Pariyerum Perumal Movie Super Scene | Kathir questions Marimuthu | Karate Venkatesan

GRANDPA! The train is close!
Looks like she will die RUN! Pariya…RUN! KARUPPI! GRANDPA! NO! Aren’t you dead yet? I am finishing you off today! Don’t let him go
Kill him Die man Lingu, hold him down
I will be back Beat him to death! Lift him Beat him to death You are a loafer You want our girl, is it? Arrogant ass! Don’t leave him Kill him Don’t leave him Come on Bose Give my dhothi Leave me Don’t kill me Welcome, Sir! Welcome! Have you come to see
if I am dead? Are you even human? I came to your house
because she invited me You lock me up, beat me,
urinate on me! Hasn’t your rage settled down? You have sent an old man to kill me! Is this your valor? Hey, remember how your daughter
smiled at you today! How fondly she called you “dad”! That affection is the pittance
I doled out to you You think you are the protectors
of your pride, honour and shit like that! I have protected it! Had I told your daughter all this… …she would have spat on your face
and hung herself That’s why I put up with everything What now? If you think only in my death
you will be the father… …she believes you are! Come. Kill me! COME KILL ME After killing me If you still don’t
trust your daughter Go kill her too! What is your problem? How am I inferior to you? I tell you now… My hands held the plough
But it also wielded swords! That’s exactly why
I will stay right here! I will study what I like! Do what you can! Leave! ‘Old man commits suicide
jumping in front of train in Tirunelveli’

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