Parkinson’s Disease and martial arts

my experience with parkinson’s it’s perhaps different my Doctor seems to
think that the forty years that aikido have done has profoundly influenced how parkinson’s exists in me and how i relate to it uh… for those people who are
interested kind of thing that I’ve done for myself my website being in movement dot com with hyphens between being in the
movement and free book called reach out is about peacemaking but in aikido terms parkinson’s is my attacker and if i can learn to make peace with and feel kindness towards the parkinson’s it works better than if i hate and the hatred increases the tremors and the acceptance reduces the tremors except when I’m being filmed well does it mean that sort of noticeness of
self-consciousness increases the tremor any arousal increases the tremors if I’m excited unhappy the tremor increases if anxious the tremor increases if i’m being filmed the tremor increases..if I… go inside and quiet myself to turn
reduces when I do body work or aikido an out that the tremor reduces what you just did, was does that easy to do or do did they took you some time to learn If I had parkinson’s for that ten years and it’s only in the last six months or so but i can start doing that, but since I
come out but if I didn’t listen doing aikido coming out of means energizing in a
different way than quieting within and the tremors come back someone who doesn’t want to learn aikido or doesn’t know what that is can you explain in simple English of what you are doing internally i can say it’s a summation of a lot of the exercises that spreading awareness through the body relating the awareness from the inside to the outer surroundings quieting myself that’s why i suggest the book Reach-Out it’s short to the point and that’s the essence of what I am doing inside myself uhuh and how did you get started with what seems like a different way of
relating to Parkinson’s aikido is a technology for relating differently to challenge it ideally…push me..I yield to the push and thereby control it altogether an American in your case probably an English too i apply aikido principles to any difficulty so in the parkinson’s came along it was natural for me to apply it to liberately to parkinson’s but also the exercise, the mindfulness the body fullness of what we call it all of that is a natural part of my daily
life applied to just as much to that leaning the floors and to me as an external observer the tremors the most obvious thing but
is it the thing you find the most difficult or challenging it’s just about the only symptom I have no stiffness I can stand on my foot with one foot of my eyes closed which much people cannot do one foot of my eyes closed with which much people cannot do that’s the aikido so so the aikido actually is already minimize the symptoms even before control the tremors, yes of course i can’t be certain of that. I need five-up others that do not do aikido as a control group it seems reasonable doctor thinks it’s
so and do you do anything else you find helpful I garden I given-up driving a car pretty much a
bicycle wherever I go it’s being present in the body in a balance fashion that seems to help i don’t know where to go in the next ten
years the last ten years was intolerable and and and do you think this is something that you
do you think you could teach well yes i’ve taught it to others but not for parkinson’s for conflict resolution for trauma recovery I haven’t been approached by parkinson’s people to
learn this i know i can teach it to them whether they could use it in this way that remains to be seem oftentimes people come to me i don’t work on injuries, I work on
body awareness so sometime might come to me with an injury at the end of assessments etc gee i feel so much better but it hasn’t
affected my injury it’s not the injury persay that I’m working
on in the same sense i’m not stopping the tremors, I’m starting
the quietness in a first session with someone with parkinson’s what would you do… i
don’t know you mean it would depend on the person?…it would depend on the person somebody if two people come to me with sure shoulders their whole lives are different it shows up in short shoulder i don’t need this protocols pretty much okay if you walk into your room and ask help from yourself..what would I do?..uhm i’d thrown me on the ground and pin me..why? because i enjoy playing i know what you trying to ask as a general rule when i start with this body awareness..freeze which direction is your headtip in? Into the right..okay and what does it do with your left shoulder the left shoulder is free but I known it is a creek on the right of my neck..uhuh what does that tip go to the tips of your tip-joints I don’t really know may I touch it?..sure what does it duty to your tipjoint yes that breath what what what did that feel like relaxation..and how’d if I… how do you find it? you kinda freak on neck I feel it more on spine below a spine right that’s what this creak does it changes the use of the lower spine so if you’re washing dishes or fighting and you had that creek you had all use your legs for mobility and balance. that’s the point of what we do whether it affect the parkinson’s there’s a difference between changing
the underlying disease state and changing behaviors that can be
modified so i i’m not sure what i would do to effect parkinson’s persay that I could effect how move so you could change how i moved my behaviors which make
my life more comfortable yes parkinson’s itself might continue on as it would but with less effect on your life could you even do this by skype..yes haven’t worked with skypes with parkinson’s people by skype but i’ve been very surprised to find that
I could work with people doing all kinds of other things by skype it’s not quite the same i cant touch
them but if you look in my books, the book’s main
scripts for various exercises contatenated take people to the destination which is useful if i can do it in a book verbally I can quote myself when i see the person live and work that way thank you just a little background do you do you take medicines for both
yes not believe the delta i have some slight indications may be
possible to avoid that but i don’t know yet but I take medications which prevent the today the degradation dopamine that is there and don’t be uptakes replacement artificial dopamine is there anyhting else last words about this that would be interesting for other people ot the same diagnosis not that i can think of with you covered it quite well in tilting my headicate diagnosis you probably mering me I’ve drove to the left and help keep bringing myself up well i i i also read somewhere that it’s
kinda cute

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  1. Thank you for writing back. The vid. may or may not be: I hadn't been interested in viewing it. What bothered me was the way it was advertised to me.

  2. how was it advertised to you? I'm wondering if a company I pay to promote my channel is doing inappropriate work so I appreciate your input, thanks

  3. This is not spam! I trained with Paul Linden sensei; he is a wonderful teacher of Aikido as well as body awareness!

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