#PartOfThePride: Boxing Villan, Adam Harper

My name’s Adam Harper. I’m 28 years old. I’m a professional boxer from the Tewkesbury area
in Gloucestershire. I’ve had forty one amateur fights winning thirty.
Winning two Western Counties titles, Getting to the elite ABA quarter finals.
By trade I’m a teacher. Currently a cover supervisor so I do supply
work and a bit of career work at a alternate provision school where children have been
excluded or just placed with us for a couple of weeks until they can improve their behavior. It was 1999 when I came to see my first Villa game and three doors down from me
I had a policemen and his son had a season ticket. at Aston Villa,
and three or four doors the other away There was another guy and they all used to go
together in a car. For this game the policeman and his son couldn’t make it. So my other neighbour came and knocked on the door
and offered me the chance to come and see Villa play Tottenham. I think it was December 27th or 29th 1999. It was a cold winter’s night. It was one all and I’m sure, for some reason,
one of the stand out memories was Stephen Everson getting booked and Everyone going mad at him.
He may have even got sent off, I can’t remember. but that was the first Villa game I came to
and since then I’ve been up so many times I’ve lost count now how many times I’ve seen the Villa play. Do you know what.
I was a massive of Gareth Barry. I loved Gareth Barry I think he represented everything that a
footballer should have been he was hard He was hard working and he was like,
he seemed like your ultimate professional. He would do everything he needed to do.
I know obviously he left and there were times, when O’Niel was here he wanted to leave to Liverpool and there was issues there. but I think everything, the way Barry conducted
himself, for me, he was my favourite Villa player. So basically when I was 16 I was made
homeless and then six months later I was kicked out of school as well and then
I just started fizzing and going down the wrong path, getting involved in a few things
I shouldn’t be getting involved in like just silly lads stuff getting in a bit of
trouble outside and drinking and doing bits and bobs and that’s when I realised
I needed to turn things around. I was overweight. So, I walked into a boxing gym at
18 and a half / 19. Lost a load of weight Really wanted to have a couple of amateur fights. I had my first amateur fight eight years go in March. Won that and from then I just got the buzz and the bug
and it completely changed my life. From boxing I’ve gone from a 15 and
a half stone ,16 stone party animal. Who was going down the wrong path
and it has given me a real sense of direction. Since then I’ve gone to university, I’ve done
a teaching qualification you know life’s good. Boxing’s generally saved my life I think.
That’s why I got involved with it, it gave me a sense of direction and gave me something to do. Ladies and gentlemen. Eddie Hernes’ Matchroom Sport
proudly presents a night of world championship boxing and now at this point we would like to
welcome, for ten rounds for the vacant Midland Area, Super Welterweight Championship.
The contenders. Firstly please welcome to the ring.
ADAM HARPER. Referee Shaun Messer has asked you to how your appreciation.
What an amazing ten rounds of Championship boxing. For the judges scores. 97 to 95 in favour of our winner
and the New Midland Area Super Welterweight Champion from Tewkesbury, Adam Harper I’ve just had the hardest fight of my life against Ryan Kelly for the
Midlands title. Ten rounder. What a fight. I trained twelve weeks for that
and it’s been the hardest twelve weeks of my life I’ve only just joined Malcolm Melvin about three months ago
and Brett Smith Malcolm’s my coach and Brett does my nutrition and conditioning and when I joined them I was a fat, little git. I won’t tell you what weight I was because I’ll
probably get in trouble. I’ve grafted so hard for this win and I want to thank them mainly
because they have given me nothing but faith and commitment. And I want to thank you guys.
But what a turn out and what a fight.

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