we are living in, the tick-tock reality if you will, People that are feeling broken by that
and that are not feeling enlightenment, that aren’t feeling fulfilled
working at Starbucks, that aren’t feeling fulfilled as an accountant, they’re like there’s gotta be something more to this, so usually in those people lies a vision, there’s a vision of something better
and something greater, and that’s really to be listening to, because like I was pointing out here, cameraman Dan actually had
created this really beautiful scene, you can’t see it right now, it was like a world that somebody
could easily build you could easily build that that house
structure and so people that see the world different, those visions need to be nurtured, because those are the people
that need to build those realities, build those new buildings,
build those new school systems, the educational systems,
ways of educating the sacred ones, which is what I did, I created the priestess path initiation, system lineages of light to
initiate women like me who were of this ilk if you will because in my school system
nothing touched it, when I went to go heal,
when I was put in the hospital, nothing touched it, so I said how is nothing touching me, and it’s because nothing
was really needing the soul really just needing the beauty of this world, and so a lot of times these sensitive people
who are not feeling inspired, and then that’s why you get depressed, because we’re not being, you’re not being fed, it’s not inspiring you, There’s no meat to it, one of the big things that got me out
of a pretty serious depression was when I entered into I apprenticed different paths in my life, apprenticed a few different shamanic paths, and a few different martial art paths, one of the paths shamanic paths that
I apprenticed had a lot of social activities like sweat lodges and ceremonies that we would do together as a group, and there were ceremonies that really
were getting to the meat of what our issues were, what our pain was, what our challenges were, and it really helped me to meet the
power of the depression, the power of the anwe That not feeling inspired by this matrix
reality with something sacred, and that’s why I say it’s so important to
find a sacred path, a path with heart, a lineage that came that can take your soul, and that can alchemize this stuff
into your sacred warrior spirit because it takes a warrior spirit
to live this life, this is not easy to be incarnated here, and it’s not easy to live
amongst what we live amongst, and if you don’t have that warrior spirit, you can break, so don’t give up, feed the warrior spirit, feed the sacred warrior spirit, when I talk about the sacred warrior, I mean the warrior spirit that
stands for the feminine, and the feminine is the earth, the creatures of the earth, the elements the children the
innocence the children’s fire which is the innocence of each one of us, the inspiration that’s the fire of God, the fire of creator in each one of us, that’s the children’s fire, the fire that lives inside of people, so we need to feed that rather
than extinguish that, and many things in our world extinguish that, especially when you’re looking at directly
with a deep state and the cabal right, I mean this is the thing that they’re especially the children,
literally that they’re doing, with the vaccinations and the
programming in the schools, for instance in California, you cannot put your child in school
unless your child is vaccinated, and when I was in school, nobody was autistic, I didn’t even know what that was, I mean nobody was autistic in my school, and now it’s like everybody’s on
the autistic spectrum somewhere, and why is that, and then you don’t think that the poisons
in the food and the poisons in the air and the poisons and these things
you’re injecting right, you don’t think that that has
anything to do with it, because people who can’t imagine that
there’s such a sinister force on this planet that would actually intentionally
do any of this to us, yeah there was a woman at cosmic waves, her journey of red pilling started from her
son actually becoming autistic all of a sudden, and she had narrowed it down to it being
the vaccinations that had done it, and she started researching and then it just blew open all of this these
rabbit holes that she started going down, and it was like of course who do you talk to, what do you do right, and that’s when you find people like us
who have gone down the rabbit hole, because there’s usually an initiatory illness, so that’s a very common theme in shamanism, that’s why I was attracted
to shamanism initially, because not only with these an
entire like race of people that were validating the spirit world
that I was experiencing, nobody in my Western culture really had
that as part of the life experience, but then they also validated this is initiatory, these initial experiences that led you
to your sacred path, and so for many of us, it’s going to be a problem that we
have to find the solution to, that’s going to begin, it’s going to
break open the bubble, and then oh my gosh wow what’s
happening over there, why are they doing this, that’s
crazy that’s sinister, what’s all that about, I mean you’ve
listened to David Wilcock, and you’re like oh my god it’s the baal, Then you’re like what I do now, and that’s what I stand for more is
to be like what do I do, become a sacred warrior,
own your power, tune in to find your path of heart, find your path of sacredness, and stick close to Creator, because
we’re all going back there, don’t forget about Creator,
we came from creator, and when you go back, and Creator
is the source of everything here, so for whatever the classroom that
we’re all living in has this powerful storyline of wanting to distract us all from who we truly are, and also wanting to poison us literally, so we just have to recognize that okay, that element is there, and for a lot of people that’s the awakening
to realize that element is there, and then it’s like what now, something you said a little while ago, and you were talking about how you really
have to become broken going through what we go through, and I think that’s so important
even for my own journey, now I mean I had a very difficult time because I had all these experiences as a kid from seeing things in other dimensions, and just knowing that there is
this divine aspect to a lot of things, and then coming into my teens just doubting everything, and just really having an extremely difficult time, and I think all of us again have gone through this, but now after being where I am, I treasure that difficult times so much because without that I realized I couldn’t become who I am today, and I think it’s so important for people
even right now going through a difficult time that if we can mean positive that people can get through these difficult times, and look back and as you’re saying become
this kind of sacred warrior that we’re meant to be, there’s a sacredness of the brokenness, and I feel that it’s actually a part of the
story of the hero’s journey, mm-hmm, because it’s also like the butterfly that I the butterfly when it’s in its cocoon, and it’s ready to come out, it has a struggle and struggle and struggle, and if it doesn’t do that, well anyway so the struggle pushes all
of the fluids out to the wings, and so that’s how the fluid becomes these wings, and if the larvae of the butterfly doesn’t struggle, then it’s this big thing with
little teeny wings, so it’s almost like the greater the struggle, the bigger the wings are, Wow that’s amazing. and so this is part of the story, this is part of the archetypal journey
that we’re all a part of, so a big part of the hero’s journey that
we’ve all signed up for here in classroom earth is that you’re gonna have character flaws, they’re going to be pretty major, you’re gonna they’re gonna be unique unto you, and then you’re gonna have to overcome
those character flaws, so there’s a sacredness to the brokenness, and so what I always just say is like just honor it, because there’s, there’s a light in there, there’s a light, there’s a beacon to your home, and if you have been identified with a part
of the illusion that is really kind of surface, then you have to break away from it, so that that always is difficult, it was very hard for me to
have to say to my parents who wanted me to complete
college and be something, it was really hard to tell them
I’m quitting college, my father was a successful banker, my mother was a successful
nurse practitioner, so they were successful in a time
when that meant something, but to me I saw that as that’ll kill me, whatever that is sitting under
fluorescent lights from 9:00 to 5:00 in a building will kill me, wait a minute Ben and I do
that right now, Just kidding. We’re doing it for them. good point, yeah there is well when you’re
attached to something, so now you’re in your soul work
your kuleana, your sacred mission, you can sacrifice certain comforts
in order to feed what you’re doing is you’re feeding people
with something that they need to be fed with, there’s a soul nourishment that
you’re giving people, and it’s moving through you, and probably a lot of people are really refreshed
and need this that’s coming from you guys, so you’re like a sacred portal, you have sacrificed certain things
to hold this gateway open, to let this information flow through
you to the people, but you know Elizabeth we could probably
feed people from Hawaii, you can, You can move to Hawaii, you like Hawaii? I like Hawaii, Hawaii is amazing, it’s an
amazing place, it is gorgeous, the frogs and… yeah the roosters here are like squirrels people, I mean they’re out at 4:30, 5 o’clock right out of the window [crowing], it’s over you’re up, somebody can open a chicken shop, yeah we’ll call it the Kentucky blue chicken, yeah there you go, we’ll have the founder be Corey, that’s really good, Kentucky fried blue chicken, Just have to cut all that out, that one’s real Corey, so anyway yeah that’s the having problems is a part of it, none of us would have gotten our wings
if it weren’t for our problems, because they lead us to the sources of healing
and the sources of wisdom, and so you follow it, you follow where that takes you, you have five black belts? like this is amazing she’s my hero, and I kind of want her to
kick my ass out after this video, do guys do like to fight me, it’s ok I’ll wrestle you, she’d obliterate me it’d be great, you gotta just get it on camera so everyone
can see Elizabeth Wilcock take me out

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  30. I was in Santa Barbara 60s and 70s ,it wasnt like it is now though it was in a very cool way in the 20s ,I love Oregon now but too disabled and old for much more I hope .
    Anyplace we are at can be the right one ,but we need help at times ,at least the ones I have known
    ,I'm glad you got out of the eating disorder E I want to show your spirit healer to a friend ,Lao Tzu has been my favourite book since 1960s ,I feel what I did in the 60s with you ,for you.
    These 2 guys are such good interviewers its really great to know there are people like you 3 and David etc working to make a better world ,I hope there is a way I'm around long enough to see what is coming up or better looking on from other place Thank You So Much

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  33. Since the mid sixties reading Lao Tsu Daoism i was a girl hurt badly at 6 (intersex a boy against my choice at(11)the simple Daoism knowing always I was water my Grandaughter finally has a hero in you (me too) like 14 yrs old no cartoons or movies but when you said Angel she hasnt stopped we watch you together me in Oregon her in Hawaii ,Hawaii ,she is going to start eating we have Falafels etc while shes here ,"no roast beast Papa"I hear just like my first wife but Im lucky to have her love here 1 month a year……….Thank You when I was worse than hurt at 6 I was broken 59 years later I have night terrors ,I'm not to old to learn wow you helped me sooo much Thank You Gentle Hug rsdno PS you are a Hero too me too but I wrote you were my Daughters Hero and (Me too)i was her other hero

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