Today, I am going to show on how to tie or know your Karate belt. If you’re beginner or wanted to learn more ideas to make your belt. First of all, take your belt take two tip of your belt manage your belt proper without twist and turns After that, Take the tip of your belt and find the center of your belt. Place center of your belt on top of belly button and wrap on your body and bring it froward But, on your back, it should be wide as shown in the video. Soon after, take right tip of your belt towards your left side and belt’s left tip to right side Hold tight with your left Put tip coming from the left hand side underneath and pull upward Hold your belt’s tip with respective hand side Take left tip and turn and make curve towards right side and Make a KNOT by putting belt’s right tip through the loop inside of left tip This one is the first way to tie Karate belt.

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