Pas perdre de temps en combat – KARATE

This video is brought to you by What’s up karateka friends Today, let’s work on a mistake of Uke in Jiyu Ippon Kumite. Uke needs to a block then a counter attack. It’s about timing, yoshi, rythm. Block counter. Ideally, one follow the other one like a drummer whose doing : bang bang. And not : bang…bang. He’s attacking… Then I go back. No space in between. If he wasn’t stoping and doing maite gyaku tsuki As sson as I stop, I am out. So I have to CUT his rythm of the attack. Strike back and go back on a safe space. I really have to cut his rythm. I CANNOT TAKE MY TIME! I recommend you to watch this playlist full of tips for Jiyu Ippon Kumite. See you soon and don’t forget to subscribe to get notified to my upcoming videos. See you soon. Ciao!

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